Governor Manchin’s Utopian Fantasy

Governor Manchin once again displays his lack of insight into the needs of West Virginians, his discriminatory nature, and his astounding lack of any real knowledge on the subject of drugs and human nature. Either that or he’s just blatantly making empty threats that he cannot keep.

“One of the governor’s major announcements, and one he spent a good part of his address speaking about, was a new plan aimed at creating a drug-free West Virginia.

The state will receive $44 million to combat drug abuse, and that money will be used to “make tremendous strides toward winning our drug war once and for all.”

Mr. Manchin is living in a Utopian dream world if he thinks that he is going to “win ‘our’ drug war once and for all“. He is completely ignoring ANY realities of the situation and of human nature. Maybe he thinks this fine talk sounds impressive, but it actually makes him sound rather FOOLISH. It would take many, many years of action by any governor to make even a small dent in the illegal drug trade in this state. And does he intend to build an impenetrable drug free wall around the state to keep out drugs coming in from OTHER states? Does he think for a minute that $44 mil would make a bit of difference in STOPPING people from wanting and finding illegal drugs if they really want them? Oh yes, let the police sort it out… They are all just criminals, right?

“Manchin also unveiled a multi-part initiative aimed at curbing illegal drug use in the state and announced he would push for a law that would yank driver’s licenses away from young people who behave badly in school or make bad grades.

• A law that would revoke driver’s license of students who threaten teachers or other students or bring weapons to schools. Also, students 16 to 18 years of age would need to have good grades to keep their driver’s licenses.”

I assume that Governor Manchin attended school himself at some point, and in his youth it was probably not lost on him that some students are simply better at school than others, and not everyone can be on the honor roll. Now that he is older and theoretically wiser, he certainly must realize that some children have what are known as “learning disabilities”. Personally I have met many young people, educated in the WV school system, who were for all intents and purposes illiterate, yet highly responsible young adults none the less. Please explain, oh wise one, how being able to get good grades translates into whether or not you should be allowed to drive? This idea is blatant discrimination against anyone who does not fit into the accepted mold.

“Specifically, I don’t believe we’ve done enough to prevent the problem of student bullying. Student bullying must stop, and it must stop now”

But this sounds much like the rantings of a bully… And just HOW does Mr. Manchin propose to DO this? With more bullying. And more militarization of schools.

” For example, what can we learn from the success that has been achieved by the National Guard at the West Virginia Challenge Academy, and how can we take what they’ve learned and apply it to how we handle our most troubled and disruptive students in the future?”

Shallow words for shallow minds. Governor Manchin needs to GROW UP HIMSELF and take a good look at the WHY of things. What is it that makes people so unhappy with the way things ARE that they feel the need to bully others or ruin their health with bad drugs, ALCOHOL included? Because if he can find the answer to that, he will discover the HOW. And once he finds the answers, he will realize that his empty promises are worth nothing at all, and he will discover just how little control he really has on these matters.

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  1. please let me see your manchin’s

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