Something you thought you’d never see?

I watched a video today that blew me away! This happened in Colorado LAST SUMMER. The people trying to exercise their right to peacefully assemble on public land. The police had other ideas. The people were UN-ARMED, the police armed to the teeth. But it is incredible what people can do in large numbers. In any other situation the cops would have started shooting, but they had to EAT IT… Truely inspiring.

Rainbow Family disolving a road block

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  1. “Peaceful and unarmed”? Forget it. The FS was armed because shortly before the video started (of course), gunshots were heard by the cops coming from the direction of this approaching crowd. Weapons including guns and knives are common among these “peaceful” Rainbows and knives were visibly worn within the crowd. And of course the camera is careful to avoid showing the sticks and other implementts held by the crowd, rocks thrown at the horses, the pit bull dogs released on the horses, and the second crowd of people coming from the other direction, and the beginning of the group surrounding the officers. The purpose of this bandana’d crowd was to surround, threaten, intimidate (and ?) law enforcement officers conducting a LAWFUL information checkpoint enforcing a regulation upheld by numerous federal courts around the country. Just listen closely to the “peaceful” threats clearly made by the crowd against the officers, and congratulations to the officers for their restrain in this clearly threatening situation and leaving the scene, rather than arresting these idiots. This action accomplished NOTHING

  2. Just read the other trailing comments by people saying no threats were made. What video were you watching? “I’d like to hang every one of you motherfuckers, we’re going to get you, CIRCLE! (meaning having the huge crowd surround, close in on the officers and separate them from their vehicles, and who knows what – disarm? assault?). Followed by “you better get out of here while you still can!” and “You remember Custer”? What part of the consitution says THIS is all right?

  3. Wondering, were you there? And how familiar you are with Rainbow Gatherings?

    I think we can safely say that the Rainbows were not armed with high powered rifles and other weapons that the police had access to. I know all about the knives (usually considered tools to people who are camping in the woods for extended periods), and I know about the infamous A-campers. (That’s the drinkers camp for those who don’t know) I know that some people bring things to gatherings that are frowned upon but these things are not usually left out in the open. I’m also sure that the crowd did NOT want violence, they just wanted to make their point. Which they did. I know that in all the excitement alot of things were said simply because they COULD be. Hell, I’d take the opportunity to hurl a couple insults myself, probably, and then the “I love you” afterwords. I assume you heard that part? Cops with guns are not the most welcome thing in camp. And no one can control what every single person in a large crowd does. Gunshots? Could have been firecrackers. Could have been car backfiring. Good excuse tho.

    The people in the woods WERE there to help circle up. That was the whole point. The legalities of the road block? They had the road blocked trying to keep people out. Public road, public land. The gathering still happened. It always does. The cops just try to make a show of force. They always do.

    You can bet those officers had a big meeting before hand and were told absolutely NOT to shoot anyone. Too high profile. Imagine what might happen if they did? And I’m sure there were alot of veterans in that crowd…

    I’d also guess they were told before hand that if things got too “hairy” to go ahead and leave. The authorities already have ample experience with Rainbows. This movie playes out in one way or another every year. I was IMPRESSED because in any other situation, such as an anti-war demonstration or some such, if people tried to break thru the police lines a riot would most likely break out and people would get hurt and killed. But in this instance, and where else would this EVER happen, no one was hurt, the cops gave up, and they all lived happily ever after…;)

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