Kidnapper Still At Large, Police doing No-Knock Searches

It has been brought to our attention that since the Police turned loose Seth Denmark, the accused kidnapper, they are using the search for him as a way to get inside peoples homes and look around. Calhoun Underground  was contacted by an individual who wishes to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation, after his brothers home was raided in a “no-knock” search. This individual alleges that the State Police in Roane County, headed by Trooper Fred Hammack and joined by a couple of sheriffs deputies slammed thru the front door of his brothers home complete with high powered weapons and riot gear, WITHOUT any search warrant. This individual alleges that the police searched the entire home for Mr. Denmark, including the cabinets and drawers. The police reportedly found “probable cause” for the search in the fact that Denmark had been seen there possibly over a month ago. However, it seems odd that they thought that Denmark could be hiding in the cabinets and drawers…

The police then made several threats of an intimidating nature which has caused the person residing in the home to fear for his safety.

This tactic is commonly used as an excuse to harass and intimidate targeted individuals. By Denmark’s refusal to turn himself over to authorities, he is placing anyone in jeopardy who the police may believe he has had contact with.

The editor of the Calhoun Underground strongly recommends that anyone with ties to Denmark should exercise caution, and if Denmark is reading this, he needs to stop being a PUSSY, find some HONOR and turn himself in to keep even MORE people from being harassed.

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