And God Said “Let there be Justice”

The Calhoun County legal establishment received an UNPRECEDENTED warning FROM THE BOSS during the recent storms, in which the court house annex was literally STRUCK BY LIGHTENING. Apparently, removing GOD from the Court House is frowned upon by the powers that be. In an attempt to communicate to the Calhoun County “authorities” that they have overstepped their bounds in assuming their great importance and falsely acted in GODS place thereby overruling his laws, damage to the court house annex was kept to a minimum. This warning, if it continues to be ignored, will most likely result in future lightening strikes to the court house itself, if not much worse damage. “Vengence is mine”, sayeth the Lord.

Reprinted from the Hurherald.




Direct strike on chimney dislodges cut stones.
Calhoun commissioner Rick Sampson examines
damage by stones to porch roof and furniture.

A direct lightning strike to a chimney on the Calhoun Courthouse annex (old jail building) yesterday evening sent cut stones flying.

There was disruption of power in the building and some problems with computers, but there was no fire, said Grantsville Volunteer Fire Department officer, Dave Johnson.

A storm swept through the area, bringing much needed rain at 7 p.m.

Risk posed for traffic and pedestrians on back street with
several of the historic building’s slate shingles destroyed.

Grantsville residents saw the flash and heard the strike. Pieces of the chimney fell to the street behind the courthouse and rolled down the roof, crashing through an aluminum porch awning.

Pieces of the original slate roofing shingles were also damaged on the historic building.

County commission president Rick Sampson said he hopes shingles matching the original ones can be found.

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  1. in my understanding God has never been the “BOSS” when when it comes to the laws of the land thanks to freewill. personally i would think a more suitable “message” to law makers and enforcers would be a plauge of pestelance and sores on there genitals and it would have happened ages ago however Gods gift of freewill and the right to error see the error of our ways doth prevail! honestly i am offended by the assumption that anyone would think that God has anything to do w/ the idiotic said laws of the land when in fact he expressed very openly that his law the ten commandments. and the laws of the land are not even agreeable most of the time disagree? get out of the old testament and read the red words if you dont see it maybe you have a word comprehention problem

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