What if they gave a war and nobody came?

Remember the saying back in the 60’s during the Viet Nam War? “What if they gave a war and nobody came?” Well, back then it was already too late. We were still learning about the concept of a war that nobody wanted or needed, and the crooked, warmongering politicians who promoted it.

But this is 2007. We have already “been there, done that”. There were no WMD in Iraq. Saddam is gone. It has been proven that we were lied to to go to war for oil. Probably our leaders were responsible for the fiasco that was 9-11. Many states have passed resolutions against the war. WV is even working on one at the moment. Only about a third of the population, the ones who actually are willing to voice their opinions, are for the war. There are even officials in the pentagon and in the military who feel the war should be stopped. People as high up in ranks as Colonel are recommending to the officers under them that they should refuse to go. Impeachment is being discussed, even in Congress and the Senate. Impeachment due to being lied to in order to start an illegal war.

Now there are rumblings that the National Guard from Roane County will be deployed for a SECOND time. They already know what they are getting into from the first time around, and now many things have come to light that may not have been so obvious before to some people.

So, now would be the perfect chance, the ultimate opportunity, for the “what if they gave a war and nobody came” scenario to begin unfolding. Imagine what would happen if an entire body, such as the area National Guard, simply refused to go? Is it possible that this would give more motivation to others to step down as well? I think it’s high time that instead of supporting the troops, they start supporting us. It’s high time that the overused phrase “just say no” actually MEANT something honorable and real.

Our country is being run by criminals of the highest order. Our country’s name is mud. We are slaughtering many innocent people and ruining their countries with depleted uranium, so badly that things will NEVER be the same. Are all you national guard folks simply going to lay yourselves on the line for THAT, without question? How will your conscience feel when they finally toss out the crooks and declare the war illegal? It’s time to stand up and say absolutely not. Are you men or are you mice?

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  1. In todays world our economy is based on the war machine. If that money was put to good uses such as jobs, the general welfare of the people and to expand our earthly boundry, we can be the richest nation in both humanity and wealth.

  2. I’m puzzled. The message is good but the picture is rude.

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