We must give credit to the fact that Bandy is being prosecuted AT ALL. It should be obvious that for ANY police officer to be prosecuted for a crime, they MUST have done something PARTICULARLY wrong, whereby there is no getting around or out of taking legal action.

I find the fact that someone seems convinced that his girlfriend is involved very interesting. This would seem to say that whatever questionable activities he participated in, they were not in a professional context. The last time I checked, getting girlfriends involved was not part of proper police procedure. So, if she was in fact involved, then the defense of “only doing my job” goes right out the window.

Now, he could have taken a plea bargain, but that would necessitate that he plead guilty to SOMETHING, which he did not do. In my experience this means that he is willing to take his chances with a jury trial.

So, what will a jury do? A jury is supposed to consist of a group of folks who basically know nobody and have lived under a rock for a very long time so that they can be completely objective. Of course this assumes that none of them lie about what they know.

I would guess that Bandy could very well be HUNG, considering the popularity of the local “public servants”. Unless of course they find just the “RIGHT” jury.

This case should be very telling…

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  1. Actually, the whole thing began with the girlfriend, who is the case worker for Adult Protective Services at DHHR.

    SHE had the keys to the house in question, and SHE had posession of all items removed from the house, until she was informed she (and Bandy) shouldn’t have removed them from the house anyway and took (most) items back.

    Both claim they removed the items to “secure them” for the elderly gentleman who was removed from the house because of his failing health (and mind) by the girlfriend in her duties for DHHR.

    The fact that Bandy was investigated and charged should not be a surprise, as he was a sore spot for many officials. Driving the cruiser home to Clay was a high cost to the county, and then of course there was that time he got run over in the parking lot of the bar…

    The girlfriend is not a victim in this case, and shouldn’t be represented as such. Bandy wasn’t with her when she went to the bank with the older gentleman’s deposit box key…

    If you have questions about the case, the extremely thick file is public record, accessible to the public in the circuit clerk’s office. It includes the interviews of all witnesses.

    All anyone has to do is simply walk in and request to see it, and until they have done so, any comment here would be an assumption.

  2. It appears that I must say it again! – – “Blog Reader” you are well “informed”.
    – – – –
    However, I want to also add my two cents, or one cent, whatever.

    There were work related circumstances that encouraged or should I say assisted with Officer Bandy’s downfall. That was the lack of supervision on the part of our current Sheriff Carl Ballengee.

    I have known Carl for over 20 years. I have never heard or witness any actions by Carl that one could portray as harassing or threatening toward citizens. I feel Carl is a good law enforcement officer, and I have absolutely no problems with him. However, I feel Carl lacks the leadership skills required to be an effective leader and supervisor.

    I feel certain that if Alan Parson would have been Sheriff during the time frame in question, Mr. Bandy would not be in the situation he’s currently in.

    As most readers know, Mr. Bandy was late for a court hearing of which Mr. Matt Minney allegedly subpoenaed Bandy to give testimony on that morning. It’s my understanding that Bandy worked late the night before and also did not receive information in a timely manner concerning the subpoena regarding his requested appearance. To make a long story short, Bandy was late for the court appearance which was scheduled first on the docket for that day, and Matt Minney asked Judge Nibert to find Bandy in Contempt of Court and further requested that Bandy have a bond set at 1,000.

    Upon arriving to the court house, Bandy learned of Matt Minney’s actions and resigned. I was in the court room that morning, and all this seemed a little strange. There was no mention of handling another case or two which would have given Bandy a chance to arrive.

    My case was heard and finished around noon. At which time I went to the Circuit Clerks Office to sign some papers and there was Bandy arranging to have his Bond posted which was set early that morning. Again, it just all seemed strange. But, again Matt Minney was involved.

    Anyway, I’ll go back to what I was saying about leadership. Carl is a fine individual and a trusted lawman in our county. I just feel there was a lack of leadership, discipline and policy that caused or at least help Bandy get into the unjust mess he currently has to deal with.

    “VOTE” Allan Parson for Sheriff next election. Carl will be a fine “Chief Deputy Sheriff” with all respect as Carl deserves respect in my book.

  3. Very interesting comments, thanks. So if I am reading this correctly, it would appear that there is a possibility that Bandy is actually being victimised by the local legal system that he worked for. That would also be a good explaination as to why he is being prosecuted and why he resigned. But what about the girlfriend? You say they RETURNED most items. Which would lead one to wonder how they can be accused of theft if they were also both working in “official” capacity. Also, it bears asking, why did she go to the safety deposit box with the key? Theoretically, items in a safety deposit box are EXTREMELY safe where they are and do not need to be taken to “secure” them…

    As in most things, the real truth most likely lies somewhere in the middle. So, either they actually did something WRONG or they are BOTH being targeted for some reason.

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