7-25-07 More Mysterious Fires…

More mysterious fires in Calhoun County. And no one seems to be able to figure out who is the arsonist. There are too many things wrong with this scenario. For starters, if someone is so “good” that they can set fires over and over again without getting caught, WHY are they simply burning RANDOM places? Or ARE they random? Either there is MUCH more to this than is reported in the media, or the arsonist(s) are complete fools and are WASTING their talents… I am certain that there are people in this county who are generally “hated”, most with badges, and it seems very odd that none of THEIR homes burn down… What this county needs is a good PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR to find out what is REALLY going on…

The other thing that strikes me as being very wrong: Why do people in a community such as Grantsville who have just lost everything have to go stay at a motel in Glenville? Where are their friends, neighbors, where are the people who would open their doors to those in need? Why does the Mayors wife have to go asking for people to help? Help should be instantly forthcoming, not searched for. Numerous citizens should have come forward out of the goodness of their hearts to give these people shelter and necessities. Is this simply an indication of what humanity has become? Or are there certain “facts” that are being hidden from the people of this county?

Here is the story as found on the Hurherald website.:


Ilene Cox’s residence on River Street was destroyed by what the Fire Marshal’s office is indicating is arson, according to Rose Knight, wife of mayor Gary Knight.

The victims have been staying with a helping hand from the Best Western Motel Glenville motel, but that is a temporary situation.

Everything she and her friend had was lost in the fire.

They have an apartment to stay in beside the house that burned, but it contains only a stove and refrigerator. A neighbor has donated a full size bed.

“Right now they need the community’s help,” said Knight.

If you can provide any of the following:

Necessities the family could use immediately include: full size sheets and mattress pad, towels and washcloths, blankets, pillows (still in package), shower curtain, combs & hairbrush (still in package), blow dryer, alarm clock, table lamps, coffee pot, glasses, coffee cups, silverware, cooking utensils, pots and pans, serving bowls, and a set of dishes.

Toiletries needed include shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothpaste, toilet paper, paper towels, Q-tips, lotion, aspirin or Tylenol.

Cleaning supplies that are needed include mop, mop bucket, broom, paper towels, toilet brush, glass cleaner, bathroom cleaner, bleach, cleaning cloths, dish liquid, liquid cleaner to mop with, and laundry detergent, fabric softener, kitchen trash can, trash bags.

First Baptist Church and CRI donated food to the family, which was greatly appreciated, but they could use anything else one might want to give.

Mayor Knight has offered the city office as a drop off point for anyone who would like to help the victims.

Further update on clothing sizes will be forthcoming.

If you have any question about donating or have things that need picked up, please call Gary and Rose Knight at 354-6497 or the city office at 354-7500.

7-24-07 Continuing Saga of Calhoun Corruption

So. The saga continues. Prosecutor Gerry Hough is acting as if he were representing the individuals who he is supposed to be prosecuting. This is unheard of in “civilian” circles. Rumor has it that he got in some trouble recently in Gilmer county for behaving in an unprofessional manner. So they simply turn him loose in the Calhoun County court system a few days later to “prosecute” Bandy and McCrosky. Unfortunately, he is refusing to do his job and we may never discover what REALLY happened regarding the Bandy/McCrosky case. This NEVER HAPPENS TO ANYONE. A prosecutors job is to prosecute. Period. Anyone who has been victimized by the court system KNOWS this painfully well. And if these cases involved ANYONE other than public figures, the “offenders” would certainly BE prosecuted, severely. That is an undeniable fact and we as citizens must DEMAND that these individuals be treated NO DIFFERENTLY than anyone else!

Recently the police chief in Grantsville stated that he was “resigning” with no real reason given other than that he can’t drive his cruiser home at night. No one resigns over things like that. However he did state that he would stay 30 more days to “clean up a number of court cases”. Notice he did not say “clear up”. What is the plan for “cleaning up” these unnamed court cases?

Rumor has it that police chief J. D. Nicholson has previous ties with a couple of the cops who are on trial for various crimes. Perhaps these are the cases that need “cleaned up”?

I could be wrong, but I seem to have gathered enough bits and pieces of the Calhoun corruption soap opera to indicate that MOST if not ALL of Calhoun County’s law enforcement are in cahoots somehow and that there could be a possibility that if an OUTSIDE source such as an out of county judge, or maybe the FEDS, could put on enough pressure and put all the 2 plus 2’s together they could come out with one big massive 4 and nearly ALL will go down like dominoes, in a flaming ball of filth.

Stay tuned.


by Jack Blood
For full article and pictures go to http://www.wtprn.com/Brown_Concert.html

The local newspaper headlines rang with dire warnings for all who would attend the Live Free or Die jamboree held on Ed and Elaine Brown’s front yard July 14th.

“That’s an illegal gathering, and it’s not a safe situation for anybody to really go to, and the people who go there have to realize that. . . . We can’t say it’s safe for anybody to go there. We will not send emergency vehicles into this area, no matter what.” said Plainfield Police Chief Gordon Gillens.

Gillens also warned people in advance that no emergency services would be provided for concert goers as it was too dangerous to send them in to the area. Attendees were also warned that many would be armed and again were on there own if anything should turn ugly.

(The so called police presence was thin with only Chief Gillens, and officer O Sullivan at the bottom of the road, though reports of Federal officers coming and going were constant. The Brown’s were kind enough to send the boys some hamburgers which they appreciated and consumed.)

Ed Brown responded by assuring the police that he didn’t need any assistance by the city or state, and that we were perfectly capable of handling whatever might happen.

But assistance he received as airspace was closed over Plainfield through Boston and surrounding airports while a mysterious white helicopter circled the crowd of 200 for about 6 hours, flying so low at times it appeared to be coming in for a landing. At one point, after apparently refuelin The chopper returned appearing about 100 feet out of the trees. It must have been lying low in silent mode before it jumped out and buzzed the crowd. It felt like apocalypse now, Vietnam or Iraq.

The chopper was traced by its ubiquitous ID numbers N187AE as solo artist Dave Cahill was tearing through a blistering set on stage. With the help of GCN radio host Mike Rivero of http://www.whatreallyhappened.com we were able to determine that the helicopter was created exclusively for the US Government, and was registered to Homeland Security, and this was announced to the live audience and live web viewers.

Ed Brown at one point called the FAA to warn them that the chopper was too low, and could be in harm’s way as a commercial fireworks show was planned for later that evening. It seems to be debatable at this time whose airspace DHS was operating in, state or federal. It would seem that DHS can and will do what they want just the same.

I had the opportunity to interview Chief Gillens about this and in fact it was news to him. Ironically, he wasn’t in the loop until we alerted him to the situation regarding DHS. He had been superseded by the Feds repeatedly that day, and Gillens like the rest of us was at their mercy.

Maybe this was the culmination of Michael (the Devil) Chertoff’s “gut Feeling” and concert goers were all relieved that any attempt by Al Qaeda to attack the Brown home would be thwarted by the DHS Chopper.

In my opinion it was incredibly clumsy to have sent this chopper to harass the Browns, and their guests as I was grateful for the expensive show of force on peace loving constitutionalists. If I could have I would have paid them to do i It looked great for the many cameras documenting the event, and must have been thrilling for those watching on the myriad of live web casts. A perfect example of what we are talking about, and succinct imagery to go with the anti police state music and message echoing throughout day. You really couldn’t have planned it better I thought, and DHS played right into our hands.

At one point, as darkness closed in, and after hours of constant buzzing and low level hovering (no doubt recording every move we made for future reference) the crowd became bolder. Ed had gone down into a pasture for reconnaissance which was certainly concerning as the chopper with a sniper could have easily taken him out. Flanked by videographer Terry Melton, and backed up by myself and others proudly defying the DHS Chopper while holding banners for “From Freedom to Fascism” and making “certain” hand gesture. The laugh was on them.

A spotlight war began as one Brown supporter hit the chopper with a high powered light beam while the white helicopter answered back with a flood of light of their own.

As for the event itself? It was an overwhelming success!

The music was excellent and perfectly placed. Opening the show was a message by Ed and Elaine who seemed overjoyed by the attention, and support. Dave Von Kliest of the GCN Morning show The Power Hour did a great job opening with his original tune, “Show Me The Law”

Next up was solo sensation David Cahill who amazed the audience with a high tech acoustic guitar sampling fare, that was spontaneous and original. Dave was joined by Amber Bettez, lead singer of The Law for a sensuous version of Summertime (Billie Holiday) improvising the lyrics in support of Ron Paul along the way. Dave is a founder of Bands for Ron Paul, a member of http://www.wearechange.org and we are told his music is featured in Loose Change Final Cut.

After several speakers including myself, Luke Rudowski and Mike Knaar from wearechange.org, Danny Riley, Ted Anderson of GCNLIVE.com Katherine Albrecht of spychips.org, and wtprn.com, and wtprn.com host and Iraqi war Vet Torin Wol (All gave heart felt talks for the roaring crowd) next up was the cool organ driven tunes of Paperback Radio who came in by private bus from NJ and sounded awesome under the 80 degree sun.

The headliner Pokerface blistered the stage for 90 minutes playing many of their hits including “America” and “the Watchmen” while the DHS chopper hovered behind the stage creating a priceless sight and sound effect perfectly in sync with the anti police state Lyrics by singer frontman Paul Topete. All of this set in a background of the Brown home which has been under siege for many months, and Ruby Ridge survivor Randy Weaver standing up in support. This was truly a defining moment for liberty, and set off what is, and will be the 2007 SUMMER OF FREEDOM!

The show was closed by a brief video big screen viewing of wearechange.org’s interview with John McCain who had been in the state earlier that day. McCain was asked about the Browns and the “law” regarding federal income tax. Suffice to say McCain passed the buck, and babbled through the questions like a doddering old fool.

Blue Eyed Fools (who thankfully took care of all the days PA and soundman requirements) ended the event with their multi media industrial techno presentation which included quite a bit of 911 truth info including a tribute to 911 ground zero anti hero, Keymaster Willie Rodriguez culminating in a brilliant near commercial firework display that lit up the sky and sent hundreds of cataclysmic booms, and what likely sounded like WW3 throughout the hills surrounding the Brown property.

Of course people will be searching for the meaning of this historic event, and there is a lot of it.

1. If one of us is not free then none of us are free. The Browns prove that wanting to be left alone to be independent and free isn’t possible in this day and age, and there really is no place left to hide. THUS, our only hope is to stand up for what we believe in and for the Republic we inherited.
2. If we could pull this off, and stage an in your face concert deep behind enemy line There is really no excuse to be afraid of doing direct street actions, or organizing similar events.
3. With zero incidents, and extremely well behaved participants; your new American patriots are some of the best, and most honest people on earth! For much of the day a bucket with over a thousand dollars in cash sat near the stage unmolested. Try THAT at the next Sean Vannity “freedom” concert and see what happens.
4. There is nothing we can’t do if we summon the courage, and work towards a goal, hand in hand shoulder to shoulder! We have the upper hand when we play our cards. You don’t play – You don’t win. This day we WON! Carpe Diem!
5. Live internet feeds of your events will protect you in even the harshest of situations.

Many people contributed to the success of the event, and credit should go to Danny Romero and the people at the fledgling WE THE PEOPLE RADIO NETWORK. Also Ted Anderson, owner of the GENESIS COMMUNICATIONS NETWORK who financed much of the event and bought all of the days free food and drink, (he cooked it too!) and did so without remuneration. All of the volunteers who did the hard and dirty work this day from building the stage, to security. All of the bands and speakers who volunteered their valuable time, KUDOS! Please follow the links of this article to find out how to support them!!!! The people that risked their lives possibly attending this event, some of whom even brought their childre You are all so inspiring and I was pleased to meet you all.

And last but not least Ed and Elaine Brown, who right or wrong are standing up for what they believe in, and putting it all on line for you and I. They were gracious and perfect hosts, and threw the party of the century. If you didn’t make it, a video documentary is being produced which you can find at http://www.wtprn.com in the near future.

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Brutality Over Coffee – 7-16-07

While having the morning cup of coffee (caffein is an addictive drug), myself and a friend were having conversation, discussing the current law enforcement problems in Calhoun and Roane Counties.

My friend decided to relate something that happened to him several years ago. Here is one for the history books.

This happened back during the time of the famous scandal regarding an individual who had their face shat upon. The real reason for my friend’s police troubles seems to stem from his having had an altercation with the boy who did the shitting, altho this was not the issue which was brought up by police at that time.

My friend says he was driving down the street when he was pulled over. It was daytime, but none the less, the reason that was given was that he was pulled over because the officer could not “see” his license plate light.

This individual questioned the reality of this pull-over excuse and apparently used an unacceptable four letter word. He was ordered out of the car, thrown to the ground, handcuffed, sprayed with mace, kicked in the face and ribs, and spit upon. Then he was charged with assaulting an officer.

The officers who did most of the kicking were stated as being Trooper Doug Starcher, Trooper Tom Yanero, and Bill Stemple. There was another officer present whose name he could not remember. He specifically states that Yanero was the one who repeatedly spit on him, and that Starcher and Stemple were the ones who did most of the kicking. He states that his memory is somewhat cloudy regarding the details of the incident, as he was suffering from trauma to the head from being kicked repeatedly.

He was then taken to jail and held for several weeks WITHOUT OFFICIAL CHARGES.

When I asked him if he had filed complaints against the officers, he stated that he was AFRAID to for fear of retaliation.

Old story. I am finding that nearly everyone who has had a run-in with the State Police has a story to tell. And nearly everyone states that they are scared to say anything for fear of suffering even worse problems. How convenient to be a violent person with a job in which you can safely express your violent nature, a job which comes with enough power that people who are victimized are too scared to report the violence.

I think it might be interesting to interview the wives, ex-wives, and girlfriends of these officers…

More troubles for Dellinger

These articles are reprinted with much gratitude, from the Hurherald website. Make your own judgments. I wonder if we should be looking more closely at who hired these “problem children”……..


Former Braxton County Deputy Sheriff and Grantsville volunteer policeman C. S. “Shane” Dellinger has been charged with six counts of felony fraud committed while serving as a Braxton County deputy sheriff.

Dellinger worked for Braxton County Sheriff Howard Carpenter, who told the Hur Herald some months ago he had placed Dellinger on leave because he was suffering stress from a recent divorce.

The deputy, who was described as “extremely aggressive in law enforcement in Braxton,” was apparently fired from his job, although the sheriff’s department reportedly gave him a going-away party.

Dellinger was the subject of numerous citizen complaints in Grantsville, including the delivery of a Concealed Weapons Class which was rejected by Calhoun Sheriff Carl Ballengee.

Dellinger reportedly collected money from individuals for the class, although he was not certified to give the course.

The money has not been returned.

The Grantsville detachment of the State Police are reportedly investigating Dellinger regarding that situation.


Former Braxton County Deputy Sheriff C. S. “Shane” Dellinger, who more recently served as a volunteer policeman for the Town of Grantsville, has been charged with six counts of embezzlement.

Dellinger is being charged for allegedly falsifying records or accounts in order to defraud the State of West Virginia of money from a drunk driving grant issued to Braxton County.

The charges indicate Dellinger claimed he was doing work for the program, when records indicate he was not.

The charges were filed in Kanawha County. Dellinger posted bond and was released.

Dellinger is reportedly being investigated for problems that surfaced while engaged with the Town of Grantsville.

The officer allegedly gave a concealed weapons class in Grantsville, collecting money, when he apparently did not have the appropriate credentials. The money has not been returned.