MethRanger Case Hits Your Pocketbook



When something like this happens, you have to wonder a couple things. First and foremost would be the question of cost. In any drug case, or any criminal case at all, there must be something called an “investigation” by State Police, which theoretically is used to determine if there is enough evidence to get a search warrant. Altho investigations have been know to take as little as a few minutes in certain cases, most go on for months or longer. Then the Magistrate must get involved as he is the one who issues and signs the warrants. Then there is the actual search which requires about a dozen officers and several hours in which to “search”, “confiscate”, “perform random acts of destruction”, and “get their stories straight”. Then there is all the time involved in “paperwork”. If someone is arrested, there is the cost of transport to jail, plus the cost of housing an inmate. Add to that the costs involved in prosecution, which in some instances requires MANY trips back and forth to and from the jail, as well as the cost of a public “defender”. Or the incidentals such as psychological evaluations. There is no such thing as “right to speedy trial”. That is a myth, with most court cases being “held over” numerous times for everything from court mistakes to lawyers going on vacation. Your average court case seems to take a couple years. (Strange that a “criminal” should be allowed to run free for two or more years before being “convicted” simply because he had enough money to bail out.)

And so, in a case like the “Lone Meth Ranger’s”, as you can imagine, enough of your hard earned tax money was spent that you could have gone on an extended vacation to the Bahamas. And this is only ONE example of MANY, as is easy enough to discover if you simply ask around any crowd that knows anyone who has had anything to do with being arrested, hassled, or otherwise bothered by the State Police and the legal system. In my own investigations I have determined that ANYONE who has had a run-in with the State Police has a horror story to tell…

Which brings us to the OTHER thing. That’s the part where someone who eventually is found “not guilty” or whose case is “dismissed”, or who is “acquitted”, as well as those who are found to be “safe” enough to be put on things like “unsupervised probation”, has had their lives turned upside down for many months by the inhumanities of a system in which you are nothing more than just another number… The stress, the not knowing, the hassle and upset of being dragged thru the legal system. The intimidation, the worry, and in some cases the outright dangerous situations that some people are forced into during this time of limbo are all part of a “punishment” that can not be imagined unless you have been thru it. To say nothing of the “reputation” which might follow someone forever due to gossipy busy bodys who have never done a single wrong thing in their entire lives… A lengthy punishment for someone who is eventually found “innocent” or reasonably so.

I propose that a complete makeover in the State Police organization AND in the legal system is LONG overdue.

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  1. I second that proposal.

  2. Money needs to be removed from 2 areas: Law and medicine. Think about it. The DA is going to try to get a conviction even if he knows you are innocent simply because it affects his bottom line. More convictions equal a better record which in turn gets them more money in their paycheck in the future. And medicine is a necessity of life which no one should have to pay for.

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