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  1. This site has the most moronic bunch of BS that I have ever heard!!! Our founding fathers obviously did not have you idiots in mind when the right to freedom of speach was discussed. You are the type of people that ruin that right. This site is nothing but a government and police bashing site. You obviously have been arrested before and/or a friend/family member. No, I don’t need any facts if you have or not, most of this site does not require facts. Twisting the truth or flat out lies, a common trait among idiotic liberals. So continue to have fun with your little ooooh scary conspiracy site. Don’t let the little green men get you, watch out for bigfoot if you go camping, tell Elvis I said hi, and keep up on that investigation about the fake moon landing. Hopr you get some stronger meds. I know Calhoun County has little to do, but pleeeeeeas!

  2. I thought you morons would like to know that I just saw bigfoot. He was walking past Foodland with Elvis and Lee Harvey Oswald. They were going to a national convention of The Order of the Skulls to decide the fate of the nation. They are rumored to be planning yet another 911 staged terrorist attack to keep the poor democrates from winning the next presidential election. Woooweee, you back woods hicks are funny!!!

  3. I heard that you hicks were going to team up with that Clay County idiot that runs The Communicator so that you could form one brain. Good luck with that. I don’t know if that will be good or bad.

  4. Oh my God!!!! The state police is invading Calhoun County!!! Hide your pot! Hide your moonshine! Hide your criminal activities!!! It’s a military state!! The bad apples are coming! Misconduct, misconduct, misconduct!!!!! POLICE MISCONDUCT!!! What to do!!! Whoa is me!!! No more incest!!!! They are going to use the ray guns stolen from the aliens at Roswell to remove Calhoun County from the face of the earth.

  5. It’s hot outside today, must be a trooper’s fault!!

  6. It’s raining outside, must be President Bush’s fault!!

  7. These messages brought to you by…. Citizens for a ban on further births from idiots that live in Calhoun County and promote moronic online rags such as this.

  8. I know none of these topics will be seriously discussed, but damn this is fun!!! I have the right, right? Rights, rights, rights!!! Oh, and I’m sorry for posting the word GOD earlier. I know you people don’t like that. Oh, here is another word you don’t like…. Bible!!!

  9. HaHaHaHAHAHAHAHAHaHaHaHaahahahahahahaHaHahahaahahaHaHa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thought I’d trash this but it’s a priceless display of the kind of mentality we are dealing with… Study well.

  10. Oh, but you left the other ones out. Those must be the ones you really believe! You post stupidity on our SERIOUS blogs, now we will attack yours. I knew you would post some of it. Leave the farm animals and relatives alone liberal alarmists. Stupidity breeds stupidity. I give you the big bad Calhoun Underground. That’s a perfect name for your site, cause that is where it belongs. We all are getting a good laugh from this rag. Oh my God is it funny!!!! Oh, I hear sirens, gotta go!!! They are coming to take me away!!! Oh no, to the funny farm!!! You guys are great fun. Keep up the hard work uncovering all these scary police state problems, you are really helping so many people. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Oh, this is too much!! Now I know where to go for a good laugh. Thank you. I’ll drop by from time to time. Hee hee hee!

  11. “You post stupidity on our SERIOUS blogs, now we will attack yours.”

    I find it hard to believe the CU blogger has posted stupidity anywhere.

    AND I think the topics on this blog ARE SERIOUS, especially since Calhoun has the highest rate of investigations into law enforcement of any county in the state.

    Either way, the desire to attack stupidity and get revenge on someone for posting on your SERIOUS blog?

    Grow up. High school is over. “You posted something we didn’t like on our blog, so we’re going to attack your blog” is infantile.

    If your blog is anything like your comments, it couldn’t have been THAT serious.

    Keep up the good work CU!

  12. Thanks.

  13. CU blogger has posted stupidity everywhere starting with it’s creation! I can tell you feel more important than you really are. So much cop bashing and conspiracy tripe. I really feel sorry for you. Though you do make me laugh. Your blog is the source of some good laughs around the office. I am glad I found this online rag. It is amazing how stupid and paranoid people can be. Oh well, I’ll be talking to you again when I need a laugh! Until then, keep stocking your bomb shelter and prepare for the coming doom and gloom! Ha ha, oh you guys are funny! Keep it coming! Ilove it!

  14. try this one

    it’s even better

  15. “I see stupid people” or “Knows better” or” I see idiots” or whoever else they say they are, this is the “email” address they posted as theirs:

    Everybody likes a good soap opera. Or that stupid show on TV, what’s it called? Keep it coming. You’ll get your article. Maybe even a song.

  16. Think I’m scared of getting an article? Ooooh, that would just end my world! A song? Everybody loves a song! I’d rather see articles like the following…
    Collection of personal experiences with state criminals, Discussing local criminal brutality over coffee, The hippys were not right, they were on acid, Why liberals don’t celibrate the 4th of July, There is no problem with no knock search warrants (keeps officers from getting killed), and last but not least, Run, hide, the liberals support terrorists. I can go on and on. Don’t you just love freedom of speech? I’m kidding, We know we will never see factual articles in this online rag. Sure is great to make fun of though! Until next time, keep exercising your rights.

  17. Since I am your biggest fan let me jump in. This very amusing person is the 24.106.97 guy right?

    That message came from a cox cable sub server, but the main server was in service of a business account,for a major cable business(not T-1) provider. So the joker most likely wrote all of his nonsensical tripe at work!

    Obviously something you did or said became threatening or got too close to some crooked deal they were associated with possibly. But, most importantly, this person took the greatest offense at the remarks about police or any thought to a corrupt public official.

    We would have no idea we were doing the right thing if it was not for outbursts from these types of Yahoo’s!

    The desire to put you, or anyone else in the category of a nut, or something ridiculous, is certainly an indicator that you, or I, or someone close to us, are hitting on a nail that really smarts somewhere to someone.

    The obvious agenda of trying to put you or anyone from Calhoun into an “birthcontrolforcalhouncounty” category is certainly an indicator that-they can’t believe we have not all been rounded up and jailed somewhere. Sort of like when people like these make fun of people that have individual unexplained experiences with UFO’s –It’s nice and safe for freaks like this guy to put everything into a neat pile, especially if it’s something they have not been programmed to believe or something that they are frightened of. Obviously the truth is scary to this person, but a person like yourself speaking their mind is the most frightening situation, because this person was under the impression that all the people like you were under control of some authority somewhere, *(just like he is)

  18. Couldn’t have said it better myself. This sort of drivel has all the earmarks of someone who 1. is scared of something. 2. is intellectually handicapped.

    This joker came over here from the WSAZ comments section about State Troopers, where they have been attacking anyone with a brain… My comments and IN PARTICULAR this website seemed to set them off. The truth of the matter must terrify them to go to such lengths to act childish and make stupid comments and look foolish. People should really look at what they write before they post. I bet most readers here are having a good laugh. That’s why I left the posts up…

  19. blah, blah, blah, blah, blah… Finally someone that also realizes how ridiculas this online Star Magazine is! That’s right, this site amounts to that, or the Inquirer. Too bad you won’t get any of the money those two nonsense rumor mills pull in. Maybe you should call them, team up or something. Before it’s all over, someone will sue you like them too, and I can’t wait. So be careful what you write, you know the law so well, shouldn’t be a problem. Keep after them I see stupid people. I’ll get some others to post some reason and truth to their hate and conspiracy mongering as well.

  20. You are right anonymous. Plenty of people purchase the National Inquirer and Star Magazine. Most do it for the laughs, with a few I’m sure that blindly believe every printed word (and mock up picture). And like this site, I don’t doubt that some of this information is based on few “rotten apples”, not the majority. Reading articles on this site, you would think the world is coming to an end and every police officer out their is bad and coming to get you. I won’t call anyone names and I believe in the freedom of speech, but to try and give all officers ( mostly Troopers) a bad name is not responsible reporting. It is also not fair to Troopers like my son who investigate child abuse and neglect crimes every day without incident. He is a hard working Trooper with his own family and that’s his life. He goes to work and he comes home, God willing. You only see the bad stuff on here. If I have missed a good story about a police officer, then my mistake. There are officers out there every day doing good things, but you won’t see that here, and that is not legitimate reporting.

  21. Uh, Whatever… Are you folks lost or something? This site is about an assortment of things, AS YOU CAN SEE IF YOU LOOK, and yes, police corruption IS one of them. Oh my gosh! Yes, I said police corruption! Holy mother of Mary!!! That IS the point, EXACTLY! If you would like a good, clean, wholesome, family oriented, pro-police site, I suggest you make one. Or go find one someplace else. “Legitimate reporting”. Huh. We “report” on whatever makes the news. And some stuff that doesn’t. We provide a voice for those who are afraid to speak out. Can’t handle it? Don’t want to hear anything that differs from your own personal world vision? Go away then. Apparently this message is lost on you.

    I don’t see any Calhoun County State Police winning any awards for bravery and valor, saving babies from burning buildings, or leaping into raging rivers to rescue little old ladies… This site IS about telling the side of the story you don’t usually hear, and keeping those horror stories that WERE in the news fresh in people’s minds so they don’t forget. There SHOULD be a citizens review board for the police to answer to, but because they don’t WANT it, there is none “officially”. Well, sorry, but we citizens still have eyes and brains and we CAN still review and post what goes on, “official” be damned. And that’s WHAT THIS SITE IS ABOUT…. Get it? Why do I feel like I’m repeating myself?

    Now, as for a couple of the stories here, surely you realize that there ARE a couple of FICTION stories included for your reading enjoyment? You DO know what fiction is, right? As opposed to reality? Should be quite easy to differentiate between the two.

    In keeping with your line of reasoning, a “pro-life” website MUST have lots of stories about how great abortion is…. Or a Blog about environmentalism has to report on all the WONDERFUL things “mountaintop removal” is doing to improve WV. Or a Republican rag MUST extol the virtues of all the DEMOCRATIC candidates, or it’s not “legitimate”. Oh yes, I see the light….

    So, complain because I don’t include any good stories about white water rafting, or beauty pageants, or cooking, because it would make just as much sense as complaining about some bad cop stories on a site that tells bad cop stories, in a place where the cops regularly bless bad-cop-story-tellers with SO MUCH FODDER for bad-cop-stories… GREAT BIG DUH. Now turn off your computer and go outside and play.

    Not sure I understand why people find THIS particular side of the story SO threatening that they have to go out of their way to trash it even tho they know absolutely NOTHING about it, obviously. Some peoples’ life experiences and therefore their “realities” ARE different than others. It’s what makes the world go ’round… I think we learned that in Kindergarten. You must have been absent that day. What are you scared of? That someone might find out that SOME things are not all lily white and pure? Afraid someone might actually BELIEVE what is written here?(so far STILL not one fabricated story.) And how will that harm you, specifically, that you are SO upset? Have I bruised your ego?

    Do you get this upset when you read any OTHER views you don’t want to hear? Are your ears going to melt, your eyes fall out? Well then, just close your eyes and plug your ears and shut your mouth… It will be OK, I promise. Take a few deep breaths and count to ten. But get used to it, because reality has a way of sticking around whether you like it or not.

    Scared of the truth. I’ll be damned. Not ONE SINGLE UNTRUTH on this site. Frightening! Head for the hills. These folks are so scared of the possibility of an alternative viewpoint that they get their panties all in a bunch and make a point of coming here to sling mud, like scared little kids throwing rocks at the boogie man. Shame on you.

    “Truth brings about the vilest of emotions in those who need it the most.”

  22. Well, we finally got this moron to lose his(her) cool! What an alarmist! I think they are the ones that got their panties bunched up. We will go outside to play because, unlike you sorry people, we are not afraid of an all out police assault or Patriot Act intrusions coming at any minute. You are the people afraid of views other than your pathetic marijuana clouded paranoid thoughts. I’m glad we anoy you. Your little stomp your feet and bang your head rant proves the point. We will be around to bother you once again. That’s the great thing about stupid sites such as this, you can’t stop it. Oh, we are so afraid of your posts!! Get real!

  23. Got news for ya. I have not even come close to losing my cool. No need. You folks are this weeks biggest joke. That’s why I don’t delete you. It’s people like you who make the world keep getting worse. Ignorance, thank goodness, is not contagious. People with your philosophy (hide head directly up a–) are EASY. What happened, tired of the WSAZ comment list? Out numbered there? Or has it just grown boring? Looking for a new spot to take a dump? Sorry, but you have no idea who you’re messing with, do you…

    I don’t see any of you BRILLIANT individuals posting GOOD STORIES about ANYTHING. Another big DUH. This comment section is FOR people to do just that. You know what, I don’t come into YOUR house to toss my trash around, so why do you come to mine? Nothing better to do? Not afraid of looking stupid? Oh, Maybe YOU are one of the cops that has showed his true colors.

    Seems to be a breakdown in communication here. Do you speak English? If so, here is the lowdown. Being a police officer is a dirty job. Most of the time they are put into situations they have no business in. They are required to “butt in” to many situations which could be settled in other ways, by scared and foolish people who still think that police officers are their friends. While the police should be reserved for serious and life threatening situations that no one else feels capable of dealing with, they constantly get involved in the daily soap opera, many times totally unnecessarily. They do not even REMOTELY resemble Andy Griffith… The manner and demeanor of most officers causes their bad reputation. I suppose they are REQUIRED to act the way they do. Well, They must be VERY HARD UP for a job then. Have you EVER heard of the phrase “Right Livelihood”? That means, in a nutshell, that you are CONSCIOUSLY and on purpose doing a job that harms NO ONE, that does not destroy the environment, that HELPS people, and doesn’t hurt them – certainly NOT on purpose!

    I would submit that in this day and age, with the manner in which police officers do their job (or are EXPECTED to do their jobs) that being a police officer has become a less than honorable profession. Sure, there might be some “good cops” but by nature of the profession, they can’t STAY good.

    Supposing I worked for a company which regularly dumps deadly poison in the river. I could be the “nicest” guy in the world. And I could use the excuse that I HAVE to work SOMEWHERE, so I can pay for my dish net bill and my cell phone and my new 4×4 gas guzzler. But that does not make it any more honorable of a job, and if I were ACTUALLY all that good of a guy, I WOULD NOT WANT TO WORK THERE and would be doing everything imaginable to CHANGE PROFESSIONS, including saying screw the TV, the Cell phone, and the new vehicle.
    In fact, SOME folks would rather live without electricity, without a car, even live IN A TENT, rather than hold a dishonorable job. Matter of priorities.

    THAT is what separates the “men from the boys”.
    SOME folks actually try to LIVE their beliefs.

    There are MANY people who would GLADLY forgo ” state police protection” in order to live their lives on their own terms. SOME of us are actually GROWN UP and don’t require a big brother or daddy to hold their hands and tell them what they are allowed to do.

    None the less, All civilization needs to have some type of “helpers” to keep troubles to a minimum. That would be someone whose goal it was to actually HELP in crisis times, not create bigger problems.

    Don’t get it? How about actually READING the articles on this site? OPEN YOUR MIND. Don’t know how? Stop being so judgemental, simply read and allow yourself to understand that POSSIBLY there is some truth hidden here. Can’t do that either? Then WHAT earthly reason do you have for being here other than to keep your good standing in “trolls annoymous”.

    Of course you DO realize that since the trolls have hit, my readership has gone thru the roof. Thanks. Folks just LOVE a good soap opera. It’s the trailer trash mentality. Keeps ’em coming back for more. Probably the same folks who toss their trash (beer cans)along the road, and continue to support George Bush.
    Keep the laffs coming!

  24. AHA! “I See Stupid People”, “Family of a Trooper” and “Anonymous” are either ALL THE SAME PERSON, or they at least are ALL USING THE SAME COMPUTER. So much for credibility, huh?

  25. Just got out of Jail this morning after Calhoun Trooper Jeff Skidmore had me arrested on a bogus charge.

    Has Skidmore joined the forces of the ROGUE FEW at the Grantsville State Police Detachment.

    It was rather nice seeing a few old friends at the Jail. Only got to spend around 10 hours visiting with some of my old buddies before the 10,000 bond was posted the next morning.

    After speaking with my attorney, we came to the same conclusion that Trooper Skidmore is in need of some education. Therefore, Trooper Skidmore will respectfully get the needed Court Room Education that he has signed up for.

    More information coming soon!

  26. I’m not surprised. What a great State Law Enforcement Unit! Must have been asleep when they were teaching the constitution at the academy.
    Anyway, I’m gearing up to see if there is any interest in starting a CopWatch Chapter. I’ve loaded my website and have “rights cards” on the way. I’m sick of this crap. I’m from another state and have never seen such a blatant disregard for the U.S. Constitution in my life. I’m ready to start fighting back. I’ve been able to hold my own for the past 5 years. Yeah, I’ve sent them back to their cruisers scratching their heads mumbling something like, “Guy ain’t from around here.” I sent the Crick Dicks (DNR) packin’, too. Tape everything. Turn on your cellphones and text message to go directly to a server off site. I wanna make an impact…who’s interested?
    WV Copwatch

  27. Very good information… Oh yes, sign me up for the team.

  28. West Virginia Speeding Tickets-Can You Beat Them?

    It’s a rush every morning. You dive into the bathroom to grab the hot water before anyone else. Then you make a mad dash to the kitchen to get breakfast for the kids and get them ready for school. Breakfast for you is a cup of coffee and something leftover from the night before. The kids make the school bus just in the nick of time. You check the time, grab your keys and sprint towards you vehicle. As you whip through traffic, neighborhood pets, and assorted children’s toys, you go over the schedule for the day. At this point your about ninety-five per cent job/family/home and about five per cent driving. Then you see them. The red and blue lights snap you back to reality and since you haven’t touched your brakes since you left your driveway it can’t be stuck brake lights, it must be the cops.You cringe as you look at your speedometer. You pull to the side of the road and practice your best “What? Me speeding?” expression in the rear view as you fumble for your license, registration and proof of insurance.

    It’s not an uncommon occurrence. Speeding fines collected from individual drivers constitute a part of a city’s budget. I know from experience that these fines are estimated and actually put into the budgets so don’t let anyone tell you different.

    The question here is can you beat the ticket in court? If you received the ticket in West Virginia, there might be some hope for you. There’s a cute little law on the books that you may be able to cite and scare those town magistrates into the closets of small town mediocrity.
    The Complete Article is here:

  29. hey, heres ba good one for you upright citizens to chew on and think over,some family members were getting disability-ssi,lord knows they deserve it,costs them about a grand a month in bills plus meds,well heres the catcher,a couple of months ago his dad passed away and left them an old unlivable house on less than an acre of ground that is in the flood plain,so like good citizens they called social security and reported this like they were told to do and lo and behold what happens next,they loose their disability checks and benefits because they now have assets,BULLSHIT!!! and george bush bails out aig and they go to a california spa,spend almost 500.000 big ones to celebrate,where is the justice in this,HELL,WE have families who are losing their homes,no food and our fearless leader helps his butthole buddies throw wild expensive parties(it was on the news)I AM APPALED,ASHAMED OF OUR GOVERNMENT,OUR LEADERS NEED TO BE IMPEACHED,AIG needs dismanteled,sold off,divide the money amoung the poor and hungry lower class, incidently who you never hear the politicos mention,just the middle class,If it weren’t for us poor folks doing all the hard work and carrying all the load,those rich bastards would have to get their hands dirty,PISS ON THE RICH BASTARDS,LET THE POOR HAVE A SAY IN GOVERNMENT TOO.(BY THE PEOPLE AND FOR THE PEOPLE) at least its in our constitution,or it used to be,well thats all i can handle for now…..HOW ABOUT YOU ???

  30. I just read all the comments in this section again… what a hoot… had to be a cop… a Rogue Cop at that!

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