Documenting State Police activity 3-4-07

Intimidation, human nature and the power of reason.

Last night a friend of mine drove to the store. While at the store, this friend was approached by one of our illustrious “public servants” WHOSE NAME I WILL NOT MENTION. It appears that this trooper found it necessary and proper to discuss my husbands legal case with my friend. He tried to appear as if he knew something about what the outcome of those legal proceedings would be. I don’t know about anyone else, but it seems as if this subject matter would probably be better left within the confines of the courthouse walls. It seems to be somewhat akin to a situation in which you have been ill and in the hospital, and an official from the hospital decides to stop an acquaintance of yours on the street and discuss your health issues with them. This unofficial gossip does not appear to be particularly professional, nor does it seem as if it should be considered proper conduct.

And human nature demands that when things like this happen you have questions, the biggest one being, how would he know anything about it? Has he been discussing this case with the prosecuting attorney, or the judge behind closed doors? Is this the current gossip down at the barracks? Has this case already been decided out of court without my husbands knowledge? Without his lawyer or his testimony? And why does he think this is any of his or my friends business anyhow? He already “did his job”, however shoddy. His opinion is no longer needed until the actual court date.

After analyzing these questions, I find that it IS possible that this is all the current gossip. It certainly is possible that the boys have been going at it behind closed doors. But the reality of the situation is that he knew perfectly well that this meeting at the store and the topics discussed would get back to me. Simple intimidation tactics? Probably. Very typical. But most likely this was just a fishing expedition. Try to get the guy to be forthcoming with some information to be used against someone later in court. In other words, being a typical sneaky, underhanded and deceiving state cop. No more, no less.

The next issue discussed was that of this website. This particular trooper who will still remain unnamed stated that he felt that I had made him look bad. Wow. This is a VERY TELLING statement! I find it particularly interesting due to the fact that I have NEVER actually used his name in any of my news reporting. Ah! A clue! The only way he could have felt he had been made to look bad is if people he knew, worked with, or lived with had said something to him about it. Did it make him look bad to THEM? Did he get in trouble? Did his wife complain? And just how did I make HIM look bad? I did nothing but speak truth. If he is afraid of looking bad in the face of truth, then he maybe should rethink his agenda. The actual truth is that HE made HIMSELF look bad. Yes, it is actually possible that a person has to take some responsibility for their actions! Just the fact that he appears to be concerned about having looked bad is a good sign. It means that this website is accomplishing something. Hint of the day, if you don’t want to have to worry about doing things that make you look bad, don’t do them.

Of course, a person who simply blames others for “making them look bad” is NOT taking responsibility for what they do, but only passing the buck and blaming someone else. This is the difference between being an honorable and honest person or not. An honorable and honest person would admit that they did something that made themselves look bad. They would have a conscience in regards to their actions. They would actually have to admit that perhaps they were wrong. OK, so maybe he can use the excuse that he was “just doing his job”, but if there is no room for honesty, honor, and compassion in your profession, then it’s time to look for a new job. Unless of course you LIKE being a hard and cold robot, unless you don’t mind “looking bad”. But then that doesn’t make you a very good person, now does it?

In reality, this trooper obviously wanted me to find out that he was not happy with this website. More common intimidation tactics. But it also says that they are actually READING the site. And I DID put up an awful lot of questions some time ago which remain unanswered. So by power of deduction, I can assume that they are either AFRAID to answer them, or they do not wish to appear as if they are working WITH the citizens of this county, but rather AGAINST us. None the less, my response to that may not be what you might expect, because it makes me want to say thank you! You have made me feel as if this website is actually having some impact. Thank you for giving me some encouragement that this site could be starting to make a difference! I must be doing a good job.

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  1. “You have made me feel as if this website is actually having some impact. Thank you for giving me some encouragement that this site could be starting to make a difference! I must be doing a good job.”
    More importantly, Calhoun, just being down the Crooked River from Crooked County isn’t used to your type of tactics…which of course is telling the truth via your own publication!

    They CAN”T STAND IT!

    This is the worst thing that ever could have happened to them! THEY HAVE NO CONTROL over you!

    Me… being a “secret fan” of yours for some time, I absolutely knows what you are capable of and I hope someday you can call me your friend.

    I think you know how much I have admired your work in secret and you may have found it somewhat of a surprise that I published it and I have in my personal collection some of your fine photo work.

    You are truly an artist!

    Now they are in for it…
    now that they have pissed off a creative person, someone that has a brain…a thinker!

    They are not used to that!

    Prepare yourself for quiet money. In Crooked County if they can’t get you, they may try to buy you and if they can’t buy you then they will shoot your dog!

    I myself. I wish I had your courage, but I have succumbed to threats and the threats have worked because life as I knew it has gone.

    I am constantly looking over my shoulder and out the window before I go anywhere.

    People are still sneaking around here at night!

    (not responsible for accidents for trespass)

    Just know that your fight is my fight when it comes to the ideals you represent!

    I salute you. I am honored to call you a friend.

  2. Your article and the Troopers inappropriate conversation with your friend takes me back to saying “What Happen To Good Honest Police Work”.

    If the Trooper doesn’t want someone to build a fire under their bottom end, then the Trooper should not provide the fire wood for people to chuck on the fire. Be good, do the right and honest thing! Believe me, I know this all too well as I have cut and split a forest of fire wood for others to chuck under me. No one helped me cut and split all this wood, I did it all by myself.

    Responsibility tells me not to blame others when they chuck wood on the fire. Responsibility also tells me to put the axe down, and try not to cut anymore wood for the chucker’s.

    With out a doubt, there are websites in and around the Calhoun area that have built fires with the wood that Troopers and Officials have cut themselves. These fires will be maintained and continue to burn bright and cast light on official misconduct.

    Threats and intimidation are unjust and unacceptable tools for extinguishing these fires. Good honest police work along with officials who stand accountable for Rights and the fair treatment of all individuals are the true and just tools that will douse the flames and assure Justice and equality for all.

  3. The real answer is that it still all boils down to the individual. From now on, true leadership will only flow from the bottom up, as people take back their individual power from all forms of failed external authority. And it is only through conscious self-awareness and self-responsibility that we can become effective individuals.


  5. Them Cops Must Have A Big Trash-Can

    As most of you know by now, pursuant to sexually related convictions 18 years ago I must register with the West Virginia State Police as a Sex Offender. Basically provide them with information of where I am living, working, Internet accounts I use, websites, usernames, vehicles I drive, home phone numbers, cell phone numbers etc.

    A person requiring to register must update the information once per year, unless you have a change in your registry information, such as place of work, phone number, internet accounts, yes anything that changes you must report in person to the local State Police Detachment within 10 days of the change.

    I am currently registered with the Wood County State Police and living in Parkersburg but I visit Grantsville quite often sometimes staying over night two or three nights per week. (By the way, all the State Police I’ve come into contact with in Wood County are courteous and have treated me in a professional manner.) Due to ever changing Internet Accounts and user names that I have, I should almost ask for a bunk at the Wood County State Police Office as I almost live there.

    My attorney Mr. Rob Catlett advised me that the only way Calhoun authorities have to incarcerate me is arrest me for allegedly violating the registry requirements. This indeed is easy for a rogue cop to make a false statement to a magistrate and bam, warrant issued. You add the facts such as a rubber stamp and the magistrate in Calhoun who has one and bam, warrant issued even faster.

    Trooper Jeff Hunt obtained a rubber stamp warrant for me in 2003 for allegedly violating the registry. This was Matt Minney’s and Trooper Jeff Hunt’s first “bogus charge” attempt at trying to force me to take a plea regarding the receiving stolen property charges or face my bond being revoked on those charges. However, my attorney was Shannon Baldwin and she kicked that bogus warrant to the curb before the rubber stamp ink dried.

    Then of course, there was the time in November 2004 when Trooper Yanero got a warrant for me claiming I allegedly violated the registry by living in Gilmer County but he would not say were or when, wasn’t even on the warrant, only that I was under arrest and was going to jail unless I could tell him where Danny Minich and his Meth Lab was. I told Yanero I did not know and off to jail I went on a $25,000 cash only bond for the weekend. Well, Monday came and my family posted the cash bond. A few days later I showed up for my preliminary hearing and so did Yanero. My attorney was prepared to prove my case at the hearing but the Gilmer County Prosecutor requested the charges be dismissed, as there was apparently a mix-up regarding the charges. Bogus case dismissed.

    Well anyway, I have asked three of the Wood County State Police Officers if I needed to register with the Grantsville State Police since I stay in Grantsville sometimes several nights per week. All of these troopers said no as long as I don’t stay longer than 15 days striate. The most I ever visited Grantsville was four day striate during Thanksgiving. My records show I have stayed in Grantsville for a total of 52 days since October 9, 2006. So that is 52 days in Grantsville and 114 in Parkersburg since October 9, 2006. Why do I keep such records, because of Matt Minney, Ronald Gordon and the Grantsville State Police they are unjust, they are liars. Look at how many times Trooper Doug Starcher has been accused of wrong doing regarding criminal complaints and perjured testimony not to mention other acts of misconduct throughout at least two counties. I spoke to an Investigator who works for the Federal Government in Charleston who said point blank, “Starcher is a Rogue Cop.” Investigations are continuing.

    Around two months ago, Mr. Catlett informed me to keep up to date and cover all bases with my registration requirements, “Be able to prove the facts.” Since that advice and warning, I have invested $300 in a motion-activated camera with activation VCR for my fathers rental unit that I most usually stay at while visiting family in Grantsville.

    The motion-activated system is always on to detect motion and record for 30 seconds to a VCR Tape with date and time. If at the end of 30 seconds motion is still detected by the system, the system keeps recording until the motion stops. The system, which also has it own battery back up in case of power failure, monitors any and all movement to, from or near the rental unit in question. I have however, invited the renters in the other units to view what the camera tapes and the areas of view and I have positioned the camera for maximum privacy for the other renters. In the two months since I started using the system, I have accumulated 7 tapes of movement around the unit. Tapes which can be proven to be uncut and unedited. Of course these tapes when full are secured in another location. Good evidence against a dishonest cop or the testimony of a distant neighbor who sees me once or twice every other week but feels or thinks I live there.

    Let me get to the point of why I even wrote this story. I have no problem with registering with the State Police and providing them with any information required by law. I therefore, called the Charleston Sex Offender Website phone number and talked to a nice lady who seemed to be the leading authority when it came to the rules and requirements of the registry. This lady of who I recorded our phone conversation and of who I will not name here answered my question regarding “if” I had to register with the “Grantsville State Police” since I was staying in Grantsville sometimes three or four days a week. She informed me that as long as I was registered in Wood County and did not stay any other place for more than 15 days straight including Grantsville then I would not have to register there. I than ask her if I could register in both places Wood and Calhoun, she said I was not required by law if I did not stay more than 15 days, but I could voluntarily register in Calhoun if I wanted to.

    Anyway, I went to the Grantsville State Police Detachment at around 1:00 P.M. on March 21, 2007 and informed the Trooper on duty, Mr. Doug Starcher that although I was living in Wood County and was registered there, I was also spending some time in Grantsville some weeks and I informed Trooper Starcher I wanted to registered a living and working address in Grantsville just to cover the bases. Trooper Starcher said ok, and looked around for the forms to fill out. As Starcher was looking for the forms, Trooper C. J. Ellyson came in and Trooper Starcher asked Ellyson if he knew where the Sex Offender Registration Forms were. As soon as I realized it was Trooper Ellyson, I looked over at the trashcan, and figured the forms were in there. But, of course I did not suggest checking the trash, as there were two of them and they both had guns.

    Anyway, I provided typewritten sheets of all the information needed for the registration forms and copies of my registration documents from the Wood County State Police to Trooper Starcher. Trooper Starcher said I would have to come back tomorrow.

    On March 22, 2007 at approximately 2:30 P.M. I entered the Grantsville State Police Detachment and Trooper Starcher was talking with Deputy Matheny. Starcher informed me that he still did not have the forms but to come back in a few hours as he was having the forms faxed over. I was unable to return to the Grantsville Detachment later due to a need to take care of some business in Parkersburg before 5:00 P.M.

    More on this matter later…

  6. Proof That The World Is Nuts??

    In Lebanon, men are legally allowed to have sex with animals, but the animals must be female. Having sexual relations with a male animal is punishable by death.
    (Like THAT makes sense.)
    In Bahrain, a male doctor may legally examine a woman’s genitals, but is prohibited from looking directly at them during the examination. He may only see their reflection in a mirror.
    (Do they look different reversed?)
    Muslims are banned from looking at the genitals of a corpse. This also applies to undertakers. The sex organs of the deceased must be covered with a brick or piece of wood at all times.
    (A brick??)

    In Grantsville West Virgina Police are allowed to have their way with women on house arrest if their name is the Donut King and as long as it’s some unmentionable act! Of course this goes on for years as in that state the police are believed for everything they say and anyone they asked to testify is so close to Jesus that couldn’t possible lie. Jesus knows they all worship ALA because they of course could not be of the same god.

  7. I know all about how they conspire and lie to get warrants. They got one for my home simply by conveniently finding some juveniles (whose names conveniently did not appear on the warrant because of being juveniles)who were in posession of a rather odd amount of baggies of a green substance with rather odd weights and prices…

    These unnamed juveniles (thanks so much, Mr. Hornbeck and Mr. Webb, yes, we do know who you are)then conveniently proceeded to tell Trooper Jackson of Roane County (the same one who drove around for a week with a certain drug dealer’s drugs hidden in his cruiser)every small detail of their supposed purchase that very morning. And even more conveniently, one of these same juveniles just happened to have a picture of a marijuana plant on their cell phone (which they could have gotten ANYWHERE, including on the internet), which they allegedly informed Trooper Jackson was (conveniently) taken at my residence. Mind you, I do not know these juveniles, don’t believe I have ever met them, and the entire story was fabricated. There was no visitor that morning but the next door neighbor.

    But the real point is that the illustrious Trooper who obtained the warrant KNEW FULLY WELL that the individual named on the warrant was IN JAIL at the time of the supposed sale and had been for some time. The “investigation” which only took a couple hours apparently did not include actually CHECKING to see if the individual was actually in any position to sell anything! For starters, this most famous Trooper already knew the individual had had a warrant for his arrest prior to that day. And STRANGELY enough NO ONE asked for this individual when they appeared with warrant in hand, even tho his name was all over it, and he was the entire reason for the warrant to begin with… I repeat, NO ONE EVEN ASKED FOR HIM!!! Matter of fact, as this Trooper was handing over the paperwork, he commented that he had HEARD that we were selling pot FOR the individual in question, a darn sight different excuse than the fabricated one on the warrant. And why would he say he heard someone was selling pot FOR someone else unless he knew the someone else was SOMEWHERE ELSE?

    So, probable cause be damned and lets smash a bunch of stuff like juvenile delinquents and leave broken glass laying all around for folks to cut their feet on. Because in their book, the end justifies the means and if they want to target you, they will, and they’ll do whatever it takes to “get-er-done”. I know if I were the Magistrate, I would get sick and tired of being lied to, and as a matter of fact, if I WERE a magistrate and I felt I was being manipulated like that in order for the police to obtain warrants, I would REPORT the offending officers to the proper authorities!…

    I sincerely hope that Mr. Postalwait was honestly unaware that he is being misled regularly, because otherwise he would be considered complicit.

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