“One Bad Apple” Awards

Of course we all know that there is more than one bad apple in the legalised gang of West Virginia’s finest. But there are those who go above and beyond the call of duty to “get their man”. And with only “internal investigations” into these questionable incidents, the culprets most usually get away with a small slap on the hand. A couple days off with pay, perhaps. Some particularly large gold stars go out to:

SPECIAL PROSECUTOR INVESTIGATING STATE TROOPER – Allegations Trooper Doug Starcher Committed Perjury


WHYTSELL BRINGING SUIT AGAINST STATE POLICE – Krack’s File Complaint Against Trooper Starcher

06-10-2002 WHYTSELL SETTLES WITH STATE POLICE – MagLite Case Ends After Two And One-Half Years

CPL. STARCHER STILL UNDER INVESTIGATION – State Police Lab And Ronnie Rush Case Before Supreme Court


04-26-2006 STATE POLICE DENY WRONGDOING BY CPL. STARCHER – “Officers Actions Unconscionable”

12-01-2006 RUSH WILL GET NEW TRIAL – Testimony By State Police Deemed Improper

05-05-2002 STATE POLICE DENY PHOTOGRAPHY OF ACCIDENT SCENE – A Violation Of Constitutional Rights


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  1. ? ? ? Anyone know if the information is true about Special Prosecutor, Gerry Hough has concluded his investigation and is preparing to seek an indictment against Grantsville State Trooper, Cpl. Doug Starcher for numerous counts of wrongdoing including purjury.

  2. Lord have mercey, I hope so! ‘Bout time somebody did something about him…

  3. Authorities will need to snatch Starcher up before any word of an arrest or indictment comes about and jail him without bond. Starcher is a high flight risk not to show up and face charges; he will flee the state to avoid prosecution as he knows he will not survive jail much less prison.

    The West Virginia Regional Jail system cannot provide or assure his safety or protection. It’s not the inmates he has to worry about, it’s the convicts and these convicts will get him.

    It would be different with the convicts if Starcher had the reputation of being a cop who did his job, did good honest police work. However, Starcher has the reputation of being a rogue cop, using his badge to harass and threaten, lies and cheats to make an arrest. Doug is well known by the states convict population and will be sought after as soon as he enters the system.

    Yes, Starcher is most certainly a high flight risk.

  4. I would like to know more about this Doug Starcher. Are these the only incidents you know of or are there more? What wrong has he done eccept trying to do the best he can. I am from a different state now but use to live in Grantsville. I was very stunned to hear this.Has he stopped this kind of activity or is it still going on? Please respond if you can fill me in.

  5. There is plenty more. Many things do not make it into the mainstream news. I am still collecting stories from private sources. Bits and pieces have been written about his antics on the LoneMethRanger, Calpatty press, and Crooked County Crooks websites which give some more insight into the man behind the badge.

    You wish to know if he has “stopped this kind of activity”, and in the same breath say he is only trying to do the best he can. Well, perhaps this IS the best he can do, but if so, he should find another line of work. He has already created an environment of hostility and distrust among many citizens here which interfere with not only HIS duties but also he is giving the State Police in general a bad name.

    So, if someone like Doug Starcher were to GET FIRED from his job, OR quit, what would he be most suited for?

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