Brutality Over Coffee – 7-16-07

While having the morning cup of coffee (caffein is an addictive drug), myself and a friend were having conversation, discussing the current law enforcement problems in Calhoun and Roane Counties.

My friend decided to relate something that happened to him several years ago. Here is one for the history books.

This happened back during the time of the famous scandal regarding an individual who had their face shat upon. The real reason for my friend’s police troubles seems to stem from his having had an altercation with the boy who did the shitting, altho this was not the issue which was brought up by police at that time.

My friend says he was driving down the street when he was pulled over. It was daytime, but none the less, the reason that was given was that he was pulled over because the officer could not “see” his license plate light.

This individual questioned the reality of this pull-over excuse and apparently used an unacceptable four letter word. He was ordered out of the car, thrown to the ground, handcuffed, sprayed with mace, kicked in the face and ribs, and spit upon. Then he was charged with assaulting an officer.

The officers who did most of the kicking were stated as being Trooper Doug Starcher, Trooper Tom Yanero, and Bill Stemple. There was another officer present whose name he could not remember. He specifically states that Yanero was the one who repeatedly spit on him, and that Starcher and Stemple were the ones who did most of the kicking. He states that his memory is somewhat cloudy regarding the details of the incident, as he was suffering from trauma to the head from being kicked repeatedly.

He was then taken to jail and held for several weeks WITHOUT OFFICIAL CHARGES.

When I asked him if he had filed complaints against the officers, he stated that he was AFRAID to for fear of retaliation.

Old story. I am finding that nearly everyone who has had a run-in with the State Police has a story to tell. And nearly everyone states that they are scared to say anything for fear of suffering even worse problems. How convenient to be a violent person with a job in which you can safely express your violent nature, a job which comes with enough power that people who are victimized are too scared to report the violence.

I think it might be interesting to interview the wives, ex-wives, and girlfriends of these officers…

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