They’re at it again…

Saturday, March 31, 2007 — 1:11 am. There is a meth lab bust happening on Jesse’s run right now as we speak. Yay, but the greenshrt idiots are at it again. My son, who, granted, had no business out driving at all, was pulled over with his friends while driving down Jesse’s Run, about a half a mile from his home. Wrong place, wrong time. Great. $140 bucks to get my car out of impound, and I didn’t know he even had it out… The officers did an illegal search of the car AND passengers, with no probable cause and not a damn thing illegal about the car. Trooper Jackson made a young female passenger lift her shirt and patted her down. They invented totally bogus excuses for why they pulled him over. “Defective equipment” because the license plate light mysteriously vanished into thin air ON THE SPOT, and “left of center” for petes sake!!!! On Jesse’s Run? Oh come on now. It’s not even a two lane road! OK, so what is this all about? “WHERE’S DAVE RHODES?” That was the million dollar question. Trooper JACKSON and TROOPER FISHER proceeded to tell my son’s friends that they would DROP ALL CHARGES against my son if he would tell them “WHERE IS DAVE RHODES”. They  were harassed, cussed at, threatened. The troopers acted just like vulgur baboons. One of them asked my son “How are your balls?” or something to that effect. Oh how professional, we are all duly impressed… One girl was told BY TROOPER JACKSON that she would be arrested if she did not tell where DAVE RHODES was. Guess what? She DOESN’T EVEN KNOW Dave Rhodes, but that does not matter to them. She asked how he could arrest her because she had not done anything and was simply a passenger, and Jackson said “we could MAKE SOMETHING UP”. Yea, you heard that right. WV’s finest showing their true colors. And the kicker? I KNOW that yesterday afternoon someone called the anonymous tip hotline and TOLD the police how to find MR.RHODES. Guess they don’t check their messages often enough…

Ok, now I see how this works. They let one of the most notorious crank dealer/cooks in 3 counties loose over and over again, at least 4 times, and no matter how high the bail is, someone, somehow always manages to have the money. Who is that rich around here, anyhow? He must have some GREAT money connections! But his being on the run gives such a perfect excuse to harass innocent people. Hey, so you got a meth lab. GOOD FOR YOU. Nobody hates meth any more than I do. Maybe it’ll cut down on traffic a little. Congratulations. But must you mistreat a group of young folks who are doing basically nothing wrong, simply because they happen to come down the road? It IS a public road you know.

I would guess that you green shirts ALREADY knew where DAVE RHODES was anyhow, and were just using that as an excuse for terrorising people…

OK, so that’s what you get at 1:30 in the morning from somebody who got woke up to all this and knows perfectly well what’s goin’ on. Well, so I get to go rescue my car in the morning, IF it is even DRIVABLE after the goon squad got done tearing it apart and slamming it, and I’ll let the WORLD know if there are any damages.

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  1. Meth bust on Jesse’s Run. According to the search warrant, Ralph “Huck” Wilson, Dee Wilson, Tia May, and Joseph Kelly were arrested in Wood county on 3-30-07 after purchasing a quantity of sudo-phedrine and other meth related ingredients. According to statements made by one or more of these individuals, a quantity of methamphetamine had been at the residence on Jesse’s run on the previous day. This was the information used by Doug Starcher to obtain a warrant for the property. I was unable to look at the list of items taken by the police. As of 1:30 pm on 3-31-07 there were several items which obviously could be related to a meth lab still laying out in plain sight on a piece of plastic in the front yard right next to the road…

  2. Condition of the car:

    Back seat cover partially pulled off, stuff laying everywhere. Registration ground into mud on passenger side floor. License plate light bulb mysteriously suddenly missing.

  3. So anyways, I was talking to my ex gfriend after 8 hours of labor at the spencer McDonalds, a job is a job man. And go figure we decided ta meet up and put a muffler on a chevette with my friend and his friend. Well we can just keep the true shit down to an art and get right ta tha point. We got tha muffler on the car and took it down tha road ta test driv it. Well unbeknowst ta us 1/2 a mile down our road there was a crank lab getting busted. Well ya know how it goes, after puttin on a muffler, ya have ta take it for a test drive, ta make sure its not gonna fall off on ya in town and have a town clown pull ya over for a noisy muffler. Soooo we went down the road ta make sure we would be legit, and go fuckin figure we drove right through a fucking meth bust. Now of course with the way shit has been goin down with cops, stopping ta talk about what a lovely evening it was was NOT an option. So we kept going. Well like 300 yards or so from the bust we seen that a state trooper was pulling around. So we being the cool people we are, slowed down so we wouldnt hit the troopers car. The trooper almost got his car stuck while turning around, hell I was almost ready ta get out and help get a pig out of the mud. Hey I am a law abiding citizen (as much as the next person). So they got out of the ditch, and started coming towards us, well we kept going figuring they were going back to the drug bust. You know the crank shit they were busting, well we passed each other on the road, Jesses run, a pretty much “secondary road”, and we did pass each other. Well after they passed us they started spot lighting the vehicle. Well my buddy being as rightgeous as he could, stopped, knowing he didnt have a license, because he was doing the right thing.
    And like they say, thats when shit started turning real fucking sour.
    The trooper that didnt really stop us (There was no lights on and the car was turned the other way) came up and asked to see my dudes license. Upon recognizing who my friend was he asked him to step out of the car, asked if there was any weapons, drugs, etc. Normal bullshit which if I was a cop I’d like ta know also.
    Well while he was doing this a second cop came up shining his light in my eyes, Asking about registration and insurance.
    As this was being done he asked my buddy how his balls were. Which totally fucked me up.
    About a minute later after I got the insurance and registration out if the glove box they ask to see my hands and asked if I had any weapons on me (Where I come from letting some one in the glove box who you think is dangerous is retarded) Then I showed thim my hands and got out of the car and thay told me to assume the position so I put my hands on the car. while thes was goind on the cops told the girls to get out of the car, so my buddy and I were getting “searched” When the trooper said “Looks like you’ve done this before” I said “once or twice” So after they “searched” us, they went to “search” my friend chic but it was more like violating her and it was a male state trooper……….

    To Be Continued…

  4. Well, glad to hear meth production was finally slowed down in that area. But, sorry so many young individuals were senselessly harassed by the Green Shirts.

  5. Part 2

    So after they “searched” us, they went to “search” my friend chic but it was more like violating her and it was a male state trooper at that, do you think this is legal ? I think not… but what can the chic do ? nothing but do what the officer tells her to do. then things get a little a bit sticky for her.

    Ten min. later she was being hounded for info. about Dave Rhodes. she does not even know Dave Rhodes, but anyways Officer Jaskson proceeded to harass and threaten to put false charges on her and make false charges on our friend who we won’t name- if no info was given well we don’t know the Dave guy. So she told the officers she know the law to well for them to mess with her she is not no dummy and I guess they got the point and went back to messing with our dude friend lets just say he caught the false charges tell me if thats not screwed up? ta-do-ta-do I think so!

    I guess we just got a hold of a couple of moronic cops because we already proven the car was legit (thats why we were going for a drive in the first place, remember?) So while all this shit was goin on, my male friend and I were sitting on the hood of the car, conspiring about what we figured the cops were going ta do. Fuck it, they can conspire, as matter of fact I think its in their contract, that along with being assholes, so why cant we? We figured that considering there was some major shit going down about 300 yards away from us, that they were probably going ta let us go, so you know…like they could do what they are paid for like get rid of the crank, but nah, they kept fucking with us.

    They split us all up, arresting my dude who was driving under suspension. Well now that we are all split up, they started the real interigation. Divide and conquer? All I heard about was “We will let your buddy go, if you give Dave Rhodes up right now”. And as any reader That has read this far knows…I DONT KNOW, NOR HAVE I EVER MET A DAVE RHODES!!!! After telling this ta tha cops for like the ten millionth- they started asking about other shit supposedly going on in “Da Hood”. Now keep in mind, the only person under arrest was dude. So why keep grilling the fuck outta us? I really felt bad for my chic friend because they were on her case bad. A beautiful, soft spoken, 21 year old girl, should not be getting harassed by some John Wayne fuckin wanna be. Of course their motto is, prey on the weakest…and she looked like it. She didnt cry tho and that pissed em off more…So after having my balls toasted on the headlight for like an hour (remember I’m still on the hood of the car that they told me I couldnt move from), and hands frozen to my knees cause God knows I couldnt move them, even tho I was searched for weapons my hands were to “Remain in plain sight”. Ha Ha.

    We started talking about my friends black eye. Personally thats not really any business of the cops is it? I mean did his black eye contribute to his driving without a license? Anyways I was told that if I talked to the person that gave him the black eye, next time I should tell him to kick him in the balls and see if they couldnt kick the bullet out of him (my friend was involved in a pretty messy shooting about a year ago where he got shot in the leg.)
    Now my question is this, is this the kind of conduct “we the people” should expect out of our state 5-O’Z? Personally I think not. While grilling my chic friend like the state po-po said, “I aint chya buddy.” And I seriously believe him.

    So ta end the story.. her and I walked home, my friend went ta Flatwoods, and the car was towed at the sound of $140 bucks and taken to Grantsville when it was only 1/2 a mile from our houses.
    I seriously believe that we are living in a land of hypocrisy, not democracy when shit like this happens.
    So in closing Id like ta give a holla out to Carl Balengee, and deputy Metheeny, because they were the only 2 on the scene who treated us like humans, like American, with respect. And another holla out ta the other 2 soldiers who were with, cause we took an ass rippin.
    So remember John Q Public, its all like old troop told chic…”They aint chya friends, or ya buddies”…Never forget that…..

  6. Citizens are in fear of these unjust Green Shirts… Fear of unjustly loosing one’s liberty or even one’s life to an unjust Green Shirt becomes very dangerous for the Green Shirts!!! The Green Shirts have placed themselves in a position for demise.

    Anger brought about by personal attacks is one emotion people can usually cope with. However, anger coupled with fear is two emotions people don’t cope with as easily and could lead to potentially danger situations. It is human nature for one to protect themselves from harm weather that be real or imaginary.

    The anger and fear citizens are feeling regarding the area Green Shirts must be dealt with by the proper authorities as soon as possible, as a community filled with anger and fear is a dangerous community not only for the Green Shirts, but also for all citizens within.

    Appropriate authorities must step in and suspend these rogue Green Shirts and investigate and charge them with their wrongdoing.

  7. At present, with the State Police wrongdoings in the spotlight, and the area citizens all talking about it, NOW is the time for ALL citizens who have complaints or take issue with the way the State Police handle situations to CONTACT the appropriate agency with their complaints. They WILL listen now, as there is no more hiding the fact that there are serious things amiss. Magistrate Postalwaite very graciously informed myself and others yesterday on the best way to file complaints about Trooper misconduct. Even tho filing one or two complaints will most likely not cause any noticable immediate improvements, the more documentation of these wrongdoings the better. Documentation is the key to fighting this corruption and the common citizens DO have some power, they just have to DO it. I STRONGLY encourage ANYONE with concerns to either contact the Governors office or the State Trooper Colonel in Charleston and request to make an official complaint. The more complaints the better. I dare say that if enough people flooded these offices with complaints that something very good could come of it. Do your duty as a citizen and help take back our counties from these goons. It IS possible.

  8. Hey there CalhounUnderground, could you please look up the mailing addresses for the Governors office as well as the State Trooper Colonel in Charleston… we all need to be sending our letters to the same and best location. I am loaded with stuff to do today and have just a few minutes to pop on here, so your help with the addresses would help us all. I will post the information on the Meth Ranger website, and provide a link to CU if you post a Main article regarding the same. Thanks in advance for your help. 😉

  9. Johnny, I’ll do just that. Might be a bit so stay tuned. I am recovering from being broke down overnight in Charleston. Just got home…

  10. TASK FORCE ARRESTS ROANE MAN ON METH CHARGES – Rhodes, Conley And McCormick Incarcerated

    The CUFFED Fugitive Task Force has arrested a man wanted in Roane County on charges of making and distributing meth.

    He was arrested along with two other Roane residents Thursday afternoon.

    David Rhodes, 45, was apprehended at the Motel 6 in Kanawha City by West Virginia State Police, U.S. Marshals and Kanawha County Sheriff’s deputies, according to a press release from U.S. Marshals.

    Also arrested were Jennifer Conley, 36, and Larry McCormick, 58, of Roane County. Conley and McCormick are both charged with possession of methamphetamine with intent to deliver.

    Rhodes has an “extensive criminal history” that includes making and distributing meth in the Spencer area, according to the release.

  11. Hey! This isn’t just a Calhoun issue. In Ritchie Co. people are being detained and charged for things that we all have in our houses and are being called “meth kingpins”. The greens have did what they have wanted for years and continue to do so. County Prosecutors are so afraid to do the right things, they get dead-set on conviction rather than corrective reflexes and innocent or not, you are gone. It’s time for the common people to stand up for their rights. We are protected by state guide lines as well as our American Constitution. This is not a “police state country.” We are still in control. We just have to stand together and take the power back.

  12. I realize these posts are a few years old. I am hopeing someone the can help me. I know all about being harrased by a green shirt dirtbag.anyways, I’m trying to gather info from anybody who’s been harrassed, brow beaten, and/or verbally bullied by a trooper,especially by trooper jackson. I’d greatly appreciate anyone who can help me out with this.
    Email me please.

  13. You need the help of the Secret Seven Coalition and the Consolidated Citizens Corp!

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