Forced Equality-Are “All Men Created Equal”?

Lets get down to basics. Here is the single biggest mistake in our history which is helping to cause our downfall as a human race. But first, I assume we are in agreement that every single person on earth SHOULD have the same basic human rights. Even tho that is a very simple concept and the basis for any successful civilization, we cannot seem to figure out how to go about it. We ALL have the right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. These are not just some fancy words, so THINK about what they mean. We should ALL have the right to be free to live as we wish and do that which makes us happy, without interference, as long as we harm no one else who also is trying to live freely and happily without interference. Intelligence or lack thereof shouldn’t matter, neither should color of skin or handicaps or sex or wealth or culture or any of the other differences we all have. But it is a mistake to say that “all men (and women) are created equal”, because they are not. This statement of “fact” has caused more misunderstanding and more trouble than any other, and trying to live up to this noble ideal has played havoc with an otherwise perfectly good existence.

Each of us is born with a mind. Every mind is as individual as the slant of your eyes or the turn of your nose, or the shape of your big toe. And each persons mind is ultimately responsible for how we perceive our world and live our lives. There are a myriad of personalities and opinions, experiences and intelligence levels. We are equal in so far as we are all differing individuals. We are as equal as the rocks are in a stream. All made of the same stuff, but every one different. But those differences we all share are not the inequality I am referring to.

What I am speaking of is this. There seem to be TWO basic and completely different types of humans on earth, and no matter how many fancy and high sounding things we are told, no matter how many laws and rules and medications we are fed, no matter how “smart” or educated we are, this is not going to change any time soon, equality be damned. There is one kind of person who is what I will call the “live and let live” type. This is the guy who gets along with most everybody as long as they don’t cause him too much trouble. They tend to live with a minimal interference in others lives. I believe that these people are actually in the majority. On the road where I live I can safely say that almost all the neighbors are pretty easy to get along with, about 90% or so, peacefully coexisting with minimal problems. And this is a road, by the way, which is claimed to have a “bad reputation” by the OTHER type of human I’ll call…

…the “Controller”. This is the guy who can not be satisfied unless he has control of things, people, events, whatever. This person either feels the need to be “in charge” himself, or, he feels totally incapable of being “in charge”, and so needs to have someone else be “in charge” in order to feel safe. He probably sees the world as a big scary place full of stupid and ugly humans who surely can’t be allowed to think for themselves… Altho these controlling people appear to be in the minority, by their nature of needing “control”, they end up inflicting their opinions, force, and fear upon others relentlessly, and so their smaller numbers are ultimately felt in a very big way.

Ever since the false statement was made that “all men are created equal”, these controllers have worked particularly long and hard to discover how to force everyone to live up to their idea of what “equal” is. We are legislated to death in a effort to force “equality”. We are jailed, manipulated, lied to, and medicated with all manner of “legal” psychoactive substances designed to make us more “normal” in the eyes of this minority. And these methods of controlling us and forcing us to be “equal” continue to spiral OUT of control into infinity, because no matter how hard the controllers try, they CAN NOT FORCE US ALL TO BE EQUAL. It is against human nature. It is against ANY nature.

I think that the moment it was declared that “all men are created equal” was the moment when the “American Dream” first started falling apart. Force-feeding “equality” between men and women has helped to destroy alot of good old fashioned family values that may be old fashioned, but they worked WELL. Forced integration in the 60’s became a violent nightmare at that time, and looking back, has been more or less a failure in the long run as well. Changing people’s cultures by force has always had less than desirable results, inevitably causing hostility, war, and rebelliousness. It is quite possible that in a less manipulated environment, we would celebrate our differences and learn how to get along just fine without outside interference. We would not EXPECT everyone to be equal, therefore we could RESPECT and ENJOY the many different cultures and lifestyles that exist. We would be more accepting of our differences if we were not forced to believe that we needed to all be the same. For the “live and let live” person this comes quite naturally. But the “controllers” cannot allow that to happen. They must manipulate and legislate, they must force someone to comply with their rules. They can not allow room for alternatives. Why? Because the controllers are actually pretty fearful people. And people who are afraid have a way of doing and saying some pretty dumb things.

Controllers tend to be afraid of things that are “different” from what they are “used to”. Afraid of “disorder” in their lives. Scared that if there were not a million laws and enforcers to keep people “in control” that somehow something horrible will certainly happen. They sometimes have pretty severe reactions to ideas and opinions that differ from their own, even to the point of complete absurdity. These people doggedly cling to “God and country and mom and apple pie and the law” as if their lives and the lives of all their children, and their children’s children depended on it. Even tho their numbers are less now than in the past, their power to totally disarrange the natural order of things has grown stronger over time. Years ago these people were referred to as the “status quo”. These days they might be referred to as “sheeple” or “ostriches with heads in the sand” or “neo-cons” or “the authorities”… There used to be a popular bumper sticker that said “question authority”. Now days if you “question authority” too much the “controllers” might end up labeling you a “terrorist” and send you off to be tortured…

We need to completely erase the “all men are created equal” concept from our mental storage banks and go back to square one. Certainly ALL people should be treated as equally as possible and all should have the same basic rights, but even these SIMPLE things are so far out of reach for the majority that it will require our full concentration to bring them about at all. In trying so hard to FORCE an unnatural equality that does not exist, we are losing sight of the original concept of basic human rights altogether. Why can we not simply accept the natural differences in people without trying to force them all into lines and boxes, or even worse, force them to be just like “us”? Why can we not simply go back to truth and reality before our minds got so cluttered up with this notion that we all must be “equal” at any cost? What is there, REALLY, to be afraid of?

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