Ronnie Gordon Goes Down in Flames

Thanks to the hard work and DILLIGENCE of the Judge and Prosecuting Attorney, there is one less CORRUPT and CRIMINAL COP in the county. So, we’re on a roll now, keep it coming!

Thanks to Hurherald for great reporting:



Former police officer Gordon (striped shirt, center) enters
guilty plea on three counts before Judge Nibert, prosecutor Kirk
(standing left) and defense attorney Skaggs (standing right)
By Bob Weaver

Former Grantsville Police Chief Ronald Gordon plead guilty to three counts of sexual abuse in the first degree before Judge David Nibert, Tuesday.

Special prosecutor Tom Kirk said, Gordon is facing 1-5 years in prison and a $10,000 fine for each count in the plea arrangement.

Judge Nibert carefully reviewed the plea agreement with Gordon, advising him he will be registered as a sex offender in the State of West Virginia.

Gordon and his attorney Ernie Skaggs acknowledged they understood the terms and conditions of the agreement.

Gordon was indicted on nine counts by a Calhoun grand jury earlier this year, accused of sexually abusing women under his supervision while he was Grantsville Police Chief and the county’s home confinement officer.

The former law officer had plead not guilty to the charges at that time.

Gordon has been on home confinement since August, 2006, he will continue on home confinement until his sentencing on January 2.

Prosecutor Kirk reviewed the three cases, saying that both circumstantial and direct evidence showed that Gordon sexually assaulted an 11-year-old girl, who came forward as an adult to accuse Gordon of the act.

Kirk named two other Calhoun women who were victims of being sexually assaulted, against their consent or will.

The three women were part of counts one, six and eight in the indictment.

Defense attorney Ernie Skaggs told the court that Gordon could have been tried on federal civil rights violations, with a number of other additional charges, indicating the reason for Gordon pleading guilty to three counts.

Nine indictments were brought in May, Gordon was charged with:

– Four counts of sexual abuse in the first degree

– Two counts of sexual assault in the second degree

– One count of sexual abuse in the second degree

– One count of attempt to commit sexual assault in the second degree

– One count of nighttime burglary

Several more to go. Several more need to be investigated. This could actually be the START of something GOOD.Amen.

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  1. I don’t yet share your optimistic outlook on the Gordon situation. Sentencing comes in January — and he’ll likely get “credit” for “time served” on home confinement over the last year.

    Will he get the minimum sentence (3 years) with 1 year credit for time served? Also, will he then be sentenced to jail or will he continue on home confinement for the years sentenced?

  2. Thanks to the hard work and DILLIGENCE of the Judge and Prosecuting Attorney, there is one less CORRUPT and CRIMINAL COP in the county…. what about the cops that investigated this. Are you that anti-police that you can not give them credit?

    The judge can not do anything unless a case is brought before him. The prosecutor can not bring a case without an investigation. The prosecutor can not independently investigate a crime, he can not do anything that would make him a witness or he would have to withdraw. Therefore it all boils down to the investigation the police conducted.

    Show some class and give credit where it is due.

  3. Credit is due to all the local Internet Blogs that kept the heat on for something to be done about the cop rapist, Ron Gordon. It may have all been slid under the rug if it were not for local citizen along with local blogs keeping the Gordon matter in the spotlight.

    So thanks to all the local citizens for keeping the story in the news, and all the Internet Blogs for having the courage and resolve to post Gordon’s misconduct on their websites.

    Keep the spotlight shinning bright and it might just end the corruption ring in Calhoun, Gilmer and Roane Counties.

    Like Calhoununderground said, “Several more to go. Several more need to be investigated. This could actually be the START of something GOOD.Amen.”

  4. Credit where credit is due goes to those VICTIMS who had the courage to come forward with their stories of sexual abuse. THAT is the hardest thing of all. I spoke with one of those women. She was TERRIFIED to say anything for MANY reasons, as you can only imagine. She was embarassed, humiliated, afraid of threatened retaliation, afraid nobody would believe her or that people would think she “asked for it”. She only decided to come forward when she accidentally met ANOTHER of his victims and they compared notes. These women gave each other the strength to come forward. THEY are the real heroes here.

    The police were only doing what they are supposed to do. “Their job”. Those women could have simply gotten together and told their story directly to the judge or the prosecuting attorney. The police “investigation” just went on as usual. At least they didn’t try to cover for him! I’ll give them that. Perhaps they did not like him for some reason…

  5. I will give the police credit, but only because it came from out of town or I believe most of it would have been swept away. The State Police from Charleston interviewed me. He was serious to gather ALL information.

    I know that Mayor Blankenship was asked during a council meeting if he had taken care of some info they had given him a few weeks before concerning Ron and he lied and said yes. The info was beer in the cruizer while working and in uniform. Nothing was done. He was also caught at the industrial park in the crusier at night with a minor girl in the vehicle. Nothing was done when that was reported. Constant complaints ran over into the next admin. with Mayor Kirby. Ron was only fired because Kirby called a meeting and Ron didn’t attend. Other than that he probably would still have worked for Kirby.

    I do so admire the brave victims who came forward to expose him. I could not have been easy

    My concern is as the other commenters that he will basically be given a minimum sentence. I hope not because the victims are on life sentence because they will never forget. Also, he was the law and broke it and you would think the judge will be harder on him. Can the victims trust law enforcement ever again if they are in a situation where they need them.

    I do know a couple of the victims and I know they have been given some hard times by people who were sure Ron Gordon was innocent, but I didn’t believe it.

    I am glad for the victims that they will not be subjected to sitting in a courtroom and recounting the vulgar details with him looking at them.

    The really bad part is that not all of the victims reported their incidents out of fear, so there were several more. He is really getting off very easy.

    I have thought for years that some laws and sentencing needs some great overhaul and reconsideration. He will get less time for this than if he starved and abused a horse. Where is the justice for human victims.

    By the way, I am stunned that he pled guilty. There was talk he had some rights violated in the investigation process and some possibility some things would be thrown out due to this. I thought he was going to fight it all the way.

    At least we have some justice. We will celebrate with the victims in January when we get a sentence…

  6. Calhoununderground and Budweiser, you guys are so right… The Victims are the Heros. I hope they can all find peace.

  7. Sorry, this has nothing to do with this particular issue, but I have noticed that the calpatty press has been sort of on hold for several days. Since you seem to be friendly with them, I was wondering if you know what is up. I am suffering withdrawals. LOL

    Please tell them I am stuck at home 24/7 and view your blog and theirs everyday and I miss it dearly.

    YOur loyal Fan.

  8. It’s my understanding that Calpatty Editors are back from a git-a-way, and ready to take names and kick butt. Look out Crooked Crooks there may be a calpatty comming your way.

  9. ….”The police were only doing what they are supposed to do. “Their job”. Those women could have simply gotten together and told their story directly to the judge or the prosecuting attorney….”

    Obviously, you do not know much about the criminal justice system. If the victims went straight to the judge he would have had to recuse himself because of that contact. No prosecuting attorney is going to file charges or convene a grand jury without an investigation to cooborate what the victims tell him or he would be subject to sanctions should the allegations prove to be false. And by your logic the judge and prosecuting attorney are just doing their jobs. Admit it, you just do not like the police, any police, whether the are from Calhoun County or not.

    I agree that the victims are very couragous and I have to utmost admiration for that courage. I am also very sorry that they were subjected to such horrific and disgusting acts by someone in a position of trust.

  10. Absolutely. My PERSONAL opinion is that the job of police officer has become a completely dishonorable job. Unless there is a TOTAL OVERHAUL of the WVSP along with their procedures, practices, and attitudes, unless they do something about those officers who cause so much trouble within the community, lie, intimidate, and refuse to follow proper procedures, they cannot be trusted. If they cannot be trusted, then people are going to dislike and not trust them. DUH.

    So, here’s a real hateful statement for you to wrap your head around. The police investigation most likely entailed simply taking statements anyhow, more like secretarial work, eh? I’ll say again, if the State Police did a good job at this, they must have either been not from around here or they didn’t like him. The end-game was in the hands of the judge and attorneys. And they did it right.

    If you State Troopers WANT to be given extra perks for a job well done, then, 1. You need to provide NAMES of the officers who did a particularly outstanding job of investigating, (no lying) and 2.You are going to HAVE to get RID of some of your “bad apples” in order to regain any credibility. Sorry. We are not interested in giving perks to ALL State Troopers for a good job done by one or two.

  11. There, admitting that bias didn’t hurt any, did it? Oh, BTW, I am not in law enforcement, I am just tired of seeing all police officers get blamed for the actions of a few.

    What is your profession? I am sure we could dredge up many stories of misconduct of others in the same profession.

  12. Farmer…

  13. Farmer and possibly a magazine editor?

  14. No, I was wrong. How about a farmer and a hippy?

  15. Well, most people think of the person that is a Farmer and magazine editor… but I can say that
    the person in question is not the person you are thinking about.

    But the person you are thinking about sure has caught a lot of hell when people think she is
    behind some of these turth blogs.

    I myself would love for the person you are thinking about to host a blog such as
    Calhoununderground or Calpatty Press. Believe me, these are “TRUTH BLOGS” and the person
    you are thinking about is all about TRUTH.

    You can also believe me when I say don’t piss off any of the several Editors of the Calpatty Press.
    The Calpatty Press has a mission and this mission is quite clear, just read the blog.

    If someone wants to start some dumb shit on the Calpatty Press Blog or other blogs, than they
    need to know they are going to get a good ole Calpatty ASS Kickin’. I know as I have seen it time
    and time again.

    Believe me Calpatty is undefeated. But you know something else, Only dumb asses such as
    C.T.S. “Hot Toddy” who we all know has mental problems tried to interfere with the work of the
    Calpatty Press. So, if you are new to the Blog Scene, just don’t harass any of the editors for the
    work they feel they need to do.

    Go ahead and make your comments about their work, they welcome it. But again, don’t harass
    them, as this will piss them off and you will get pissed on!!!

    Believe THAT.

  16. No, I was wrong about my first guess. I know who is behind this blog, being the “prophet” that I am.

  17. Reprinted from

    How the ball started rolling-Gordon File
    by John Manis Richards – Editor
    The Lone Meth Ranger Newsletter

    Many readers have e-mailed The Lone Meth Ranger Newsletter wanting to know just how the ball got rolling causing the removal of Ron Gordon as Grantsville’s Police Chief.

    That’s an easy question… Ron Gordon kicked the ball himself. Mr. Gordon didn’t simply fumble or drop the ball… he booted that baby, kicked it clean out of sight. Unfortunately Mr. Gordon had kicked that same ball around years ago, hitting and bouncing off several young and innocent individuals within his family.

    Information will soon be revealed that Mr. Gordon kept that ball hidden away… causing the shadow of that terrible ball to be secretly bouncing around within several families, and continually ricocheting around within the mind and soul of several victims for many years.

    It is not quite clear how long Mr. Gordon kept that ball hidden and out of play. Fortunately for past victims, Mr. Gordon pulled out his terrible ball and apparently was bouncing it around in what proved to be the wrong court. Someone got a glimpse of his terrible ball and was able to alert the proper officials concerning Mr. Gordon’s illegal play.

    The individual or individuals who got the ball rolling which caused the Sheriff and Mayor to suspend Mr. Gordon from his duties are true champions. Yes, you are a hero.

    The Lone Meth Ranger Newsletter posted the news of Ron Gordon’s suspension on this website on February 24, 2006. Later on March 5, 2006 we printed an article titled, “Information Wanted” regarding the Ron Gordon matter. We requested that our readers provide information of wrong doing committed by Mr. Gordon and asked if anyone had any knowledge of weather Mr. Gordon was ever a cop in NY. We immediately started receiving e-mails and entries concerning Mr. Gordon mainly stating their dislike for him and various forms of local police corruption. However, on March 20, 2006 at 9:56 P.M., The Lone Meth Ranger Newsletter received an entry in the Comment Section for “Information Wanted” from a writer in New York which reads as follows:
    What’s up! Mr. Richards, you have a new fan! And I have done something for you today. For I have done what no one else can do in my newly-found reporting hobby, if that’s what you want to call it, on this new developing case because I have personal knowledge of the notorious “Donut King.” Ha! Ha! LMAO! I can’t believe he has this nickname! It has been such a long time since I’ve been down there so please excuse me. O.K. As you see without giving up the nature of my relationship with this redneck SOB, and dare I say this sooooo lightly, I can personally guarantee, without defending Mr. Gordon in any way, that he in fact, was NEVER a police officer of any kind in New York, as I would be one of the few people that has at one time lived in Calhoun County to have such personal knowledge. Now, you can take what I say however you like, but if I stated who was behind the name, then most people would know who I am and I would almost certainly catch all kinds of hell for commenting on this potentially damning and damaging subject. Just remember this nice little phrase, “What you do can and will come back to bite you in the butt.” Stay tuned, I could post more. Yours truly and sincerely, renegade_wolf_28
    After this entry we received an e-mail from the same New York writer asking if we wanted more information on Ron Gordon and his past wrong doing.

    I immediately replied to the e-mail and provided my phone number. The next evening I received a phone call from an individual from New York who quickly provided the information described in an early article on this website titled “Allegations Mount Against Ron Gordon Sr.” dated March 26, 2006. This article broke the news of Mr. Gordon’s alleged arrested in Charleston, WV in the mid 1980’s for bad checks. The article also provided information concerning Mr. Gordon and his role of the alleged molestation of young female family members around that same time period.

    This same individual called me again and asked permission to give my phone number and e-mail address to a couple of the victims. I said sure, we will do what ever we can to help.

    On Wednesday April 5, 2006 at 8:45 P.M. I received an e-mail from a lady in Texas that shook me up a little. The e-mail reads as follows:
    “To who ever reads this I’m writing in regards to Ron and what he has done to kids and grown women. If you see this man, keep your children and wife far from him. He has done horrible things to a lot of people. But the worst is that a lot of people knew what he and others where doing and instead of helping the children they hushed them up. If you would like the whole story I will check my e-mail later. I don’t think you could handle the whole story at once. I hope that someone will finally listen to a grown child.”
    The next evening, April 6, 2006 at around 5:15 P.M. I received a phone call from a lady (Ms. D.) who was the author of this e-mail. She started providing information of the horrible wrongs committed by Ronald Gordon Sr. I immediately informed her that I wanted her to provide the information to someone that could and would help as my credibility may fall short in obtaining help for her and the other ladies. At that point I gave Ms. D. the name of the person that would be contacting her.

    Later that evening I e-mailed the following letter to a person I knew would help. I will not reveal this person’s name.
    Dear XXXXXXX, I received information from a lady in Texas. This same lady called me around 5:15 p.m. on April 6, 2006. She stated she read The Lone Meth Ranger Website and the issues with Ron Gordon. She has family ties with Gordon, and her family was originally from West Virginia. I have also received e-mails and phone calls from other family members of Mr. Gordon. They all said the same things about Mr. Gordon’s background and sexual assaults of women and kids some of which were here in West Virginia.

    This lady from Texas, Ms. D. has informed me that Gordon attempted to assault her when she was a teen but she was able to avoid the assault. I believe Ms. D. has all the information about Mr. Gordon’s sexually assaulting some of her family members in this area, she states she was there when it happen. I informed her that West Virginia does not have a statute of limitations on Sexual Assault/Rape and that Gordon could still be prosecuted for the crimes.

    Ms. D. has informed me that she has had contact with some of Ron Gordon’s victims which are in her family and she and some of them would be willing to provide information to law enforcement in this area, as well as come here and testify against Mr. Gordon. I of course, due to my background cannot facilitate this important matter. Ms. D. has stated that some of the victims want to see Gordon punished for his past wrongs. But most important, they want closure for themselves and for Ron Gordon to have no more victims.

    I am in hopes you could talk with Ms. D. and listen to her story. I have informed her that I have no clout with county or state officials and that I – in fact – must register as a sex offender due to a past conviction. On the other hand, I informed her that I know a person, “XXXXXXXXX” who is respected in our community and would be a voice that people would listen to.

    I know you are very busy, but I don’t know anyone else to ask to help these ladies. I believe Ms. D. when she said some of the other victims want closure, but have felt they have never had an avenue because of Ron Gordon and family pressure to keep their mouth shut.

    I feel sure you could help this situation, or you would at lease know what to do or who to contact.

    Please let me know your position. Thanks!



    Pursuant to another phone conversation with Ms. D. just this past week, I learned that law enforcement in West Virginia and New York is investigating the sexual misconduct allegedly committed by Mr. Gordon and possibly others male members of the NY family.

    Ms. D. stated that she has spoken with some of the victims who have provided police with statements, and they seem so “relieved”, “calm” and “thankful” that they have finally told their story. Ms. D. went on to say: “We are all looking forward to closure.”

    I personally just can’t put into words the lesson I have learned from these brave ladies. I’ve always had an understanding of “sympathy” but I never had a very good grasp on “empathy” (understanding how they must of felt) until now. So, thank you ladies, there are so many of us that are proud of you for your courage, strength and resolve.

  18. […] Ronnie Gordon Goes Down in Flames […]

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