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I only read the headlines and immediately guessed that he must have either shot himself or another Trooper did it for him… Once I stopped laughing, I thought this one deserved a HUGE gold star. Certainly I am glad that he did not shoot himself in the head, and that it was only a minor injury, but what does this say about his ability and training in firearms?

Of course we only ASSUME that this is the true story. He COULD have been shot doing something he should not have been doing, perhaps walking around with the injury for DAYS before going to the hospital, and only SAID it was an accident. This is how the State Police reason things after all……


Grantsville state policeman Sgt. C. J. Ellyson accidentally shot himself in the calf of his leg Wednesday while off-duty at his residence in Kanawha County.

The gun was Ellyson’s personal weapon that he has just purchased and was putting together, according to Sgt. Dale Fluharty, the detachment commander.

Ellyson was taken to Charleston Area Medical Center were he was treated and released.

“The bullet entered and exited his leg”, said Fluharty, indicating he would likely be off-duty for about a week.

Sgt. Ellyson replaced Sgt. Darrin Campbell at the Grantsville detachment after he fell from a ladder at the State Police barracks last summer. He reportedly suffered a back injury and has not returned to duty.

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  1. Perhaps he shot himself in a moment of panic trying to pull his firearm, say to shoot an attacking canine or something?

  2. And how would one shoot themselves in the process of “putting together” their firearm? I don’t think they work until assembled.

  3. That is a very good point by Jamtart who said:

    Perhaps he shot himself in a moment of panic trying to pull his firearm, say to shoot an attacking canine or something?

    Very interesting point indeed!

    By the way, Grantsville State Policeman, Sgt. C. J. Ellyson is a Gilmer County or should I say – Crooked County “Native”

    No wonder C. J. Ellyson stopped cutting hair in Gilmer County and took up being a bad guy, I mean a WV State Trooper. Just think how dangerous he would be with a pair of scissors.

  4. cut cut, snip snip, blood blood, spurt spurt.;)

  5. I know a little something about gunshot wound investigations… You show up at the hospital with a gunshot wound and the police automatically MUST investigate. “Accidentally shooting yourself” would be the only way to avoid a massive investigation into possible wrongdoing….

  6. Well I know a dog that didn’t shot himself. Where is that massive investigation.

  7. Here is some of what SHOULD have been investigated. He shot himself at home. Was he able to produce the bullet for examinaton? What kind of gun? Were there any witnesses to the “accident”? What time did this allegedly take place? What time did he show up at the hospital? Was the wound FRESH or several hours old as determined by the doctor? How do you shoot a gun while putting it together? Oh, and how do we know that the report was not doctored? I suppose these are things the “average” citizen will never know the answers to… A state Trooper is PRESUMED (by the people he works with and for) to be a credible witness. He SAYS he shot himself by accident. Case open and closed. However, if he were any common individual, this would have been looked at very seriously along with it’s possible relationship to the I-77 incident and the dog shooting. He would be accused of one or both if not charged, and it would be up to him to prove he was innocent. He would be harassed, intimidated, interrogated, threatened, and accused of being a liar. His family would too. He knows this better than anyone. I know if I were shot, by ANY means, I would SAY it was a self inflicted accident in order to avoid all that.

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  9. Here are all the comments from the front page having to do with the “accidental shooting”. Let’s keep up the good work…

    On January 20, 2007 at 2:17 am Righttoprotectproperty Said: |Edit This

    Good comment about the Sheriff that was shot:

    1. On January 20, 2007 at 12:42 am Jamtart Said:

    Perhaps he shot himself in a moment of panic trying to pull his firearm, say to shoot an attacking canine or something?
    2. On January 20, 2007 at 12:46 am Jamtart Said:

    And how would one shoot themselves in the process of “putting together” their firearm? I don’t think they work until assembled.

    On January 24, 2007 at 3:46 pm LJ Said: |Edit This

    I am not in disagreement with the suspected invalidity of the reported cause of the LEO’s injuries. However, for the sake of accuracy, there does exist certain, not uncommon, circumstances wherein a fumbling idiot can shoot oneself while cleaning, assembling or otherwise mis-handling a loaded, partially assembled, firearm.

    Question: Was a bullet recovered from the murdered animal, or the surrounding area?
    On January 24, 2007 at 8:14 pm Jamtart Said: |Edit This

    If these “circumstances” are not uncommon then far too many carry permits are being issued. It must be the “It won’t happen to BANG!!! ” mentality.
    Even if the bullet was recovered it would probably disappear.

    On January 24, 2007 at 10:02 pm LJ Said: |Edit This

    Too many folks only hear about the IDIOT firearms owners! I assure you that a vast majority of RESPONSIBLE practicians of their ‘God given and Constitutionally protected’ “Right to Keep and Bear Arms” are the citizens that get significantly less positive “PRESS”, that itself could be good or bad… There’s a miriad of pros/cons ’bout publicity. But my point is clear here I reckon. Firearms are not the problem, IDIOTS are!

    On January 24, 2007 at 10:54 pm LJ Said: |Edit This

    The recovery of the bullet involved in the aledged “accidental” ’self’ wounding of a cop should be of primary concern to any comprehensive investigation of said incident. Even shooting yourself is a crime when it ‘could’ have been perceived as endangering others. The recovery of the bullet involved would prove the Truth of the description of the event…. Or a LIE!

    Furthermore, the recovery of the bullet used to murder Stony would be important to determine the ’suspected’ firearm IT came from… I’d be all out with a metal detector and a spoon tryin’ to find the evidence(bullet)of the illegal shootin’ of my animal. That evidence(the bullet)is the least you need to further the alledged connection of the events presumed in this blog.

    On January 25, 2007 at 2:03 am Johnny Said: |Edit This

    Finding the bullet that killed Stoney would be evidence that could lead to the weapon it was fired from… yes in deed… good evidence that could be tested at a forensic lab.

    However, you cannot involve Sergeant C. J. Ellyson, Detachment Commander at the Grantsville State Police, as he cleaned the storage area at the Grantsville Detachment and believing that certain items/evidence in a certain felony case was mere garbage and inadvertently disposed of the evidence.

    Again this was evidence in a local felony case that the Defense wanted tested at a private forensic lab, but all the evidence was accidentally destroyed by Trooper Ellyson.

    So, if the bullet is found that killed Stoney… then what?

    On January 25, 2007 at 2:38 am calhoununderground Said: |Edit This

    So, if the bullet that killed the dog was found, good. But how do we get hold of the investigative report on the Troopers injury? If there even IS one… I REALLY want to know what might be in that report! Is that type of thing available under the Freedom of Information Act?

    On January 25, 2007 at 3:09 am Johnny Said: |Edit This

    To get the investigative report concerning the alleged accidental self-shooting of the trooper, we may have to go to the trash dump or a paper shredder and glue it back together.

    On January 25, 2007 at 3:41 am calhoununderground Said: |Edit This

    The thing that I really hate thinking about is that whoever shot the dog probably did not actually go there specifically to shoot the dog. Stoney just happened to get in the way. Of what? I guess we will never know unless the guilty parties confess to everything. There is a moral to this story. One we would ALL be wise to heed, and one that occured to me a long time ago. And I’m still trying to wrap my head around the enormity of it.

    Usually, when something surprising and wrong seems to be going on, people tend to get excited and react on impulse. But the trouble with that is that it gives the “crook” time to get away in the confusion and thus NOT get caught. I’ve seen this several times, where someone thinks they are being robbed and so makes a bunch of commotion, thus allowing the robber to escape without being caught. It is past time to realize that there is actually a WAR going on here, however small and sinister it may appear on the surface, and we need to rework our thinking patterns to this fact. Develope a warriors mentality. CATCHING the criminals should be the prime directive. No, I’m not necessarily talking about lying in wait and pouncing on them, but rather ALLOWING them to think they are in the clear and being sneaky so that you can figure out just WHO you are dealing with and what they actually intend to do. Unfortunately for everybody, when it was discovered that there were prowlers, turning the dog loose on them only gave them an advantage. They may not have accomplished what they originally set out to do, but now we still can only speculate and the dog is dead.

    Folks need to spend some time thinking things thru BEFORE HAND. Figuring out the what-ifs. Especially if they think they may be a target at some point.
    Something very similar to formulating a plan in case of fire… My own personal favorite plan consists of a lights-out right off the bat. No stranger knows my home as well as I do in the dark. Back door exits, unexpected circling around behind quietly, there are lots of things that a person could do. Things that we see in the movies all the time, but never really grasp that they might be just what the doctor ordered. Imagine if, instead of turning the dog loose, they would have pretended to not be home. Let the dog bark, shut in the house. Do some quick thinking. What direction are the prowlers coming from? Sneak out the back and around as if to cut them off at the pass. Perhaps get a good look at their vehicle. Perhaps hear someone talking. Flatten their tires. Get the license #. Maybe they would have done something quite horrible beyond killing the dog, but caught dead in the act doing it. No more questions.

    It’s time to do something about surveillance. Some of the more high tech stuff would be nice but it is very expensive. I think if a body can afford to, ANY type of surveillance would be a good thing. Even common intercoms set to “monitor” work well if you are at home and in bed and one of them is outside somewhere hidden like an electrical “ear”, allowing you to hear what’s afoot while you rest. One of those game cameras would be a nice addition just outside your door, to take pictures of comings and goings that you might not be aware of. Or maybe one set up right at the driveway entrance.

    Yup, it’s time to think about securing your homes AND your vehicles. Crooks are crooks are crooks, no matter if they are pissed off X girlfriends or LEOS. A small tape recorder hidden in your car for if you should get pulled over, a set of medium priced walkie talkies for yourself and whoever helps keep an eye on things. It’s the cheap way to protect yourself, but anything helps.

    I’m having to teach myself to think along these lines, as it doesn’t come naturally. I have lived here over 30 years and never even felt the need to lock doors until just recently. Realizing of course that a locked door will not keep out anyone unless they are honest, but WILL at least buy a person a little bit of time to react appropriately. Same for a fence with locked gates. Things like that, combined with monitors, could make alot of difference in any bad situation.

    If we’re gonna do this thing, let’s do it right! I would like nothing better than to actually CATCH some of these rotten people doing their rotten things. Maybe if it was understood that folks are actively looking out for themselves and their property it would be a bit harder to be victimised and easier to turn those who would bring harm to us into the victims.

    On January 25, 2007 at 4:08 am Involved Said: |Edit This

    Yes… there are many things we can do… and many things we are indeed doing… just waiting for them to “come get some”

    On January 25, 2007 at 4:29 am LJ Said: |Edit This

    Whether or not the evidence of the “accidental shooting” gets lost, stolen or not even found, I’d still be lookin’ for the evidence left from the murder of MY dog! The issue of whether the dog was LEFT out, or LET out, matters little. The intruder had no business being there. If we accept the premise that the powers that be can manipulate evidence to their liking then it is time to use, NOT EQUAL, but greater efforts against those that would deprive us of the liberties accorded us. SHOOT FOR THEIR HEADS… THEY WEAR BODY ARMOR!

    On January 25, 2007 at 4:48 am Involved Said: |Edit This

    I heard THAT!!!

    On January 25, 2007 at 8:15 am LJ Said: |Edit This

    I do not presume that ‘THEY’ didn’t hear or see it posted here either! “Walk softly those that would creep” I WILL protect the castle I call “My Home” and all that of which I am graced by God and Right!

    On January 25, 2007 at 8:19 am LJ Said: |Edit This

    Act alone against the MACHINE! The plans and actions of ‘ONE’ cannot be infiltrated! “LONE WOLF” resistance is an interesting concept, look it up!

    On January 25, 2007 at 10:06 am LJ Said: |Edit This

    Anyone is capable of being a Lone Wolf. Resistance is a lifestyle, each performs to his or her individual abilities. Success and experience will come in time.

    Always start off small. Many small victories are better than one huge blunder (which may be the end of your career as a Lone Wolf). Every little bit counts in a resistance.

    Knowledge is power. Learn from your mistakes as well as the mistakes of others. Never rush into anything, time and planning are keys to success. Never attempt anything beyond your own abilities, failure could lead to disaster.

    The less any outsider knows, the safer and more successful you will be. Keep your mouth shut and your ears open. Never truly admit to anything.

    Communicate your message to others having the same beliefs as yours. Communication will add to your knowledge base. After all, having an opinion is still legal(but not for long). Communication is a good thing, but keep your covert activities a secret. This will protect you as well as others like you. When someone from a membership group taunts you by saying “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE AS A LONE WOLF? Simply say “that would be telling.” DUHHHHH!!!!

    Remember, even the smallest things make a difference. You will see that what you are doing is making an impact. If you never get caught, you are better than any army.

    Others will notice your activities, but never try to take any credit for them, your success should be all the recognition you need.

    Never keep any records of your activities that can connect you to the activity. Keep in mind that repeated activity in one area will lead to increased attention to the area and possibly to you. The more you change your tactics, the more effective you will become. Random chaos is never predictable.

    Have a “rainy day” fund set aside in a safety deposit box(out of your local area and not in a high activity area), complete with new ID just in the event that something unexpected goes wrong.

    Only you will know your limitations. Never utter more than the “5 Words” to any agent or representative of the opposition “I Have Nothing To Say.” There are no exceptions. Anyone who does talk must be shunned from the movement forever. Former associates of the talker may consider much harsher punishment. Never talk to a Grand Jury even when faced with contempt of court. No exceptions.

    Never join a membership group unless it is to monitor any threat to lone wolf operations: Support some activists and publications with periodic freewill donations covertly. You will be able to live without a membership card.

    No meetings (that includes rallies, conventions, concerts and rendezvous) that are not for a compelling, specific activist reason that cannot be accomplished through other communication means (mail, E-mail, Net, phone, etc.).

    Exist and fight as lone wolves and you will last longer and be at peak performance.

    I will not say there will never be a time when all lonewolves may evolve into a highly structure but ruthlessly militant organization with steel hard leaders. That time is not now and will not be for the foreseeable future. No present leader will be leading that phase. We are only to prepare the way.

    Hopefully what we say and do now will make future victory possible. Remember, those who have come before you are counting on you, those who will come after you are depending on you. Think FREE, act FREE, be FREE!

    On January 25, 2007 at 3:11 pm Involved Said: |Edit This

    Sometimes undercover, secret missions and actions must be conducted alone. Going alone will get things done without the slip of infiltration… Acting alone in a risky mission is not what our enemies would risk themselves. Therefore, the enemy will be confused and startled, leading the enemy to believe and feel that many were involved.

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