2008 in Calhoun County, West Virginia, and the World

“Never doubt that a few, thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world: Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”
Margaret Mead

Declaration of Independence

We hold these truths to be self-evident: That all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights; that, among these, are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness; that, to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed; and, whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it. -July 4, 1776. The Declaration of Independence

“My aim is to agitate & disturb people. I’m not selling bread, I’m selling yeast.”

2008 promises to be a very interesting year in Calhoun County, in West Virginia, and in the WORLD in general. 2008 is ELECTION year, and the assortment of presidential candidates shows just how CRAZY things have gotten. On the “Democratic” side we have an “assertive female” (runs screaming the other way!) and a black man with a nice smile, running neck and neck for “first place” while the majority apparently ignores the ANTI-WAR and PRO-IMPEACHMENT candidate, Dennis Kucinich. On the Republican side we have a pack of adolescent and foolish school boys, either rabid criminals or rabid “christians”, who would make any illiterate hillbilly proud, with the only real “presidential” candidate who stands against the war, big brother and big government, and FOR the citizens of America and the world, RON PAUL, who is being shoved to the side as best as the mainstream media can manage even tho his appeal to the MAJORITY of informed people has gone THRU THE ROOF in donations and support. The “revolution” is indeed upon us.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=naMtwqBzja0&feature=related (Ron Paul Regge)

State wide, we see more rapage and plundering of our precious beauty and heritage by those in Charleston, without regard to anything but money, power, and impressing others in positions of power. (nothing new in other words). Even tho we saw these issues in the headlines nearly every day in 2007…….: “FORBES MAGAZINE SAYS WV MOST POLLUTED STATE IN USA”, “WEST VIRGINIA: STUCK IN POVERTY – Near Bottom, Looking Up, Calhoun Among 100 Poorest Counties In USA”, “WV RANKS WORST IN MENTAL HEALTH – Disgraceful System Needs Revamped”, “US CHAMBER SAYS WV RANKS NEAR BOTTOM IN EDUCATION”, “WV LEADS NATION WITH DIABETES – State Schools Looking At Nutrition Problems”, ” ONE-THIRD CALHOUN KIDS IN POVERTY – Kids Count Ranks County At No. 41″, “WEST VIRGINIA NEAR BOTTOM WITH INTERNET SPEED”, “WV RANKS ON BOTTOM WITH RURAL PAVING”, “WV AT ROCK BOTTOM WITH COLLEGE GRADUATES”, and “STATE RANKS AT BOTTOM IN MEDIAN INCOME – Poverty Rates, No Health Insurance Rates Increase”…….we ALSO see that “WV RANKS HIGH IN ENERGY”, “WV GASOLINE PRICES AMONG USA’S HIGHEST “, “Sportsmen spend $1.5 billion yearly in West Virginia”.

One would think, without stretching their imagination too much, that the “powers that be” in West Virginia (special thanks to Governor Manchin) were ONLY concerned with raping the state and seeing that any money made goes ELSEWHERE.

This article discovered yesterday in the Register Herald is quite revealing of the MISTAKEN impression that Mr. Manchin seems to have that West Virginia is only good for HARVESTING OIL, GAS, AND COAL and not much else:

Sportsmen spend $1.5 billion yearly in West Virginia
Christian Giggenbach
Register-Herald Reporter

A report released Wednesday by two national hunting and fishing groups said West Virginia sportsmen ranked 16th in the nation, spending $1.5 billion per year on outdoor pursuits.

The report, produced by the National Shooting Sports Foundation, a lobbying group, and the Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation, a congressional caucus group, highlights the economic power of West Virginia sportsmen and its effects on state and local economies.

More than 25,000 jobs are directly supported by West Virginia hunters and anglers, the report said, which produced $491 million in paychecks.

This also results in big benefits to state and local coffers with another $172 million generated through taxes, said Jeff Crane, president of the Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation. Federal taxes accounted for another $138 million.

“Because sportsmen enjoy hunting and fishing alone or in small groups, they are overlooked as a constituency and as a substantial economic force,” Crane said. “When you compare spending by hunters and anglers to other sectors, their impact on the state’s economy becomes even more tangible.”

Nationally, 34 million sportsmen accounted for $76 billion in spending and another $25.6 billion in federal, state, and local taxes.

Other national rankings from the survey about West Virginia included:

– No. 10 with 291,000 anglers spending $1.19 billion per year.

– No. 27 with 194,000 hunters spending $302 million per year.

– No. 9 for amount of out-of-state hunters (75,000).

– No. 37 for out-of-state anglers (86,000).

– No. 24 in days spent hunting (3.4 million).

– No. 28 in days on the water (6.4 million).

– One out of every four residents hunt or fish.

On average, West Virginia sportsmen spend about $4 million a day and their annual spending equals 40 percent of the state’s mining gross state product, the report said.

Many rural areas of the state rely solely on hunting and fishing dollars to survive, NSSF president Doug Painter said.

“Spending by sportsmen benefits not only the manufacturers of hunting and fishing products, but everything from local mom and pop business stores to wildlife conservation,” Painter said.

“And because most hunting and fishing takes place in rural areas, much of the spending benefits less affluent parts of the state,” he added.

Taking a more political tone, Crane said lawmakers should be aware of their power at the ballot box. If all hunters and anglers in the state voted, it would equal 86 percent of all votes cast, he said.

“The economic impact that sportsmen have on state economies should be a wake-up call to state governments to welcome and encourage hunting and fishing in their state.

The report used data from a 2006 U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services survey and statistics provided by the American Sportfishing Association and Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies. To review the entire report, visit http://www.nssf. org.


Locally, the citizens are still being kept in the dark about the workings of the dark forces within the Calhoun County power structure. The STATE POLICE, who have been under a magnifying glass due to corruption, lack of professionalism, secretism, “lost” evidence, etc., have still not come clean about what is actually going on within their ranks. The State Police appear to be playing a game of musical chairs, removing or replacing one for another seemingly in an effort to at least COVER UP their documented wrongdoings. Already, since the new year, the Calhoun County prosecuting attorney Matt Minney, who has worked hand in hand with the seriously corrupt State Police for several years, mysteriously “resigned” from his position to “take a new job”.
Meantime, the State Police have been hard at it, fighting crime and keeping us safe in the county by pulling people over randomly and writing tickets for “no seatbelt”, “left of center”, or “improper registration”…

The 2007 Calhoun County All Around Most Interesting Award goes hands down to the Lone Meth Ranger for his stranger than fiction, real life adventures in the continuing saga of crime, corruption, and truth versus fiction. Only time will tell if he is truely a hero in the greater scheme of things, or as some would say, a fruit-loop. Second runner up award in reporting on the local scandal grapevine goes to the CALPATTY PRESS for keeping us stirred up, entertained, and guessing what will happen next.

One thing is for certain. Calhoun County is no longer a small and unheard of place. We have the dubious pleasure of being INFAMOUS for being at the bottom of most charts and graphs, for school kids pooping in each others faces (!), for astounding negligence and corruption on a grand scale within the legal system, for some of the craziest stories imaginable which by fate or destiny alone have gone NATIONAL. Our story rivals anything you might hear on “Prairie Home Companion”, featured on Public Radio, about fictional places like “Lake Woebegone”… And it’s only JANUARY!

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  1. Woops there goes another rubber tree….
    DEPUTY METHENEY RESIGNS FOR BETTER JOB – Sheriff Ballengee Looking To Fill Vacancies

    Calhoun Sheriff Carl Ballengee says he is working on getting deputy sheriff positions filled to cover the county.

    Ballengee said deputy Justin Metheney has officially resigned as a deputy, but said he was trying to hire Metheney part-time as a non-law enforcement person to wrap up a number of cases in which he had been involved.

    Metheney resigned, Ballengee said, prior to taking a scheduled test for the West Virginia State Police Academy, which is required to be hired as a permanent deputy sheriff.

    Metheney told the Herald, while enjoying the law enforcement position, he felt compelled to take a much better paying job.

    The Sheriff said Craig Gherke will be taking the exam in May, saying it is “a third and last chance.”

    Gherke has not been a law enforcement officer since last summer. “He has been working in the office, doing process serving, court security and other duties,” Ballengee said.

    Ballengee said he will be working with the Calhoun Commission to upgrade deputy sheriff’s wages, so “qualified applicants will apply and can be retained to serve the county.”

    Ballengee said there is a backlog of applications for candidates to be accepted to the State Police Academy.

    Today is the final day for deputy applications to be received. Those applications will be processed under civil service guidelines.

  2. Metheney Resigns. Matt Minney resigns. Gov’s daughter gets her degree WITHOUT the required credits and goes to work for a PHARMACEUTICAL company.


    (funny how so many political interests end up in pharmaceuticals, which cause FAR more deaths per year than “illegal” drugs…)


    and now:
    “…JUSTICE MAYNARD’S RELATIONSHIP WITH DON BLANKENSHIP – Maynard Helped Reverse $76 Mil Settlement For Bankrupt Coal Company”


    So they would have you believe that Justice Maynard and Don Blankenship JUST HAPPENED COINCIDENTALLY to go on an out of country vacation AT THE SAME TIME in virtually the SAME PLACE, and spent a great deal of time hanging out together while there….. WOW, gives the phrase “it’s a small world” new meaning!!! That would be just like if I were to go to NORWAY and just happen to run into my NEXT DOOR NEIGHBOR……

    But, never fear, “THEY” know what’s best for us. So don’t question it.

    Maybe a little more ELECTRICITY is just what the doctor ordered.


    The truth is, this state is being eaten alive by runaway greed and corruption! I guess they figure they can get away with ANYTHING simply because this is WV and we are all illiterate hillbillies who can’t think right and don’t understand the complex workings of our government. Yea, right.

  3. Can you recommend a good lawyer for land purchase, etc. in Calhoun County, WV

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  6. Alcohol may be man's worst enemy, but the bible says love your enemy.

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