It’s a Bipolar World


It never ends. Does ANYONE have a brain? Who thinks up this stuff???

You get a traffic ticket. You get charged with “taillight out, speeding, no proof of insurance, no seat belt”, by a cop who may be dishonest. You take the magistrate the ticket. Used to be they just looked at it, tossed out any bogus charges and you paid a fine plus court cost for the rest. Now you go to court, the magistrate and prosecuting attorney are there. It’s more like a real court proceeding with all the fanfare. You get charged court costs for every single charge. And all that ON TOP OF your fines. Which you can’t pay because you lost your job at_______(fill in blank) and if you can’t pay your fines, you get to lose your drivers license. That way you are ASSURED that you can’t get a (non-existent) job to pay your fines.

Everyone complains about the cost of keeping all those prisoners in the jail, (most of whom would have bailed themselves out except they have no money to do so) but they find more and more ways of incarcerating people in a less and less efficient manner, thus costing the taxpayers (and those unlucky enough to find themselves in magistrate court) more and more money, which they don’t have.

Many local businesses have closed or are slated to close. Spencer Veneer is going down as we speak. Less jobs across the board for everyone. Industry goes over seas. But gas goes up, bills go up, food goes up. Yet we still get to have a new Gino’s and Tudors biscuit world in the neighborhood… And who will be able to afford to eat out?

“Landlord” is a totally thankless job, and it’s generally a no win proposition. Renters typically trash a place and skip out on rent and utilities when they move, so now the Landlord has to pay for a permit every time someone moves in. The result? Higher rent. Even tho no one can afford it. And mandatory inspections to see who lives where? What happens if you discover a convicted felon? Toss ’em out? Are we going to create a whole new generation of homeless people now?

WV kids are not up to standard in education, so they consolidate more schools making it less possible to get a good education. Then they demand the kids must be pushed harder, and the ones who can’t keep up? Acceptable casualties.

Our children can legally quit school at age 16. But if they LEGALLY quit school, they must be punished for it by losing driving privileges.

You sign up for welfare because you have small kids and their father is gone from the household. The welfare Department tells you you have to “work off your welfare check”. But what happens when the absent parent finally coughs up the back child support? You just did all that work for nothing and Welfare gets “paid back” twice.

You have trouble with someone and call the cops. They come and act as if YOU are the criminal.

We say we’re trying to encourage commerce, but we create so many rules and regs and costs, we create an unfriendly environment. Our roads go downhill because the money is not there to fix them. What about that would make anyone want to bring their businesses here?…

No, it’s not just local, it’s everywhere.

We are force fed immigration. We learn Spanish whether we want to or not, because everything we buy has the information written in spanish on it. Mr. Pres. speaks of a North American Union. Then we soup up our borders with fences and walls and guards to keep them out. Then some guy in the WV public education business says WV kids need to learn Chinese…

We are told ad nauseum that we are the most free and democratic country on earth, then we are forced to get passports to simply go to Canada. As a child, I probably went to Canada 50 times. No big deal. “Got anything to declare?” “No”. “OK”. Now we are prisoners in our own home. Oh yea, but we want a union…

Cigarettes are legal to buy, but very nearly illegal to smoke anywhere. Alcohol is legal to buy, by the public in a public business, but it’s not legal for you to be drunk in public. Marijuana is illegal, but you could be stoned and sitting in a room full of cops and no one even notices.

People do bad things and so bad things are done to them in return in order to teach them it’s not acceptable to do bad things…..

We are screwed every way we turn. The country is turning inside out and backwards. The law of the land is confusion. Someplace along the line “public servants” turned into public menaces. Not only does the right hand not know what the left is doing, it doesn’t even know what IT is doing.

How are we gonna survive in this insane asylum?

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  1. “Tell your King, Scotlands sons and daughters are theirs no more.” “March back to England, stopping at every village to apoligize for 100 years of rape and murder. Do it, and you shall live. Do it not, and every English will die here today.” Braveheart

  2. Computer problems are making it impossible to put up links to news articles, so I will post them here. These are a couple of the stories which this article refers to:
    SPENCER VENEER CLOSING “IS A REAL BLOW” – Spencer Officials Will Try And Keep Plant


    Landlords question occupancy permits

    Editor – It was almost a full house when landlords showed up at city hall last week to discuss a possible change to city code that would require occupancy permits for rental units.

    Members of Spencer City Council recently were given preliminary copies of a new city code prepared by an Ohio company that has been working on the project with Mayor Terry Williams since December 2005. Their meeting Thursday was the first since councilmen received the revised code.

    The occupancy permit came up at the council’s May meeting, when Williams announced a proposed fee and plan to require a permit every time a new tenant moved into a rental unit.

    Williams told more than a dozen landlords present Thursday that he now favored issuing permits on an annual basis.

    “We’d like to do an audit of rental properties,” Williams said. “We’re going to come and inspect every unit (for safety) and it’ll take about one year to get that done. We also want to know who’s living there at the time.”

    The mayor said rental properties are the source of problems including those involving pets, untended lawns, trash and noise.

    “Tenant-occupied property is most of our problems,” Williams said. “We don’t have a lot of private homes that are a problem.”

    Several attending said the city was not doing enough to address problems at owner-occupied properties and that landlords were being singled out.

    “I don’t want you to think we’re here to pick on anybody,” the mayor said.

    Williams said the purpose of the permit — which would require a $20 fee for up to two units and $10 for additional units — was not to make money. Improving safety and property values, as well as learning more about the tenants, were the goals, he said.

    “The fee wouldn’t even pay for a person to do the inspections,” Williams said. “But we would be gathering a lot of information like convicted felons that the police were not aware of.”

    Landlord Gary Christian said he favored the permit process.

    “Any time something can be put into place that can help, I want it,” he said. “That’s how I feel about this.”

    Christian said safety inspections could prevent tragedy.

    “Then you’re going to wish you paid that $20,” he said.

    Carl Forte, another landlord, noted that there had been few fire safety problems with units inside the city limits and that the proposed permit was unnecessary. He said inspections were not done under the current building permit system and predicted the same thing would happen with the occupancy permit, perhaps even leading to corruption.

    “This is just adding another burden to the landlords,” Forte said. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Leave it alone.”

    Forte suggested landlords could provide the information Williams wants when they fill out required business and occupation tax information or apply for city licenses.

    Williams said he currently was working from a list of 72 people who own rental property in the city but had no idea about the numbers of units. At least one landlord who showed up for the meeting admitted to not being registered with the city.

    “So you’re only going to inspect the law-abiding people?” David Ryan, another landlord, asked.

    “Yes,” Williams answered.

    “And then you still won’t know how many rental units there are,” Ryan said.

    Ryan also said inspections would be an intrusion on a tenant’s privacy although city attorney Tom Whittier said building codes first adopted in 1980 give the city the right to conduct such inspections.

    Williams said leaving the situation alone was not the way to proceed.

    “If we all work together on this it will not only improve your property values, but your neighbors’ as well,” he said.

    Landlord Randy Lowe said there was an underlying reason for declining property values.

    “Property values go up with jobs,” he said. “The problem in this community is that we don’t have the jobs we need.”

    Lowe’s father, Darol, who started and ended the 90-minute discussion, said landlords were willing to cooperate and encouraged the mayor to continue discussions. Williams said he wanted to cooperate and pledged to meet again with the group.

    Reviewing the code will take two or three months before it is ready for approval, Williams said.

    Before adjourning until their next meeting on Thursday, July 5 at 6 p.m., councilmen Cecil Banks, Sidney Boggs, David Holland, Pat Lance and Don Williams also:

    • Heard that paperwork had been finalized on the sale of city property for a Gino’s/Tudor’s restaurant on Williams Drive. The mayor said site preparation should begin soon for the restaurant, which originally was to open last fall.

    • Learned the Parkersburg Area Community Foundation had given the city a $7,000 grant. The money will be used for materials to build stone retaining walls at Washington Park. The project is scheduled for September.

    • Approved invoices totaling $23,356.30 for an ongoing downtown streetscape project. Recent work included the installation of new sidewalks and Victorian-style lampposts on one side of Main Street from Locust Avenue to the city parking plaza.

    • Learned a display of iron artwork would be placed at the intersection of Main and Locust in front of the Traders Bank drive-in. The artwork is payment from blacksmith Jeff Fetty for city-owned property he acquired on Chestnut Street as a new site for his operation.

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