Let’s Take Back Our Counties!

As it is “election year” and many people do not see any point in voting, I want to possibly give some people an actual reason to vote. It can feel like a losing proposition to participate in a presidential election where the basic results are already decided by the media long before the election ever takes place. Our “American” way of life is going down the tubes fast economically, honesty and honor in politics has become a thing of the past. The Constitution is scoffed at by high ranking people with an agenda, the police state is in full swing, possibly even in the first stages of martial law without our notification, our country being stolen and controlled by traitors and evil doers. It makes a body feel quite helpless in the face of all these things. HOWEVER, things may not always be as they seem on the surface, as has been pointed out before.

We DO have a chance to help decide how things go within our own small communities by VOTING for a SHERIFF who has the guts and honor to stand up for the Constitution he swears to uphold, and the people who VOTED for him.

The County Sheriff is OBLIGATED to work as a representative and protector of the people. He is the only law enforcement officer in each county who is actually VOTED into office. And as such he has certain powers that other law enforcement officers do not, IF he chooses to exercise them. These powers apparently extend far beyond what we normally assume.

A County Sheriff takes an oath to serve and protect the people “from enemies, both foreign and domestic. He is voted into office by the people to represent them in regards to the higher powers of the government. His oath is to uphold the Constitution, but actually living up to the oath takes COURAGE, and the knowledge of what it actually means. This oath to follow the Constitution is more than just some words to be repeated at swearing in time!!! Any prospective candidate for sheriff needs to study and comprehend this document before swearing to uphold it. He must have the intelligence, insight, courage and morals to be able to follow this oath properly and without bias. He should educate himself as to not only what his duties are, but as to what he legally HAS THE AUTHORITY TO DO in any situation. And every single one of us should at very least educate ourselves in these matters as well, so that we can be more able to hold our elected officials accountable.

Here is an excellent video which underscores the responsibilities and rights of a county sheriff. Watch and learn.

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  1. You got my vote…

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