It’s a New Year

It’s 2008. This is gonna be a crazy year. Like a roller coaster ride. So we all need to grab hold of each other and hang on tight. And keep adding more folks to the cluster. Hug your neighbor, pass out random acts of love. Don’t wait for someone else to do it. Bring about the world peace we want so badly.

We love you, whoever you are..


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  1. I am really surprised that their has been so little response to Hot Toddy being arrested. So many people have had problems with him and he is nothing but Trouble…..

    I do realize this site is about bad cops and bad judges and how people have been wronged with the legal system.

    Chief Charles Stephens and Jeffrey Starcher are good, honest officers trying to clean up the town of Grantsville and show the citizens they are doing a good job protecting us and inforcing the law.

    Prescription and illegal drugs are a real problem in our small town. Chief Stephens has already made a few drug arrests. It could be your child that buys the pot from Hot Toddy or drugs from other dealers.

    You should not compare these officers to the others before them as they have proved they are here to protect and serve and inforce the law. They are mature, knowledgeable of the law and very serious about their position.

    It has to be deflating when they take cases before the courts and they are dismissed. The officer can only do their job by finding evidence and arresting the criminal. The rest is up to the courts and juries to decide.

    Shooting at newspaper delivery people, houses burning and drugs. I for one am very happy that Hot Toddy is in the Regional Jail. I hope he doesn’t make his $50,000 cash bond.

    Show your support and thanks to these officers for the good job they are doing. You may need them some day and they will be there.

  2. Well, ok. I don’t get involved in the “Hot Toddy” soap opera much, as I know nothing about him except what I read, also by people I don’t know. Seems this comment would have been better suited to the calpatty press? Hard to make any judgements here… But, it’s shame ANYONE has to get in trouble for a bit of pot…

    I also have not seen or heard of anyone yet having trouble with the newer police, perhaps sent here to clean up the mess of the OTHER ones?.. However, I find the SECRECY of the powers-that-be to be quite strange. Many of us would like to know just WHAT has been done, if anything, about the police problems which seem to have fallen between the cracks of the “legal system” in this county. There are far too many unanswered questions and they don’t seem to be very forthcoming with the answers. KNOWING THE TRUTH would aid in the healing process between police and citizens if there is to be one.

  3. to the person who thinks “Jeffrey” Starcher is a good honest person and that “drugs”are the evil of the world when truth hits you like a ton of bricks you will be surprised!

  4. To Calhoun underground,
    I am “Surprised” that is all you received from my comment.

    Apparently Hot Toddy hasn’t “bit” you on the ass or you wouldn’t be so sympathic to him.

    You also couldn’t have paid much attention to his charges or you would know it wasn’t just a litte “bit” of pot.

  5. To Breia,

    Drugs are a big concern in our town. Fortunately for you, you haven’t been affected by them or you would know that they are a huge problem, but of course, not the only “Evil” of our community.

    If you have information on Jeffrey Starcher maybe you should print the true facts that you have instead of hinting at something that is probably not true. Sounds as though you have a personal problem with him.

    Maybe you should make me aware of the “Evils” of the world before it hits me.

  6. I didn’t know I was SUPPOSED to be paying attention to “hot toddy”… Sympathetic? I don’t even know him…
    You were the one who brought the subject of hot toddy here. I haven’t mentioned him, I’m not much into following local personal soap operas… Huh.

  7. Asking questions are really nice thing if you are not understanding anything entirely, except this post offers good understanding even.

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