First WV Almost Heaven Regional Gathering! 8/24-9/2

letter from Bob Henry
Open letter to all Rainbow People

Date: Fri, 6 Jul 2007 21:37:03 +0000

Howdy Folks,
Check out this letter, forwarded to you from the Mayor of Richwood WV.  He met many of you at the 2005 Gathering.  I love this man, the family really responded well to his message of welcome, which was read by Garrick Beck during the Heartsong portion of the Vision Council of July 7.  Many of the Rainbow family are planning to come to our regional gathering next month, check out the town, and come here to start businesses & buy properties & houses Cheap! We have a great location & need skilled, enthusiastic & optimistic entrepreneurs to make our Rainbow Vision a reality.  Ya’ll come!
After two years of the new rainbow tribe begging me to put together a regional gathering, & the mayor anxious to welcome us back.  And after great reviews for the cleanup of 2005 & general good feelings from the local West Virginians, we are finally ready to Welcome Everyone to the First WV Almost Heaven Regional Gathering at the site of the 2005 National Gathering of the Tribes in the Monongahela Forest!  August 24-September 2, hosted by the brand new Cherry-River family.  Our Gathering starts one week after the Pennsylvania regional ends, and we’re not far, so come on over!  We invite help for us newbies to set up water distribution.  We have great water here & few bugs.  It can start to get chilly at night in September.  Plan to stay later & camp @ the Mayor’s farm if you are serious about moving here.
For info call Rainbeau Weaver 304-846-4288, Or Marsheila (local) @ 304-846-4900, at the Nicholas County Drop-In-Center, WE LOVE YOU!  Welcome Home to Heaven, Lets make it so.!
* deborah Rainbeau Weaver*
Date: Tue, 3 Jul 2007 11:12:31 -0700 From:

Subject: Open letter to all Rainbow People

July 3, 2007
Dear Rainbow Family,

I am pleased to wish you well in your gathering, but regret that “mayoral duties” prevent me from enjoying your company as I did when you were here with us in Richwood, West Virginia two years ago. There is no place I would rather be–not even in Richwood!

Deborah Dorland stayed on with us and has brought an enormous artistic, emotional, and spiritual energy to our town.  We need more people like her, and you, to come to our fair city and turn it into the cultural collective it can be, here at the foot of the Cranberry Wilderness.  Houses are still for sale for peanuts (ask about hers!) and many good works and projects are in the wind.  Come join us!

Although I have no power in your neck of the woods (and very little here either, in fact!)
as the mayor of Richwood I Officially Declare the Best Wishes of our Town to You.

Walk in balance my friends…

Mayor Bob Henry Baber
304 846-2596
6 White Ave. Richwood, West Virginia 26261

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