They Could Be Watching…

Surveillance cameras everywhere! On the street, in the stores, just about anywhere you go in town, someone is watching. With all the rising crime in the world, this is quite understandable. And then there are the private homes fitted with hidden security cameras. Most of those are honest folks trying to keep from being robbed, but some of them are drug dealers watching for the cops or the drug thieves. Everyone is trying to use the new technology to protect themselves. Good. But there is another type of surveillance camera on the market. One that most people would not even think of. One that any good old boy/redneck bubba with the hankering to spy can easily afford and operate. They are only a hundred bucks and they operate on batteries, and they can be used ANYWHERE.
These little beauties are marketed as GAME surveillance cameras for hunters to keep tabs on their prey. What is so bad about this, you might ask? Well, I live WAY OUT IN THE STICKS, in a place where you would assume that you could escape the constant all seeing eye. I like to hike in the woods, pick flowers and apples, sun bathe nude out on the back 40 on a hot day. The peace and quiet and privacy is why I live here. But , a few weeks ago, my neighbor stopped by to inform me that he had some GREAT pictures of me (taken 2 miles up a dead end road on an abandoned farm where nobody ever goes!) Well, thats nice… And I suppose he got a real good one of me taking a leak too!
I was just appalled! I never even thought of such a thing! I feel violated. Those game cameras could be hidden ANYWHERE. I never saw it then, but now, every time I go outside, I get just a little paranoid, and glance around at the surroundings before I do whatever I do. I have even been known to search the trees around my house for hidden cameras. After all, it would be so easy to just hide one outside someones window…
I live 15 miles from the nearest town, and 2 miles from the nearest paved road, and you would think that being watched by big brother would be the farthest thing from my mind, but I didnt count on having to worry about being spied on by big brothers little hillbilly brother too. Oh well, maybe I will just go out and buy a couple myself, and use them to spy on the local drug dealers and State cops…

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  1. Buy yourself a laser pointer, mount it on a wind chime and use tape to keep it turned on. As the wind moves it around, eventually it will shine into the lense of the cameras. The high intensity light of the laser will burn out the CCD chip inside the camera, rendering it useless.

  2. Wait until someone you barely know brings you a recent satellite photo of your farm — downloaded free from Google Earth — and says, “Isn’t this where you live?”


    Of course, now that our 911 addresses are our home’s GPS coordinates, anyone can pinpoint you, via satellite, just using your address.

  3. First, to Jamtart: A relatively small laser device such as you describe will not effectivly damage a chip unless it was exactly directed into the camera lens for a more substantial period time than it would likely do so, considering the random/consistant movement of the wind…

    Second, to Blog Reader: “Disconcerting…”??? Where have you been? That technology has been available, on line, for years!

    But if it helps…. Most ‘published’ sat images ARE several years old. Check, you’ll see, that most often the ‘new’ barn your neighbor put up, 4 years ago ain’t in the pix… Ya dig?


  4. Cameras are usually equiped with what is called an Infared filter to protect the CCD chip from excessive daytime light. If you remove this filter, the chip will burn out in the light of day. If you use a laser not in the infared frequency range the the light will not be filtered and will fry the chip.

  5. Google Earth has my neighbors new shed that he just got for christmas.

  6. “I curse the still frozen water pipes, fantasizing what a nice hot shower would feel like and spend the morning drowning in paperwork like some frenzied secretary.”-

    I plug in a lamp down where the pipes usualy freeze. The heat from the bulb does the trick for me. I’ll use a snow-shovel to heap some snow around the house if it’s going to be really cold. Time to plant peas in another month.

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