Guns In School – Sanctioning guns in WV Schools

Here is a little something to show just how far West Virginians have to go before we get it right. We already have MANDATORY gun classes for juveniles who wish to have hunting licenses. But that’s not good enough. We already are 6th nationally (one of the only things we are not almost dead last in) for out of state hunters, who must spend great sums of money in order to hunt legally here. But that’s not good enough.

We already have an over abundance of law enforcement. But that’s not good enough. We already have plenty of gun related crime nationally, even tho WV has one of the LOWEST crime rates, but West Virginians already have enough trouble keeping their kids “in line”. We have a huge illiteracy rate, an incredible alcoholic rate, a big dropout rate. But even THAT’s not good enough. We must make things worse. Always. That’s what West Virginians do, right? Just a bunch of hillbillies, right? WRONG. Because nobody else is smart enough to see the need for bringing guns into the class room…

Ok. So we already have gun safety courses for kids. Good. Now, there is nothing wrong with teaching SURVIVAL SKILLS! In fact this should be REQUIRED teaching in all schools, AS WELL AS courses on human relations! But I don’t think these are the “survival skills” these political animals are talking about. It sounds more like they wish to indoctrinate your children into the fine world of “militant survivalists” and “militias”… Well, hey, nothing wrong with that either, but I’d rather be responsible for teaching them those things MYSELF, and keep the government OUT of it. That’s not acceptable school fare.

Now, the plan seems to be that seeing how the state doesn’t get enough money from in-state residents, who are a lot of times too poor to AFFORD a hunting license, their alternative is to SPEND more money on law enforcement. Oh yes, that makes PERFECT sense, when you consider that the main idea is to be better able to ARREST those damn hungry poachers who refuse to spend their beer and cigarette money to buy the state’s hunting licenses. After all, MOST West Virginians are not only illiterate hillbillies, but we are criminals too. We NEED more prisons and more cops! We NEED to have even more of any money we may have left at the end of taxes and bills taken from us by the legal system in fines and  court costs… Especially when West Virginia actually has one of the LOWEST crime rates in the nation. This is such a GRAND idea, I can’t believe that none of us common hillbillies thought of it!!! Genius!

Unfortunately, if you have ever had kids in school, you know how hard it can be to say “NO” to something when “everybody else is doing it”. But I RECKON we are too illiterate and dumb to  think for ourselves and so we’ll simply allow some fool to implement yet another stupid law which will make it even harder to keep our kids out of trouble and living the lifestyles we wish for them. Let the school system wave the gun-carrot in our children’s faces and see how easy it will be to say no…

If there is a higher power (no, not the Governor or the President) PLEASE, West Virginia needs your help! We have been completely taken over by MORONS.


W.Va. May Offer Gun Training in Schools

By TOM BREEN – 1 day ago

CHARLESTON, W.Va. (AP) — A significant drop in the number of hunters in West Virginia has left a hole in the state’s budget, and one lawmaker thinks he has a solution: allow children to receive hunter training in school.

Seventh- through ninth-graders could opt for instruction in topics ranging from survival skills to gun safety, but the weapons would have dummy ammunition or be disabled. Sen. Billy Wayne Bailey, who introduced the bill this month, doesn’t envision students firing real guns during class time.

“It’s a way to take this kind of education in the classroom and make it more convenient for young people,” said Bailey, a Wyoming County Democrat.

West Virginia, where roughly 320,000 people participated in the recent two-week gun season for bucks, may be the only state contemplating such a bill, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.

Although it still ranks in the top six nationally for sales of hunting permits to nonresidents, West Virginia sold 154,763 permits to residents in 2006, a 17 percent decrease from 1997, according to the state Division of Natural Resources.

The decline is being felt at the state Capitol. This month, Gov. Joe Manchin proposed spending $1.8 million on DNR’s law enforcement efforts to make up for revenue lost because of the decline of hunting and fishing permits.

“West Virginia is probably in better shape than other states, but this is really rather disconcerting from our perspective,” said Paul Johansen, DNR assistant chief of wildlife management.

Nationally, the number of hunters 16 and older was about 12.5 million in 1996, a 10 percent decline from 2006, according to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Part of West Virginia’s problem is it doesn’t require senior citizens to buy a hunting license. The state has one of the oldest populations per capita in the nation, and the ranks of hunters aren’t being replenished by young people.

To secure a license, residents have to complete at least 10 hours of training and be at least 10 years old when they take the test, which includes demonstrating proper gun safety. Would-be hunters have to show they can load and unload a gun, carry it across obstacles, and keep the muzzle pointed in the right direction.

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