We’re All Indians Now

I am posting a link to a statement made recently by RUSSELL MEANS, a very intelligent, dedicated, and brave man. His message gives one some very timely food for thought. This message is important to all of us if we choose to listen. Because if you study history, and you look at how things are in the present times, it seems to boil down to one thing. We’re all Indians now.

The Lakotah are working on taking back their lives, their land, and their heritage. The treaties with the “white man’s” government were broken many times over and in the REAL world, if you break a contract, it’s null and void. So the Lakotah Indians are once more determined to become their own nation. I wish them all the luck in the world. And I hope many more follow.
Russell Means



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  1. Glenville Chief of Police, John Moss will soon be facing perjury charges regarding the case of John M. Richards where Chief Moss gave false and misleading testimony during a preliminary hearing as well as false and misleading testimony to a Gilmer County Grand Jury.

    Richards was recently indicted on three felony counts pursuant to the perjured testimony of Chief John Moss.

    Gerald B. Hough prosecuting attorney for Gilmer County presented the perjured testimony of Chief Moss to the Gilmer County Grand Jury which secured the three count indictment against Richards on Tuesday March 4, 2008.

    I bet Richards is going to have fun on this one. Another Chief going down for misconduct.

  2. Jeremy Scott Dilgard, 25, of Grantsville, is currently in Central Regional Jail after his bond was revoked for breaking conditions of bond.

    Dilgard is the individual who Gilmer County officials used to arrest John M. Richards of Grantsville. Dilgard was arrested after police found out he was selling stolen items to several individual in the Grantsville area. These items were reported stolen from a Glenville Hardware Store in late June 2007. According to reports Dilgard was pressured by Calhoun State Police (Doug Starcher) to implicate Richards in the thief of the stolen items.

    Several individuals have been interview and information has been uncovered regarding the fact that Richards unknowingly bought stolen roofing materials from Dilgard adding to the list of individuals that bought stolen items from Dilgard.

    Richards attorney is preparing a motion to recuse Gilmer County Prosecutor Gerry Hough from the case as Hough has claimed personal relationships with a State Trooper and his family who will play a pivotal roll in proving Grantsville State Police have tried on at least three occasions to charge Richards with bogus crimes.

    And of course Trooper Doug Starcher will be subpoenaed for testimony to explain his roll in forcing Jeremy Dilgard and his brother Pete Dilgard into signing a bogus statement against Richards in late October 2007. Information circulating around the community gives information that once Trooper Starcher is on the witness stand questions will be asked of Starcher where he will give answers that will end his police career.

    Prosecutor Gerry Hough was appointed as a special prosecutor to investigate perjury and other forms of wrongdoing committed by Trooper Doug Starcher but has failed to bring charges against the Trooper, many feel Hough is covering for Starcher and the local West Virginia State Police.

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