“Almost” Heaven, Trash Capitol of the U.S.



ALMOST heaven. Can’t we ever get past the ALMOST part???

I can’t believe that nobody can think of anything better to do for WV than to import garbage from other states! As beautiful as WV is, the argument seems to be over whether our biggest assets are oil and gas (rape the land and send the money elsewhere), coal, (behead the mountains and destroy the ecology), or space for garbage (plenty of space all along our roadways, don’t you think?) Some believe our biggest assets are the people who live here.

But isn’t it the people who live here who are the ones tossing all the trash along the roads? Isn’t it the people who live here who can see nothing here to attract tourists to this area? Everyone seems to be looking for big business on the horizon to save them. Bring on the factories! Hey, if we’re lucky, maybe a new prison will be coming to a town near you, along with more law enforcement, of course. Jobs, you know. It’s the mantra these days. Anything for a job. Destroy the mountains, destroy the environment, drill and dig and dump. Bring in the criminals and the pollution. It’s the wave of the future…

Is this West Virginia keeping up with the Jonse’s? Why is it that the only things that people seem interested in to perk up the economy are destructive?

This state, yes, even Calhoun County, is incredibly beautiful. At least that which has not been destroyed by the aforementioned rubbish. And the world is turning into a pretty harsh place. Does no one see that we could be like a vacation paradise for those who simply want to GET AWAY FROM life as usual? Pushing for tourism would give all the right reasons to IMPROVE the area. Clean up the roadways, create roadside parks and picnic areas, cultivate WV’s heritage rather than tear it down. People could create their own jobs. Traditional arts and crafts, campgrounds, ATV rentals, trail riding, music festivals, these are the things that make us tourist friendly. Not dumps and dozers and destruction.

Our TWO biggest assets here in WV are absolutely the natural beauty and our old time heritage. The people are only an asset if they work in a POSITIVE direction to make this a better place. This is a very simple concept. Yet everyone sits around instead complaining about no jobs, waiting for someone to do something about it, and jumping at the chance to pollute and destroy for money. I have heard the cry of “no jobs” until I want to throw up. There have been plenty of times that I had money in my hand and needed to hire someone to do a job, and could find NO ONE interested in working except a few people who desperately needed beer money.

If this state continues to follow the path we’re already on, the path of least resistance, then we WILL eventually become the trash and eco-disaster capitol of the U.S. But that’s ok, right? It brings in JOBS (Hail Mary!) and the people with all these grand ideas probably figure there are so many ignorant hillbillies and rednecks here they won’t even notice. Keep ’em in beer money and things will be fine.

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  1. With all the coal in W.V. one would think someone would follow in the footsteps of people in Montana. It seems that they take there coal and turn it into gasoline. Cleanly. They have been doing it for 10 years now. And after all the bills have been paid the can sell the gas for .99 cents a gallon and make a profit. W.V. could help solve the nation’s gas shortage, provide jobs and make W.V. rich. Oh, wait. It’s W.V. That will never happen.

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