Interested In Politics? Want to Help Save Your Country?

Are you sick and tired of WAR? Are you sick and tired of corruption in the White House? Are you sick and tired of HIGH TAXES? Are you sick and tired of the GROWING POLICE STATE in the USA? Here are a couple youtube links just to get you started. Something to watch on a cold winter evening. Something to think about. Something to get behind. Just copy and paste the links into your browser. Happy viewing! – Help watch the vote – Record breaking contributions to Ron Paul’s Campaign – Stop Dreaming

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  1. Who Deserves Your Vote?

    I had a chance to review some of the stuff from the Ron Paul Campaign the other day. The saddest of the set was the one entitled “Why Ron Paul Didn’t Win In Florida.” A fun romp that explored why people vote for folks running for the presidency. Whether it was Hillary, Obama, or John, every participant proudly waved their candidate’s flag and stated support without hesitation and firm conviction…a fine American! But when asked what specific policy they liked about “their candidate” they were suddenly at a loss. I think all except one or two could even come up with an issue! Mostly candidates were getting votes for the way they “boogied”, they way they looked, or because the person’s parents liked the particular candidate.

    Personally, I’m not voting for any national candidate running for Federal office that isn’t addressing the illegality of the Federal Reserve. Yeah, I’m writing in Ron Paul in November. I will insist on a ballot that has a write in space for President.

    On the state level, I won’t vote for anyone who didn’t oppose the federal bullies and their push for the National ID card. Nope….Manchin isn’t getting my vote. Grow a spine, Joe!

    On the local level, anyone who isn’t trying to fight law enforcement corruption, isn’t addressing it, or just doesn’t believe there is a problem, will not get my vote. So far in Braxton County, there’s not even a perception of corruption. If there is…they’re not mentioning it. Most of the apathy can be written off to the powers that be and the deals they make with the courts and law enforcement. There are a handful of folks who draw water in Braxton county that are simply not touched. Go through the local rags every once in a while and direct your attention to the District Court Report or the Magistrate’s report. More often than not you’ll see a stock answer printed that goes something like this, “Dismissed, arresting officer unavailable” or “beyond legal time limit to file charges…dismissed.” I think we can all guess what’s going on there. You don’t just “miss” court cases. Doing so in the industrialized states of this country gets the officer sued for false arrest. Here in the Mid-Atlantic Banana Republic it’s how we get rid of cases that have been otherwise given the special touch of “the privileged.” YOU FOLKS AREN’T FOOLING ANYONE!

    I encourage everyone with corrupt law enforcement to belligerently claim your rights…do it loud and clear, don’t travel alone, turn your cells on record and leave them on during your traffic stop, and never discuss anything during a traffic stop that is not related to the reason you were stopped. What I have or don’t have in my vehicle has nothing to do with a broken tail light![U.S. vs. Barahona, 930, F2d (1993)]

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