Taking it to the Streets

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For some time, a few of us have been calling for a general strike against the corporate state. We don’t really have any other options. They have all the guns. They have the army and the police. They make whatever laws suit them. There is no real political opposition. They control the media and they control the ballot box. The people are left with only one option; stop turning the wheels of their money machine.
Some readers told me that this would never happen; bad idea… Yadda-yadda-yadda. Well, low and behold… here it is… http://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/HL0708/S00383.htm
THIS is what we have to do. This is our power. This will have an impact beyond anything else in our near empty arsenal. What is the main focus of the corporate, fascist state? Money and Power and Control; and what does that reduce to? Money.
Why was 9/11? Why the war in Iraq? Why the many, many other examples of vicious enterprise from these hooligans in suits? Money… Money… Money… and when we, the people of the United States… refuse to go to work; refuse to buy anything besides food and water, refuse to go to restaurants and theaters and nightclubs, refuse to buy a car or a house, refuse to take a plane or a train or rent an automobile, refuse to go on vacation, refuse to participate in this psychotic Disneyworld of lard-bodies wallowing in Shake and Bake insta-product, refuse to turn the wheels of the money machine that butchers Iraqis and Palestinians and Katrina victims and the homeless and everybody everywhere who suffers because we, as polite and dutiful hamsters, turn the wheels of their bloodstained industries… when we sit down and say, “That’s it, we’ve had enough.” Then… then… they will have to take notice.
They will howl like stuck pigs and no metaphor intended. The time has come for the millions of unsatisfied customers to say, “I want my money back. I want my country back and I want you OFF MY BACK. When you stop the machine… the money stops. Repeat after me, “When you stop the machine, the money stops.” “WHEN YOU STOP THE MACHINE, THE MONEY STOPS!” and then…
…there is no money for illegal wars… And then… there is no advertising for the media… and then… the stock market has a heart attack… and then… all of the millions of gears across the country and round the world begin to smoke and screech because there is no oil to grease their slide. What is the oil that greases the wheels? It’s money.
Like the millions who share my concern about a world on the edge, I am not a communist. I am not a terrorist. I am not an enemy of my country. I am not a criminal. I am not deluded in what I see and I am not canon-fodder, a slave or a fool. I am a human being just like you. If you can’t organize and strategize and mobilize then you don’t care enough to get what you deserve and you will get what you deserve.
Everywhere I go and everything I read and everything I see indicates more people coming to realize that the world hangs in the balance every day this dysfunctional machine of empire continues.
It’s a well-known fact that if you want to militate against corporate control you hit them in the wallet. Their God is money. The people have no greater power than to withdraw their support from the lampreys who feed on them. Corporations will gladly roll on their backs like the family dog to curry the favor of the consumer. If the consumer walks on them they are out of business.
It isn’t enough to do this for one day. For an entire week, Americans should buy nothing they don’t have to have to knit body and soul together. If that doesn’t force compliance it should be for a month. I guarantee results. You cannot be put in jail for refusing to buy.
There are two possibilities, things will get worse or things will get better. Americans will take the power they possess and act upon it or they won’t. If they do not, then at some point down the road they will be forced to take action because life will have become no longer worth living and it will be much harder and bloodier to accomplish it then.
I’d like to ask every reader of this blog to make this point to everyone you know and meet. Inform them of the 9/11 General Strike. Send them the link. Make it happen.
America can ill afford an economic emergency. She can less well afford to continue to foster a global emergency upon the lives and well being of the world. There is no army of organized terror that can work it’s will upon the world unless America feeds that terror in order to accomplish a corporate agenda. We now know that there was no Bin Laden behind the 9/11 attacks. We now know that hundreds of things that should not and could not have happened happened against every law of coincidence and physics.
We saw WTC7 come down in a classic controlled demolition format. We have seen where the BBC announced that WT7 had fallen 26 minutes before it did. Read this compelling analysis of that event http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/bbc_wtc7_videos.html …we have seen all the phony Bin Laden’s, the specter of worldwide Al Qaeda and all the devices that this rogue government, at the behest of the corporations, has used to enforce crowd control. There is only one reason for the insane security measures at airports and travel centers around the world. It is about slowly accommodating you to live in a police state. The reason governments move toward the creation of a police state is because what they –and the people behind them want- and what the people want are diametrically opposed.
You only get a police state when the government cannot trust the citizenry because the government seeks to oppress them beyond the limits of their ordinary tolerance. This is why there has to be an Eastasia. This is why there has to be terror attacks and terror threats so that the government that is pressing down upon you can appear to be protecting you.
I constantly encounter people who have put no time into studying what happened on 9/11 and whose looping disclaimer is that ‘they’ couldn’t cover it up when it is prima facie that they are engaged in covering it up all the time. The idea that a government would not conspire against its people is lunacy. Of course governments conspire against their people. That is the nature of government and the reason why checks and balances are needed to keep it honest. History is filled with glaring examples of governments which have conspired against the populace. And when corporations run the government it is automatic that they would conspire because profit has taken supremacy over conscience.
The definition of a fascist state is when the corporations control the government. Do you need a degree in paying attention to see whether this is not the case today? Did you miss what happened at the FCC? Are you unaware of the battle for control of the few over the many? At what point do you decide to see what your denial and fear have denied you?
Become V. We can bring this dog to heel. It gets its food from us. Deny this dog his food and this dog will become attentive and ingratiating. You have to go for the critical, vital area. You have to go for the money. It won’t fix itself people. It will only get worse because that is the nature of the beast. Destiny calls. Don’t keep her waiting.
Have I Got it Right?

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  1. Unfortunately, this will never happen. America consists of far too many sheep being herded along. And they are content being sheep. It’s easy to just keep on keepin on. To take a stand involves a measure of hardship. We are placed on a track and to try and get off hurts. So I don’t see it happening enough to make a difference.

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