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Ok everybody, this is the place! Something or someone you don’t like, duke it out here. Warning, as with all trash cans, this one gets emptied from time to time. Those posts which could cause LEGAL or PERSONAL PROBLEMS for anyone will most likely be “emptied” sooner than later, upon request (or not)…**

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Now that we got that over with, come out swingin’…

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    Calhoun Underground will link to and support any independant website working to bring political corruption to light in the area. That does not mean we endorse everything they say or do, only that we endorse the idea of an alternative to the mainstream media. This site has a place to leave comments. That does not mean that we know every individual who comments here. That’s what the internet is all about. Simply because someone decides to post here does not make them “connected” to this site any more than anyone else is by posting here. That is why there is something called a “disclaimer”. All that, of course should be painfully obvious, even to a child…

    And as I DO have better things to do with my time than moderate a personal hate fest, I can’t guarantee how often I’ll be able to check on this.
    I hear that Jerry Springer is very popular. Maybe this would be too. But I was hoping for a readership with a bit higher intellect.

    Carry on…


  2. Peace…

  3. … and more Peace… 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. Man in sheriff’s wife case was suspect in own wife’s death

    • Suspects kill sheriff’s wife after she reports intruders
    • Deputy responds to call and is shot to death by suspects
    • Two suspects killed in gunfight with police
    • Wife of one of the shooters died mysteriously in 2001

    MARIANNA, Florida (AP) — One of the men suspected of killing a sheriff’s wife and a deputy was also a suspect in his own wife’s death, a prosecutor said Wednesday.

    Florida State Attorney Steve Meadows on Wednesday named Lionel Sands, 60, and Daniel Brown, 54, as the men who fatally shot Mellie McDaniel and deputy Harold Michael Altman on Tuesday. Sands and Brown also died.

    Sands, a former Army officer, and Brown, who served eight years in a Texas prison for assault, were wearing disguises and carrying plastic restraints, bleach, vinegar and latex gloves in the attack at McDaniel’s home in the Florida Panhandle, Meadows said. ( Watch neighbor express shock, fear)

    McDaniel was the wife of Jackson County Sheriff John McDaniel.

    Authorities responding to the attack, including the sheriff, shot and killed Sands and Brown, Meadows said.

    The two targeted the McDaniels’ home, but officials did not know the motive for the killings, Meadows said.

    “What their ultimate plan was died with these two men,” he said.

    Sands was considered the primary suspect in the June 2001 death of his wife, Gail Joanne Sands, according to Meadows and a March 2006 lawsuit by her life insurance company, AXA Equitable.

    He was not charged in that case, in which Gail Sands died of a blow to her head. Her body was found at the bottom of the couple’s swimming pool.

    An autopsy concluded her death was not accidental, but the case has not been solved, according to the sheriff’s Web site.

    On Tuesday, Mellie McDaniel told her husband over a radio phone that she was being followed home from grocery shopping, and then she screamed at one point, Meadows said

    The sheriff called for help, and Altman arrived at McDaniel’s home within two minutes, Meadows said.

    The sheriff and other officers arrived and got into a gunfight with the suspects, Meadows said. It was unclear whether the sheriff fired any of the shots that killed the suspects.

  5. Just saying HI

  6. The following is a request from Lisa Minney for Community Help!

    Dear Community,

    Some of you know me, and some of you don’t. Some of you may know that a man named Todd Smith has been slandering me on Internet blogs off and on for several months now.

    If you know me, you know he is a liar.

    If you KNOW him, you know he is a liar.

    I am NOT a Meth Maker.

    I am NOT Lisa Wexler of Crooked County Crooks, nor have I EVER shown public disrespect for Gerry Hough or Tim Butcher in Gilmer County, nor do I EVEN KNOW any of Crooked County Crooks.

    I am NOT unfaithful to my husband, who was NEVER, by the way, arrested as Todd has said.

    So, why don’t I do something about it?

    I have TRIED .

    I have had officers speak to him kindly to tell him to leave me alone.

    I have pressed computer harassment charges, which were dismissed because:
    A. He didn’t directly e-mail me with his torments
    B. The officer got my name wrong on the complaint.

    I have chewed him out on the courthouse lawn, using language only befitting a sailor.

    This morning, I filed charges again, this time under regular harrassment statutes which state, in part:

    “(c) Any person who repeatedly harasses or repeatedly makes credible threats against a person with whom he or she has, or in the past has had or with whom he or she seeks to establish a personal or social relationship, whether or not the intention is reciprocated, or against a member of that person’s immediate family, his or her current social companion, his or her professional counselor or attorney, is guilty of a misdemeanor and, upon conviction thereof, shall be incarcerated in the county or regional jail for not more than six months or fined not more than one thousand dollars, or both.”

    By repeatedly slandering me on the internet, I feel that Todd Smith has been repeatedly harassing me. We shall see if the courts feel the same way.

    If not, I am left to hire an attorney to sue him for leibel, something that I cannot afford to do, and will likely get little in return if I did anyway.

    So, the best I can do is ask my community to understand that I am a victim.

    Todd Smith is victimizing me and my family.

    He is harassing me, slandering me, and now, is likely affecting the success of my new business.

    I appeal to my community!

    TELL Todd Smith that he is WRONG. TELL Todd Smith that what he is doing to me is NOT ACCEPTABLE.

    If the police can’t stop him, and the courts can’t stop him, and I can’t stop him, then, perhaps his audience can stop him. Perhaps our community can stop him.

    Todd Smith is telling you lies. Todd Smith thinks you are stupid enough to believe his lies. Todd Smith thinks he’s going to be able to continue to lie about me, and continue to harass me, and continue to hurt me.

    If you see Todd Smith, tell him you are not stupid, and you don’t believe his lies.

    If he tells you he has proof, DEMAND TO SEE THE PROOF.

    I don’t enjoy publicly stating that I am a victim. I don’t enjoy saying “he’s picking on me.”

    But, by God, I’m not going to sit around quietly and let him continue this rampage against me as so many of his other victims have done.

    Please, community members, if you see Todd Smith, tell him what he is doing to me is WRONG. Tell him that you do not appreciate his lies, or his continued bad behavior.

    I know this community will help those in need.

    I need YOU to tell Todd to leave me alone.

    Please, I appeal to the sense of justice in all of you. Help me fight my attacker.

    Please, I am a victim, and I need your help.

    P.S. I thank the bloggers who will post and pass this information on to our community for me. It allows me to reach readers using the same venue as Todd has.


    And just a little side note from the Calhoun Underground editor…

    Unless you have the most DIRE circumstances, and probably not even then as I have found, it is a MISTAKE to get the police involved in ANYTHING troublesome. They tend to either:
    1.not do their jobs properly and professionally
    2.try to turn the victim into the criminal
    3.create a bigger problem than what was happening originally

    The HUMAN RACE, JOHN Q. CITIZEN, they should be the ones to take care of problems like these WITHOUT the “help” of the police. So, instead of sitting on your duffs, get out there and DO SOMETHING POSITIVE!!! Make these ridiculous excuses for public “servants” obsolete. Take care of your own. Take care of your neighbors. Toss the legal establishment in the TRASH CAN. Toss the TROUBLE MAKERS in too.

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