The Other Side of the Story

Most usually, when you find out about some event requiring the aid of law enforcement, you find it out by reading, hearing, or seeing it on the news. But there is one thing you should remember. Much of the time, most if not all of the information the news people are giving you was obtained from the police. This is not to say anything bad about the media. Sometimes that is the only source they can find for their information, but those news stories have a tendency to be quite one sided. The story as told by the guy who “did the crime” never has a chance to be heard by the masses, yet the “official” version of the story might be broadcast far and wide. And sometimes these “official” versions are not so accurate. Some of them are outright lies. And some stories fall between the cracks altogether because no one was ever actually arrested for anything…

There are a few stories I know well. Some happened to people I know, some happened to my family. So, I wouldn’t exactly call them rumors or gossip. I’ll add another one to this list every so often. There is a lot to tell.

I encourage readers to contact us with your stories and we will keep adding them to the list. Now it’s YOUR turn to tell YOUR story. Let people know what’s really going on…

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