WVSP Troopers & Citizens for WVSP Administration Change

Created by Bad Boy on 23 July 2007 @ 11:18:00 PM

After reading the comments posted in the blog on http://www.wsaz.com/news/headlines/8587177.html, there is great concern among Troopers, former Troopers, and Citizens that there is a need for change in the WVSP Administration.

Morale is low, one of their own recently committed suicide, and most are afraid of reprimands if they speak out against the administration.

This petition is three-fold.

1) We, the signers, ask Governor Manchin to request an outside agency, the FBI, look into the death of Trooper Marlo Gonzales, the cause of death and events leading up to his death.

2) We, the signers, ask Governor Manchin to allow any and all Troopers to file an anonymous complaint, supplying facts and documentation, for review by an outside review board or committee to review all complaints against the WVSP Administration. If anonymity can not be granted, we ask that the Governor ensure that no action will be taken against any Trooper filing a complaint by the administration.

3) An immediate removal of the current Colonel.

Examples of current administration failures:

A) Col. Lemmon states to in-service class that anyone who has a grievance with the Department can file it from the unemployment line.

B) A secret brotherhood within the Administration called F.O.L.D. If you’re not in it, you’re against it and will be punished for it.

C) A Trooper of the Year who quits the department.

D) Trooper’s who do not take promotions because they don’t want to work with the current administration.

E) The current attrition rate.

F) Only certain Troopers get overtime, while others get none.

G) The punishment of a State Trooper who was defending himself against another State Trooper who admitted to trying to kill the Trooper who was punished.

H) Detachment Commanders and others in the Administration who don’t care about Policy and Procedure and make up their own.

I) Failure by the Administration to follow proper policy and procedures when dealing with transfer requests, vacation requests, no paid over-time – just take “a day off” on the books, and in its administration of punishment.

J) Allegations of racial prejudice

K) Failure of promotional system, a Trooper who tests high doesn’t get offered the spot and is repeatedly passed over for promotion while someone else very low on the list is promoted. aka “The Good Ol’ Boy System”

Sign this petition at: http://www.petitionspot.com/petitions/WVSP

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