$44 Million Gift For WVSP to aid WV “Drug War”

Reprinted from: http://www.wsaz.com/news/headlines/10639437.html

West Virginia’s State Police is getting help in the fight against illegal drugs – a funding boost nearly equal to half the agency’s annual budget.

Federal prosecutors are awarding the department more than $44 million from a settlement with the maker of OxyContin.

U.S. Attorney Chuck Miller says State Police deserves the award for helping his prosecutors investigate Perdue Pharma.

The three-year probe fueled a lawsuit alleging the company misled the public about its addictive painkiller.

Perdue Pharma forfeited $276 million to settle the case.

Miller and other federal officials plan to deliver the check to Gov. Joe Manchin and State Police brass at a Friday ceremony at the State Police Academy in Institute.

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  1. This is simply appalling. A drug manufacturer – a “LEGAL” drug manufacturer – commits fraud, a lot of people suffer as a consequence of this “legal” drug, and so the WVSP is given $44 million to put towards tossing more folks in jail. Does no one see the big HOLE in this? Sure, the WVSP had to come along afterwards and try to deal with the mess this created, but that is their JOB, which they are getting paid to do already. This is about handing them a ridiculous sum of money to create even more havoc in the “illegal” drug movie here in WV.

    This money should go IN IT’S ENTIRETY for drug rehab facilities, drug education, mental health programs, and other POSITIVE things which could possibly HELP, and to the actual VICTIMS themselves for recompense.

    What do the State Police have to do with the troubles between the population and a “legal” drug manufacturer other than that of a janitorial nature?

    In case none of our governing officials have been reading the news lately, let me spell it out for you. The drug war was declared and has been going on since 1983! It will continue on into infinity at the present rate of success. THE WAR ON DRUGS IS NOT WORKING. One would think that in 24 years time that someone would have figured this out. Rather than creating POSITIVE OPTIONS, they are simply dumping more millions into the ravenous black hole of the West Virginia Police State.

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