Jan. 31, 2008

Ron Paul In Charleston West Virginia For Super Tuesday
Presidential Candidate Favoring Less Government Will Speak at GOP Convention

By Tony Rutherford Reporter

Huntington, WV (HNN) – At least one of the Republican presidential candidates will address the West Virginia GOP Convention, Tuesday, Feb. 5 in Charleston.

Ten term Texas Congressman Ron Paul will address the 1,000 or so Mountain State Republicans predicted to be in attendance, sometime between 9:30 a.m. and 11 a.m., according to Kevin Clauson, West Virginia coordinator of the Ron Paul campaign.

Paul will also have a hospitality suite at the Charleston Civic Center, in Parlor A, where supporters can gather from about 8 a.m. until 9:30 a.m.

The exact time for Paul’s speech has yet to be determined, but he has asked for the first position.

He leaves for Tennessee immediately afterwards.

Clauson said WV GOP convention organizers won’t know until Saturday, Feb. 1, if any other candidates will appear.

He suspects that McCain and Romney will concentrate on larger states while Mike Huckabee stumps Alabama and Arkansas. “It will surprise me if we get (another) candidate to show up,” Clauson said.

However, former state chairman David Tyson told Huntington News a couple weeks ago that he was working towards getting a commitment from Arizona Senator John McCain for an appearance.

How that went is unknown to this reporter right now, but given the fluidity and unpredictability of the primary races so far, obviously anything can happen.

Clauson, a 1974 Marshall University graduate, describes Congressman Paul as a “strict constitutionalist” and he summarized Paul’s major positions thusly:

1) Ending the war against Iraq
2) Eliminating the IRS
3) Reducing the size of the federal government
4) Restoring Economic liberty
5) Opposition to the United States operating as a “de facto international policeman”
6) Strong support for State’s Rights
7) Rigid adherence by government to the United States Constitution

Paul’s views on economic liberty favor less governmental regulation, less government bureaucracy and less interference by the government in the lives of its citizens.

A strict constitutional interpretation of federal taxation law allows only tariffs and fees, in Paul’s view, thus, the IRS should be eliminated.

Reducing taxes would mean a reduction in federal government spending but Paul supports Social Security, in the short run. Those beyond, or near retirement age depend on it to be there; Paul would support individual retirement choices for younger workers, according to his camp.

“I’m sure he’s not opposed to people getting tax money back, but the real thing to do is eliminate the IRS – income taxes, corporate taxes,” Clauson said, adding that 50-75% of tax money goes for “bureaucracy” rather than back to the people in the form of grants, entitlements or federal assistance.

With federal taxes reduced, Paul believes more private money would be given to churches and charitable organizations to support those in need.

As a congressman Paul voted against the Iraq War. He did not view that nation as a threat to the United States and argued to his fellow representatives that the war was being entered into under false pretenses and that Congress was violating the constitution by allowing the executive branch to usurp the historically unique power bestowed upon congress alone to declare war. By contrast he voted in favor of the Afghanistan conflict in the view that Osama Bin Laden and al Qaeda was based or hiding there.

Pertaining to the war authorization in Iraq, “you did not have the declaration of war process that the constitution requires,” which provides debate, an up or down vote, and in Clauson’s words, “much greater unity.”

Comparing the Iraq war authorization to the Vietnam conflict, Clauson, a former professor of government at Liberty University, said, “there was no good reason to go into Iraq because there were no weapons of mass destruction. The Iraqi regime had no capability to attack the United States. There were no Al Qaeda networks there.”

Ironically, the Saddam Hussein regime explicitly prohibited extremist groups like al Qaeda from operating from Iraq, Clauson said, yet after the U.S. removed him from power, the leadership vacuum that resulted allowed the country to be infiltrated by the terrorist organization.

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  1. Ironic isn’t it? Republicans should take note that the Charleston Daily Mail excluded Ron Paul last spring from its online poll of presidential candidates while including an undeclared Fred Thompson and heralding Rudy Giuliani as leading nationally. Ron Paul beat Rudy in all but one state primary thus far (Florida, New Hampshire is close and under recount) and beat Fred in several. And now only Ron Paul remains a contender and has the spotlight in West Virginia first on Tuesday and is the only principled conservative left.

    So much for the infallibility of national polls and media interventionism in attempting to control outcomes.

  2. Ron Paul Secures Three Delegates in West Virginia State Convention

    ARLINGTON, Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–In today’s West Virginia Republican State Convention, Republican candidate Ron Paul’s campaign secured three of the 18 national delegates up for grabs.

    “Our goal is to secure as many delegates to the national GOP convention in Minneapolis-St. Paul as possible,” said Ron Paul 2008 campaign manager Lew Moore. “Securing three delegates in West Virginia is an important step in that direction. We plan on locking up more delegates before the day ends.”

    In an agreement first reported by West Virginia television station WSAZ, the three Ron Paul delegates were secured through an agreement with the Mike Huckabee campaign.

    Ron Paul delegates to the state convention swung their support to Huckabee – putting Huckabee over the top – after Congressman Paul was eliminated in the first round of voting. With three national delegates, Ron Paul secured 20 percent of the 18 delegates that were decided at the State Convention.

  3. This stuff is so confusing. Is this how Democracy works? I don’t know what ever happened to folks just voting and then somebody counts the votes and the winner is decided?

    Shame to anyone living in this state, with the condition the state is in, if they don’t support Ron Paul! It IS turning point time, friends. You want things to just keep on getting worse? How much worse can you afford to have it?

  4. Feb 5, 2008
    West Virginia GOP Convention Update–Most Conservative Candidate Ousted

    The following recent articles, and a democratic blog commentary, update the West Virginia Republican Convention still in progress, since it yielded no initial winner, which requires over 50 percent of the vote. Note that MSNBC below offered better coverage of Ron Paul, the first candidate speaker, than local radio or TV.


    If you wanted to hear any excerpts of the speech from the the most principled conservative republican that raised the most money in West Virginia–Ron Paul–you could not hear him via local radio since West Virginia Radio Corporation, both in their reporting and state wide radio with Hoppy Kercheval, blacked him out. But it was covered live apparently via internet (see link below). (Do recall that John Raese, Chief Executive of WV Radio, ran against Robert C. Byrd in the Senate, and is tied to the state party establishment). Media bias and deliberate interventionism by deciding who is interviewed and recorded on their website is blatant and obvious, especially since interviewing Ron Paul always increases ratings (the basis for ad revenues). Fearing to alienate their Christian listeners they included Huckabee probably as a “Christian” alternative to Romney’s Mormonism (while neither candidate pass the conservative tests of the republican party planks based upon their respective records). This was the extent of their “balanced” coverage. On WCHS Charleston radio’s 58Live yesterday (a local station in the network covering the state’s capital) even the “moderate” Rick Johnson only mentioned “three” candidates and deliberately did not mention Ron Paul as a candidate for which delegates could vote for despite that he was the first confirmed speaker. This is typical of that program’s views (disclaimed in its daily introduction as a part of West Virginia Radio Corp.) usually expressed only by the neocon sycophant Mike Agnello. Though West Virginians have a right to the public airwaves, and it is in the public interest to have a well informed electorate, West Virginia Radio Corporation decided to apparently collude with the GOP establishment to push particular candidates and eliminate Paul. Note also that McCain is even excluded in their coverage (see link above).

    It is entirely possible that the stratagy of the establishment was to consolidate behind Romney in the first round in order to oust Ron Paul, which they did, and then permit McCain into the picture in the final voting without Paul. This is how the party collusion, in tandem with West Virginia Radio, appears to be working. The evidence of this is in the Charleston Gazette which stated that Thompson and Giuliani supporters were moving toward McCain, which was not evidenced in this intial vote. The strategy to oust Paul as a priority is evident, and worked. The outcome is pending.


    Complaints by the republican electorate yesterday were numerous on talk radio expressing the largely held belief that they were disenfranchised by the establishment. The state GOP claimed they ran numerous ads in newspapers and thousands of emails, but listeners said they heard nothing, and the newspapers ran stories that showed 1,100 delegate nominees were still needed with only 5 days left before the deadline. (The last minute rush to fill delegates refutes the argument of heavy or timely advertising. The fact is the state GOP wanted to save money, and control the outcome, for a very profitable convention for them). Interestingly, Chairman McKinney’s favored candidate (now that Don Surber and Vic Sprouse have lost their favorites of Fred Thompson and Giuliani, respectively), Mitt Romney, appears to be positioned to win as the establishment consolidates its power in this “winner take all” convention, which usurps 18 delegates from the republican electorate, largely uninformed, and unpersuaded. (Horse trading and vote pushing is hardly persuasion, but playground “democracy” of “majority rule”).

    There is no doubt that the republican establishment, rather than the electorate, with the help of West Virginia Radio Corporation (which virtually controls state-wide radio coverage in audience listenership), deliberately intervened and colluded to control the outcome to THEIR desire, sacrificing a truly informed general public in the process.

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