Two Prosecutors In The Hot Seat

By Johnny Richards
Matthew Jason Minney, the Prosecuting Attorney for Calhoun County has been subpoena to give testimony in the Circuit Court of Roane County, West Virginia tomorrow at 9:00 A.M. Minney has been subpoena as there seems to be evidence that he allegedly withheld or concealed evidence in a Roane County Murder Case. The testimony is to take place in front of the Honorable Judge Thomas Evans.

According to information in the Case, Roane County Prosecuting Attorney, Mark Sergent, may be claiming Matthew Jason Minney the Prosecuting Attorney for Calhoun County allegedly withheld or concealed crucial evidence and information from Defense Attorneys for Raymond Elswick who is a defendant regarding the Murder Case of Daniel Lee Burns.

The above information came to light when an investigator for the Defendant, Mr. Jonathan Stone who works with United States Investigative & Protection Agency read a news article right here on “The Lone Meth Ranger Newsletter.”

After reading an article on the Hur Herald which was reprinted from a Roane County Newspaper regarding Raymond Elswick standing Trial for Murder, I wrote and published an article on The Lone Meth Ranger entitled, “Truth and Justice” – Documenting Wrong man on trial in Roane Co. Dated April 26, 2007.

It was from this article that current court proceeding are taking place regarding evidence and information which was not turned over to Defense Attorneys during the discover process. The Discover Process is a procedure that allows a defendant and his attorneys access to any and all documents, evidence or witnesses that the State knows about that not only proves the defendant’s guilt but may tend to prove a defendant’s innocence’s as well. In the case at hand, Defense Attorneys are claiming prosecutors allegedly withheld documents, evidence and witnesses which should have been provided in the discovery process to Elswick’s Defense Team.

In tomorrow’s testimony, Matthew Jason Minney is expected to present evidence, documents and testimony that he did in fact provide Roane Prosecutor, Mark Sergent with the documents, evidence and witnesses regarding the Murder Case of Daniel Lee Burns which he allegedly had control of. It is also believed that Mr. Sergent may provide testimony to the contrary.

There is one thing for sure, after all the testimony is in tomorrow, Judge Thomas Evans is the right Judge that will see that the defendant’s rights are protected and without a doubt he will set the record strait.

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