The growing Police State – Stories from around the USA

Before anyone gets the wrong idea, no, I’m not just picking on the Calhoun County State Police. OR the Roane County State Police. They are but a drop in the bucket of horror which is forced on the people of this country. It is not JUST in this country by any means, but have we not been spoon fed the idea from birth that WE are DIFFERENT? The best place on earth to live? A roll model which other countries can only hope to follow?

Perhaps the majority is simply not aware of what is happening to us under our very noses. Perhaps many look at this blog and dismiss it by labeling it as sour grapes, or labeling the editor as a nut job.

And so, Calhoun Underground has added a new catagory for your education and enlightenment. These are true stories from all over the US. Stories which grow increasingly more common as time goes on. You are concerned about terrorism? Well, THIS is even more urgent, because it is terrorism from within, and it’s happening every day, as we sit here reading… These problems threaten to unravel the very fabric of our civilization as we know it.

Whether you want to admit it or not, the Police are out of control. They are increasingly militaristic in nature, and the job of “Police Officer” is growing less and less honorable. Police are being supplied with military gear and free reign to do as they please. The citizens of the world NEED to be informed as to how the nature of the police is evolving. Do we REALLY feel safer by their actions, or do we feel as if there is nothing that can be done and we simply have to put up with it? The first and most important thing is education of the masses. Knowledge itself is power. Citizens who not only know their rights, but also understand that they are being VICTIMIZED by the State are given a power to begin to create change.

And so, without further ado, here are some current news stories of our “public servants” gone very, very awry.

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  1. Just when I was getting ready to send you over a pot of coffee… you wake up and continue educating the masses. Glad your back!!!

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