You stand outside on a beautiful sunny day and listen to the birds and feel the wind and sun on your face and it seems as if there could be nothing wrong in the world. In fact, if it were not for the people who insist on controlling other peoples existance, this view of the bright and sunny day would be unmarred. But we cannot escape those who would seek to bend us to their wills. We are told it is for our own good, or the greater good, or some such nonsense. We are expected to “respect” those superior beings who somehow have been magically bestowed with the power and intelligence to make our decisions for us as if we were mere mindless children.


But respect cannot be gained thru fear and intimidation. Respect is gained thru trust. This is not a hard concept for us common peons to understand, yet for some reason, those high and holy important people in power find it incomprehensible. This is not logical by any stretch of the imagination.

Unless it is NOT really respect they are after, but WAR.

A governing body at war with the people, like a mother at war with her children because she forgot how to love them. And not just her own children, but ALL children as well. “Travelers are more afraid of US government officials than the threat of terrorism or crime,” says Geoff Freeman, executive director of the Discover America Partnership. This is so understandable. I would say to those travelers, just imagine having to live under that threat ALL the time. Because we do. We are prisoners in our own country, held under the thumb of those who can not be trusted.


It’s a sickness and it has spread across the globe. A lot like the malady of the globally disappearing bees, only this is globally disappearing sanity. From the top down it’s not looking good.

It works like a slowly moving black cloud of invisible sludge, blocking out the light of reason and honor and common sense, and creating a darkness that filters down even into the cracks and crevices of the psyche of the common man.

They say our constitution is in ruins, our democracy a travesty, but I say the very essence of our “civilized” world is at risk. Our president and vice president are out of control, like mad children with toy soldiers, authoritarians supreme, setting the examples, somehow making it OK to kill and torture, somehow making it OK to do anything at all, because the end justifies the means, because they say so. And it doesn’t have to make any sense at all, only to them. They have turned wrong into right, simply by saying it is. And the rest of the government follows along nodding and saying, oh yes, we can do anything necessary and it’s OK. And so the spiral of illness spins downward into the center of our world. The burocracys we live with every day of our lives, from the schools, to the DMV, from your insurance company to paying your electric bill, they are all infected with the sickness. Employees move around the room with glazed eyes, pushing buttons on their computers. The computer knows all, the employee knows nothing. Humans become like robots. And nothing makes any sense. What used to be simple is now an obstacle course which takes twice the time and twice the money for half the good. But no one can fix the problems. Because no one is ultimately in charge.

And then there is the legal system, from police to lawyer. The hell spawn child of big government. Another arm of the sick monster. And because father government is crazed and lost in authoritarianism and power lust, the hungry child runs about like a screaming idiot, devouring anything that gets in it’s way. Just like a child screaming in a fit of temper until it gets it’s way, the people who have been entrusted to “oversee” us have bastardized their positions of authority using the power of intimidation and the weight of a badge and gun and uniform until we give them free reign rather than face their possible wrath or their particular form of revenge.


And so it goes, until we get smart and stand up and DO something about it…

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  1. After reading the piece on the Gordon case it really makes you wounder who you can trust. As I was no one. That story really made me sick. I hope justice is served!

  2. well…lets do something about it what would you suggest? im serious

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