7-25-07 National Rainbow Gathering Info


Word has it that the 2008 Rainbow Gathering will most likely be in Wyoming.

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  1. Kate from South Dakota, We lived for a time at 1212 Royal St.—-The H.E.A.D.,N.O.S.E. Do you still remember me calling you a sfmf when you worked at that dive on Decatur St? Still out here looking for you. Have loved you always, From Turtle, back in the days of 72, 73, 74 Here we now are in late Oct. 07. Still waiting for the circle come full turn.

  2. Hey this is Pizza T from the bnad Z Kamp. we spawned from A Camp, we be peaceful warriorz. So I got people asking me like I should know when the 2008 Gathering. Anyone feel free to myspace me correct or current info at http://www.myspace.com/zkamp so I can let all us Rainbow know in my fanbase and local area. We want to play there this summer and if it is in Wyoming that’d be great. Anyone feel free to email me, I know Rainbow friendly new spots in Washington for Rainbow Headz and Z Kamp express fanz. Peace
    Pizza T

  3. We will be heading to 2008 Nationals early for seed camp but wanting to Dead Head across the country from Indiana to Wyoming, anything we shouldn’t miss? We’ll leave June 6th or so and maybe take I70 for a while since I LOVE to be warm. Tell me family, what should we go see this year- places, people, events, shows?
    I have also been tending to the dirtiest river in the Great Lakes Watershed, if you want to see what I am stirring up, check me out!

    Peace, Love & Clean Rivers
    Save Maumee Grassroots Organization

  4. i am lost with the faith pulling me i feel all too much and have seek help through sociololagy wanted it to stop i didnt want to be connected any more iwas nt alowed to take medication for i seemed strong too many my self is been in contact with the spiritual world science i can remember talking to the birds then i developed dribble talk to make it cleaner and safer protected in public the spirit grew in me and opened my eyes abit too much that to servive i let go my sing bridges myfaith in form of prayer song i do feel the weight had need help to let it go in peace it feels too much for a simple girl or woman now to know so much without knowing please i offer these words for hope and harmony i am whitewater weaver bubbles and i am rising in love please help me grow through this i offer these words to you can you pray on them i am in a small island at the bottom of australia ,TASMANIA I CALL IT THE HEART CENTRE IT LOOKS LIKE A HEART im smiling now thats gives me strengh…that was quick internet links ay i pray all is fullfilling its self to the grace of all and we recieve all that is needed to bring in the light love you all from tassi

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