Uh, it was an accident…..

Oh, please make it stop! My face hurts from laughing!

GRANTSVILLE STATE POLICE LOST METH EVIDENCE – John Richards Charges Will Likely Be Dropped

But seriously, it seems like these guys would realise that they are wasting HUGE amounts of taxpayers money by making so many mistakes. To say nothing of ripping citizens lives to shreds, only to tell them later, “oh, we messed up, you can go home now”…. I wonder what the real story is? Maybe they hoped if the evidence went AWOL and charges were dropped, that the “Lone Meth Ranger” would just go away…

What I DON’T understand is why the majority of “mistakes” being made involve METH busts. Or maybe those are just the ones we tend to hear about. Actually, this is a very common occurance.

There is a VERY WELL KNOWN drug dealer from Roane County who has been busted for meth FOUR times now in a year and a half or so(that we know of). The details are hard to come by. Roane County Reporter has been contacted with requests for news articles that SHOULD be in the archives but aren’t, with no response. But anyhow, this particular guy, well, the FIRST time he was busted, they had to throw it out due to BAD PAPERWORK. The second time I suppose he bailed out, the third time, bailed again, the fourth time bailed again. His bail eventually got so high (cash only) that one could only imagine that there are FEW in this corner of the world who could possibly come up with that kind of cash, but, surprise, surprise, they did. I wonder after the second time why they even allowed him to bail out at all… And his cases have yet to go to court. Of course, when you have friends in high places it helps. YEARS ago, this same individual was bringing large amounts of drugs into Roane County, and someone I KNOW walked into the police station and VOLUNTEERED to wear a wire on this man. He was TURNED DOWN.
The reason I bring up this story now, is because the LAST time this guy was caught, only a couple months ago, he was arrested, handcuffed, and carried off to jail, but A WEEK LATER the arresting officer discovered that drugs had been hidden in his cruiser and he had been driving around with them in there for a WHOLE WEEK! At least this is the story we are told.
Now there are rumblings of yet ANOTHER meth case in Roane County that may have gone awry with missing evidence.
And of course there is the case of the quickie search warrant obtained solely by using false statements made by juveniles pointing fingers at someone who had actually been incarcerated for over a month when the alleged “crime” was committed. Statements which could have been proven to be false had the police or the magistrate simply looked at the records…

All I can say is this all makes for some great entertainment for the masses and excitement and drama (and a paycheck) for the “authorities”.

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  1. If they can beat a big company like that, how come they can’t keep hold of a four time loser meth cook?

  2. So, with all that training, the cop didn’t realise he was throwing out part of a meth lab? And he never bothered to ask someone before he threw it out just in case it might be important?

  3. I heard through the grapevine that the case against Richards was false and so was the evidence. Just like the Mace case, Richards fought back and now with the case coming to trial in March the police and the prosecutor had everything to lose. Bingo, they destroyed the evidence to keep Richards from having the evidence tested at a lab, thus proving the case was a fabrication by the State Police.

  4. I find it interesting that the officer who destroyed the evidence is THE SAME OFFICER that shot himself in the leg two weeks ago.

    Not having the best of luck right now, is he?


  5. Fabrication creates a sensation. Now there’s elation! Such a fascination with our new united creation!

  6. It’s A Mistake

    This is another, “Story Sung to the Tune of”

    Above is the story provided by Calhoun Underground.
    Below is tune provided by CCC (party time baby!)

    It’s A Mistake (Men at Work)

    Jump down the shelters to get away
    The boys are cockin’ up their guns
    Tell us general, is it party time?
    If it is can we all come

    Don’t think that we don’t know
    Don’t think that we’re not trying
    Don’t think we move too slow
    It’s no use after crying

    It’s a mistake, it’s a mistake
    It’s a mistake, it’s a mistake

    After the laughter as died away
    And all the boys have had their fun
    No surface noise now, not much to say
    They’ve got the bad guys on the run

    Don’t try to say you’re sorry
    Don’t say he drew his gun
    They’ve gone and grabbed old Ronnie
    He’s not the only one saying

    It’s a mistake, it’s a mistake
    It’s a mistake, it’s a mistake

    Tell us commander, what do you think?
    ‘Cos we know that you love all that power
    Is it on then, are we on the brink?
    We wish you’d all throw in the towel

    We’ll not fade out too soon
    Not in this finest hour
    Whistle your favorite tune
    We’ll send a card and flower

    It’s a mistake, it’s a mistake
    It’s a mistake, it’s a mistake

  7. pick your poison. there are in every organization some people who dont believe in what they are doing if it were me i would rather be the “man inside” for the loser “meth cook” than be a rat for the cops

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