Good Books and Movies

George Orwell was a very intuitive writer! I’m sure just lately you’ve seen the current world situation compared to the story “1984”. He may not have gotten the year just right, but if you read the book you will find it shockingly similar to our present day dilemmas with the entire world turning more and more towards a police state. You may even become more aware that we are already IN a bad sience fiction scenario.

George Orwell’s “1984”

But have you also read another book by George Orwell called “Animal Farm”? When I was in school, it was required reading. And the similarities to the modern system of things are amazing. I’d highly recommend reading both these books if you never have. They’re not all that long, but they definately get the point across. I found links to websites that have the complete books online, so yo don’t have to go looking at the local library.

George Orwell’s “ANIMAL FARM”

Also, I HIGHLY (no pun intended) recommend seeing the movie “A Scanner Darkly”. It’s funny, easy to relate to, and shows yet another example of how the system works in a science fiction, cartoonish setting. Great entertainment!

If you’re interested in anything having to do with the truth about what happened on 9-11, the go on over to and find “Loose Change”. Make sure you watch all three parts! It’s REAL informative.

If anyone has any books or movies they think are particularly entertaining/educational, please make suggestions here.

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