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 March 17 War Protest–Charleston, WV

Join WV Patriots’ for Peace and your fellow West Virginians as we demand an end to the war in Iraq !
Insist with us that Shelly Moore Capito answer to her fellow West Virginians for her support of escalating the war!
When: Saturday, March 17- 2:00 pm
Where: State Capitol , Charleston , WV
More details to come.
We will gather under 1000 peace cranes to demand that we not have a 5th anniversary in Iraq !
Forward this e-mail to everyone you know who wants the US out of Iraq !
Encourage them to come and make our collective voices impossible to ignore!


A Time for Action 2-26-07
They will continue to lead us down this disastrous path until we stop them.
Despite the electoral repudiation of his failed war, and the call for a new direction by the bipartisan Iraq Study Group, Bush is now seeking to escalate his war by sending more U.S. troops to Iraq. Capito refuses to oppose Bush’s escalation of the war.
They will continue to lead us down this disastrous path until we stop them.
As the House investigates the unimaginable scale of fiscal waste during the U.S. occupation of Iraq, and the administration admits to at least $8 billion dollars of completely unaccounted-for funds (including $4 billion in unaccounted-for cash!), the White House is calling for an increase in funding for the war and the occupation.
They will continue to lead us down this disastrous path until we stop them.
And the U.S Senate is so determined to “support the troops” that it refuses to acknowledge the insanity of expanding the war.
They will continue to lead us down this disastrous path until we stop them.
There are members of Patriots for Peace who are prepared to engage in non-violent, direct action, civil disobedience in order to confront our leaders with the catastrophic choices they have made on our behalf and to challenge them to change direction.
Are you willing to consider joining them?
This is an important step, which would require some discernment, and perhaps some training.
But we must find a way to stop them!
Contact Jim Lewis


This is an exerpt from an e-mail I got today 2-3-07, from a friend…

I see that the “Boys are back in town!” During Saturday’s protest march in Washington while upwards of half a million of you stayed within the boundaries of your “Free Speech Zone” my old group the “Students for a Democratic Society” or SDS which has been newly reconstituted made an end-run around the Gestapo and headed over to the Capitol to chant “Whose Congress? Our Congress!” Although they couldn’t get inside due to barricades they never-the-less stood their ground against the jack-booted thugs chanting, “Let us in,” and “Who do you protect? Who do you serve?” Ah, reminds me of many happy daze from my youth protesting another illegal, immoral war. I wonder if we can expect a reconstituted “Weathermen” and “Weather Underground” groups too? Does this old heart good to see that our kids have learned their lessons! It also shows that America’s patience with the Bush regime is over as well as with both the Democratic leadership and the leadership of the established antiwar movement which both whimped out on us. I’m happy to see that others see that it’s time to kick it up a notch or two! It seems that few in Washington got the message we sent last November i.e. END THE WAR NOW!

However the best news is that Saturday’s march was covered by the mass media. I remember marching in 2003 right past the Washington Post which took no notice what-so-ever of us, not a word in the next day’s paper. I said at the time, “perhaps next march what say we lob a few bricks through their windows to get their attention!”

There are several new protests on the horizon coming to Washington, the Pentagon and who knows maybe a city near you in February and March?

A group coordinating direct action is the “Troops Out Now Coalition,” which has declared Feb. 17 “No More Money for War Day.” The plans include demonstrations, rallies, sit-ins and “other forms of creative resistance” across the country to “force Congress to vote no to war funding.”

A month later, on March 17, the ANSWER Coalition is holding a “mass march on the Pentagon,” urging the movement to “move from protest to resistance.”

A number of other organizations have declared March 19 and 20 – the fourth anniversary of the invasion – to be “worldwide days of resistance to end the war.” The groups propose, “occupations, acts of civil disobedience, and direct action… directed towards governments, military recruitment centers, corporations, and other institutions that perpetuate American empire and war.”

Also “Voices for Creative Nonviolence” has initiated the “Occupation Project” which is a campaign of sustained nonviolent civil disobedience to end the Iraq War. They’re calling on citizens across the country to occupy the offices of Senators and Representatives in order to pressure them to publicly declare that they will vote against any further funding for the occupation of Iraq.

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