“Criminal Cops” by Retired Police Lieutenant Reveals Why Police Departments Are Becoming Criminal Organizations

Samuel Clark, a whistleblower police supervisor, tells the public how to survive police misconduct perpetrated by criminal cops in his new book.

Newark, NJ (PRWEB) July 30, 2007 — Retired Police Lieutenant Samuel Clark is proud to announce the release of his new book “Criminal Cops.” It reveals how criminal acts committed by police officers are routinely ignored by systemic flaws in law enforcement. According to Clark, those systemic problems enable criminal cops to control police departments.

Lieutenant Samuel Clark, a veteran police officer of more than 25 years, was a police corruption whistle blower. During his tenure, Clark, along with a handful of brave police officers, valiantly tried to expose the existence of wide spread police corruption. Clark’s findings show surprisingly, politicians, county law enforcement agencies, state law enforcement agencies, and federal law enforcement agencies ignored documentary evidence, in addition to credible eyewitness testimony.

“Police corruption and political corruption has formed a marriage that increases crime and undermines democracy,” says Samuel Clark. “When any honest police officer attempts to reveal the truth, his or her career is destroyed by criminal high-ranking police officials. And it’s not just whistle blower police officers that are being attacked. Firefighters and Correction Officers who tell the truth about criminal members of their profession are attacked and fired by similar tactics used on police officers.”

Samuel Clark’s book “Criminal Cops” is an effort to inform the public of this existing threat. It provides suggestions about what to do when you are confronted by the police in certain situations. Important information about internal police policies, practices, procedures and police culture are also provided. This book explains the inherent fallibility of the self-policing system presently being used. It also provides solutions and simple anti-police corruption actions that can be performed by any citizen.

“Criminal Cops” can be purchased at http://www.criminalcops.net
ISBN Number 978-0-9764929-4-8

Samuel Clark
info @ disclosurepublishing.com

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