Soldiers of Evil

Every now and again I find something that really says it all, and that I think would be something good to share with anyone who stumbles across this blog. A gift to the ether-travellers/truth seekers…
 New Article by Brent Johnson: Soldiers of Evil

Thomas Paine, one of America’s most influential Founding Fathers, wrote in his brilliant essay, Common Sense, that government at its very best, when it is doing everything right and nothing wrong, is a necessary evil.  In other words, Thomas Paine and those (like myself) who share his views on government believe that all governments are inherently evil.

This means that those who work for government are supporting, by their efforts, something evil, and are therefore perpetrating evil.  In other words, all bureaucrats, that is, all elected and appointed officials, whether federal, state, city, county or otherwise, are supporting a government that is fundamentally evil.  This includes the police.

Did you know that police officers are actually government corporation security guards?  It’s true.  As a matter of fact, many police uniforms contain the words, “Corporate Police” on the hat or jacket.  Police officers work for evil governments.  They support evil.  They are evil.

I know that many of you will react unfavorably to my characterization of police as evil.  That is because your belief systems have become so entrenched that you likely find it difficult to look at the issue honestly and with clarity.  I have lost count of the number of times I have heard someone say, “Most police are good.  There are a few bad apples.”  I used to agree.  However, I no longer believe it to be true.

Police officers, like anyone and everyone who works for any branch or level of government, are bureaucrats.  As a bureaucrat, each police officer is the exact product of his or her training – nothing more and nothing less.

The news media are filled with a growing number of incidents of and complaints about  police brutality, official misconduct, and outright criminal acts perpetrated by the same people who are supposed to protect and defend the general public from  precisely these kinds of crimes………………

To read the rest of the article go HERE

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  2. I appreciate your sentiments about those working for government, and in particular police, are evil in that they are simply doing the bidding of an organisation that are greedy and self centred. However, I see a contradiction in your argument when you acknowledge that police “are supposed to protect and defend the general public”. You say they are ALL corrupt yet describe a noble ideal of what such a position in government should do.

    • not all are corrupt but i was beaten by wv state trooper at time of arrest i had no charges have 2 sheriff,s to back it up and the trooper trumped charges up my atty knows him and told me that trooper is always doing it and getting away with it

  3. No contradiction there. Just what they ARE as opposed to what they SHOULD be.

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