7-24-07 Continuing Saga of Calhoun Corruption

So. The saga continues. Prosecutor Gerry Hough is acting as if he were representing the individuals who he is supposed to be prosecuting. This is unheard of in “civilian” circles. Rumor has it that he got in some trouble recently in Gilmer county for behaving in an unprofessional manner. So they simply turn him loose in the Calhoun County court system a few days later to “prosecute” Bandy and McCrosky. Unfortunately, he is refusing to do his job and we may never discover what REALLY happened regarding the Bandy/McCrosky case. This NEVER HAPPENS TO ANYONE. A prosecutors job is to prosecute. Period. Anyone who has been victimized by the court system KNOWS this painfully well. And if these cases involved ANYONE other than public figures, the “offenders” would certainly BE prosecuted, severely. That is an undeniable fact and we as citizens must DEMAND that these individuals be treated NO DIFFERENTLY than anyone else!

Recently the police chief in Grantsville stated that he was “resigning” with no real reason given other than that he can’t drive his cruiser home at night. No one resigns over things like that. However he did state that he would stay 30 more days to “clean up a number of court cases”. Notice he did not say “clear up”. What is the plan for “cleaning up” these unnamed court cases?

Rumor has it that police chief J. D. Nicholson has previous ties with a couple of the cops who are on trial for various crimes. Perhaps these are the cases that need “cleaned up”?

I could be wrong, but I seem to have gathered enough bits and pieces of the Calhoun corruption soap opera to indicate that MOST if not ALL of Calhoun County’s law enforcement are in cahoots somehow and that there could be a possibility that if an OUTSIDE source such as an out of county judge, or maybe the FEDS, could put on enough pressure and put all the 2 plus 2’s together they could come out with one big massive 4 and nearly ALL will go down like dominoes, in a flaming ball of filth.

Stay tuned.

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