Lets just get it over with so we can go home…

I don’t understand how the State Police determine what to do in any given situation. Sometimes a “domestic situation with a fire arm involved” is treated like a massive terrorist event with SWAT team and every available police officer with high powered rifles attending, and sometimes with just a couple officers sent to fix the situation. But in those times when it is determined proper and fitting for a display of maximum drama, things can and do get out of hand. The realities of the situation get lost in the excitement and fear on the part of those who are supposed to be highly “trained” to handle such situations.

In this instance, a mentally disturbed man grabs a shotgun and a cell phone and runs up into the woods, unprepared to spend the night out in a very cold rain, with no food or water or blankets. One man, all alone with ONLY a shot gun. Anyone who knows anything about guns would know the approximate range of a shot gun. And anyone who knows about being in the woods, cold, wet, and growing late in the day, knows that you can only do it for so long and then you have to come out of the woods for better fare. Now, the Police seemed to feel they couldn’t handle the situation by themselves, so they call out the SWAT team. That means there are MANY police against one man. MANY police with weapons of ALL kinds including, I am sure, more than one high powered rifle. Probably police with special sniper training. Probably some pretty good shots. Anyone who knows about guns probably has some idea of the range of a high powered rifle.
Now, please explain to all the nice people why it was necessary to gun down in COLD BLOOD a mentally disturbed man in the woods who never actually fired a shot at them, and probably had only a small idea what he was actually doing in his mental state. Could not a large group of police equipped as they were either have waited the man out, or, in the event that it actually became NECESSARY to fire upon him, if he WERE to have shot at them (and missed, because any intelligent person would have been out of range) those excellent and highly trained marksmen could have shot him in the leg, the foot, the hand, perhaps even shot his gun out of his hand? Just enough to cause him to surrender. Instead, one exceptionally enthusiastic officer fired numerous times, wildly, as if terrified. Mass hysteria follows and soon numerous bullets are flying his way. Shoot to kill. Why they even pretend that they were concerned that he might have been a danger to HIMSELF is a mystery. The moral of THIS story, and many more like it: Don’t call 9-11 unless someone is dying of a heart attack on your kitchen floor.

Inquiry finds troopers fired in self-defense

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  1. If Marshall Virgil Earp, his brother Wyatt, his brother Morgan and friend Doc Holiday had been required to hold an internal investigation on the results of the O.K. Coral shootout, the deaths of Tom and Frank McLowrey would have been deemed self defense. Oh yes, let us not forget Billy Clanton who died of a bullet wound whithen 30 minutes afterward, also self defense. The Marshall Earp and his gunslingers would have all been riteous in their deeds from their side of the fence after all, that is what “internal” is all about “don’t interfere, we will investigate this from whitin our own department”.

    In the case of Brian Keith Batten vs. WV State Police including “highly trained” SWAT team we have an internal investigation by the State Police that determines, from their perspective, that they shot at least a dozen times in self defence, killing Brian Batten who was armed with a shotgun. Did Brian fire his weapon at the State Police? No he aimed in their direction. I read the article online this morning stating that “Canine handler Sgt. J.M. Pack fired eight rounds from a .45 caliber handgun, while Cpl. R.D. Arthur working as a cover unit for Pack, fired his .223 calibur rifle four to six times.”

    In any form of Military training Sgt. Parks use of a side arm in that fashion displays a very manic attempt to lay down cover fire so the troop can advance. My father used a Browning Automatic Rifle with 50 calibur rounds in WW2 for this purpose. Pistols, sidearms, and what have you are not effective as far as accuracy so what was the Sgt. trying to accomplish? Perhaps a streak of yellow climbed up his back overcoming his advanced triaining besides, they had SWAT with all their advanced weaponry, what were they doing during this outburst of gun fire?

    Internal or not these officers are trained in more then lifting hamburgers we are lead to believe so lets look at the effective range of the weapons in question. Brian Batton was in posession of a shotgun that in the case of a 12 gauge deer slug has an effective range of about 75 yards and an over all range of about 125 yards. Brian Batton also had a cell phone and the police were speaking to him during this confrontation. The fine Cpl. had a .223 rifle that has an effective range of well over 300 yards even with short barrel versions. If saving lives and maintaining the peace was the goal of the day why not stay out of shotgun range? Simple enough. It was cold and raining, they had communication with cell phone and the victim or culprit as you would have it would have failed of not being prepared for the conditions in due time. I suppose that the training the State Police receive and especially SWAT would account for tactical advantage. This would mean stay out of effective shotgun range and use your snipers with long range weapons if necessary to deliver a non lethal wound that would allow for the capture of the culprit.

    I believe that this kind of thing should be investigated by a different agency, perhaps the FBI, so that cover ups to avoid lawsuits by the already questionable tactics of the State Police can be avoided. How many times do we tolerate this kind of behavior on their part, for instance the “Billy Hardway vs. John Apgar” incident? Are we headed for martial law or already in the middle of it?

    I’m sure that Brian Keith Batten’s mother didn’t call 911 in an attempt to have her son gunned down like a rabid dog! It looks like the State Police wanted to hurry the outcome of the incident so they could all go home to a comfortable dinner and watch some TV, besides, it was cold and wet out. Nothing in what I have read about this suggests any formal traing of any kind on the State Police’s part only another Cowboys and Indians incident much like the exploits of Trooper First Class anybody and Cpl. anybody. I’m sure if you keep up with the State Police antics you know who the troopers are. Internal investigations are going onward with the troopers I just stated because of their bungling of police matters. What does “Internal Investigation” really mean other then to cover up facts and avoid legal counter measures? If I were to commit a crime and then investigate it internally, perhaps my wife would investigate, I could find my self not guilty time and time again to avoid any problems and continue on with my crimes.

    This is all we have going on in reality with the State Police and I think the people of West Virginia should demand more of their officials before it is much too late and we are all victums of a true Military State!


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  3. Not sure what the above comment means but it didn’t come from us.

  4. To whom it may concern:

    I visited your website and it appears to me that you are apparently a group of deranged right-wing buffoons. I am not familiar with the deatails surrounding the death of Brian Keith Batten, however I am under the impression it is as slanted as John Kerry’s version of his exploits in Nam.

    What is very telling is the claim by McCloud that his father used a B.A.R during WWII with 50 caliber rounds. Anyone who is remotely familiar with a B.A.R would readily know that it fires a .30 (30-06) round, not a .50 caliber. I can only believe that if you are wrong or are slinging B.S. on such a simple point, then it is likely that the rest of your story is either wrong or simply B.S. Get your facts straight before you run off at the mouth. A .50 caliber weapon fired from the shoulder or from a bipod would not be controlable.

    Get a life!

  5. Comments left here by folks are not our responsibility. Too bad you judge based on that. Deranged, Rightwing buffoons? OH_MA_GAWD you have no idea how wrong you are!!! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!!!!!! Are you a cop?

    Thanks for the laugh.

  6. That is funny!

  7. the police were doing what they were trained to do. i hate to see anyone die in such a mannor. but they were reacting in accordance to the law. batten made threats to the police, and aimed his weapon at them. had police not made the move when they did then batten might have shot killed police. u people act like too many police were there for the job. that’s absurd. we can’t have “metnally disturbed” fellons in the woods armed with a weapon. there is no telling what he would have done.

  8. No, not too many police, just too many with an itchy trigger finger. Why the hurry? A life could have been saved by simply waiting a while longer. That’s what all those police were for. They could have waited him out. There were plenty of them… They had access to higher power weapons with a longer range. They had him surrounded. He couldn’t hurt anyone except himself unless someone got way too close. He would have given up after a while. There are an awful lot of folks who think there is no excuse for what happened. That means there are folks who see an alternative. If there is an alternative than there is no excuse for gunning someone down. If there were no alternative, then there would not be so many people who can see one…

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