Big Business Versus Roane County Court

Something truely amazing has happened in the Roane County Court system! A war of evils between the corruption of big business and the viciousness of the WV legal system. The right arm of the Devil doing battle with the left…


Jury’s decision
subject of debate

Jury awards $400 million verdict

Certainly we can appreciate that the oil and gas industry in general is a pretty self serving bunch with money being more important than anything, and this particular big business most likely does nothing more than what the majority of other big corporations do behind closed doors. But, amazingly enough, this one got CAUGHT and had to “pay the piper”. Oh, they weren’t happy. They discovered just what it’s like to be victimized by the legal system in West Virginia. And perhaps they will be instrumental in bringing some of these problems to light.

In the meantime, think about it. If the Roane County justice system can do THIS to a HUGE CORPORATION, just think what it is like for the “little guy”… You don’t have a chance.

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  1. Governor Manchin said the judicial branch, “can be devastating and challenging,” referring to the jury decision. He went on to refer to Judge Thomas Evans III, saying the verdict was “before a conservative judge in a very conservative part of the state.”

    Gas company officials said “We don’t trust the judicial arm to treat us fairly”

    So the Governor knows how it is….

    Is the gas company just being “sour grapes” or did they find out how it is too?

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