Chewed Up and Spit Out – Court Ordered Religion

And this is how we help. Chapter 1

After months to years of hardship and stress, from harassment by police whose goals include violating your privacy and smearing your name in the media, to the nerve wracking trips over and over again to the court to eventually learn what punishment is in store for your particular brand of criminality, you finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Now perhaps soon you can get on with your life OUTSIDE the “justice” system. But there are still requirements. And these requirements will leave a lasting impression on you.

One would think that when someone has been “bad” by breaking the law, the ultimate goal would be to teach these “criminals” how to live an “acceptable” lifestyle. To give these people the tools they need for success. But, wait, first we must meet our new masters.

To be fair, there are a FEW within the system who are actually attempting to do their rotten job in as painless a manner as possible, considering they are working for the Devil. And for those, we can be plenty thankful! However, while following this path of “legal” must-do, we discover some mighty interesting things. For starters, we find that many times, those who have been given positions of authority over us “criminals” actually have some skeletons in their own closets which might tend to make them even WORSE criminals than WE are. Things that we perhaps are not supposed to know about, but somehow ugly secrets have a way of surfacing. Like a certain well known female probation officer in Roane County who was taken to lawsuit court and found guilty of PROFESSIONAL MISCONDUCT for slander. Yet she is still there, telling others what to do and how to live their lives. Dolling out rules and regulations like a pro, looking and behaving all the while like someone who ate a warm turd for breakfast. Now, how is one supposed to cultivate RESPECT for someone who by all rights is a bigger criminal than they are?

But that is only a minor thing. What about the recent controversey over a certain well known home confinement officer who was sexually abusing his clients? One begins to wonder just what sort of things all those OTHER law enforcement folks do in the privacy of their own homes when we are not looking. Because once we begin to get an idea of how this thing REALLY works, it doesn’t take a lot of imagination to dream up ideas that our legal system could be full of nazis, corruption, and sex perverts… However I was unprepared for what I discovered myself.

Chapter 2
…….And so, after months, or more likely years, you can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Your court room/legal system nightmare will soon be a thing of the past. Now all you have to do is be a good little boy or girl for the prescribed amount of time and you are home “free”. Sentencing, meeting the “probation officer” and the “home confinement officer”, doing the final paperwork, paying your $8 a day fee for the pretty bracelet you must wear on your leg so “they” can keep track of you… Strange how they don’t worry too much about what you do the whole time you are out on bail, but soon as the official red tape is done and the gavel comes down, they grab hold of you like you have just committed a huge crime and “house arrest” becomes a reality (if you are lucky)….

Now for the fun part. COURT ORDERED narcotics anonymous meetings once a week for hubby. And for myself a GREAT opportunity to learn something new and perhaps find a story or two…

Upon arriving at the designated NA meeting place, a mottley crew stands impatiently at the front door of a small store-front in Spencer WV, waiting for someone to unlock it so they can go inside. The words “Living Waters Community Outreach” are painted on the window in big letters. Many familiar faces, a few good friends, and some folks never seen before, all looking more or less irritated that they have to be there. The discomfort is so thick you could cut it with a knife. I wonder why everyone looks so forlorn. I’m looking at this as a new adventure of great interest and everyone else looks for all the world like they’d rather bolt and run. I soon found the explanation for this. A head count at the door reveals that ALL these good folks are there due to court order! Every one of them! Later, a poor joke was made by the “group leader” about having a captive audience. I would soon discover just what this actually meant…..

Well, so I am the ONLY non-court ordered person there. Amazing! I am expectant that this could be a very interesting meeting due to the crowd attending, and the individual “running” the meeting is someone I am familiar with. I think that maybe we can all put our heads together and spend this hour a week doing something really constructive. Maybe I can help somehow. I’m stoked.

We were told ahead of time that this was a somewhat religious-oriented group, but that is what I expected and I relish discussion and debate of all things spiritual. Also, having not only seen how these kind of meetings go on TV, but having read the ENTIRE Alcoholics Anonymous basic text, I thought I was pretty hip to how it worked.

But I was in for a real shock.

The group leader stood up and announced that we were going to watch a film which would help us to learn how to find “truth”. Right up my alley, I was all set for a discussion of the concept of truth. But the leader had other things in mind. No one said a word but him. There were no introductions, no conversation of any kind. He hurriedly slid a videotape into the player and turned it on before anything could be said. And here is what we saw.

There was an excited preacher talking about how all the different religions in the world only had little bits of the truth, but how the SEVENTH DAY ADVENTISTS were the only ones who had the sabbath day right. We were told (disinformation) that the Bible was altered to make PAGANS feel more comfortable with Christianity. It seems in his book PAGANS must be a horrid thing, as the preacher kept spitting out the word over and over again as if he were talking about child molesters rather than nature lovers… (unfortunately, there were several pagans in the group who were not too happy about this…) We were also told SEVERAL times during this sermon that we should not listen to the laws of men, but we should always follow GODS LAWS. I found this very odd considering that nearly everyone there was there directly because of MANS LAWS. Huh.

As the video wore on, some folks started sleeping, some looking out the window, some whispering to each other. I kept thinking sooner or later it would be over and we would have a discussion, and I had a LOT to say about this! But I was wrong. Movie over, punch the clock, sign on the dotted line, and everybody disappeared as fast as they could. They couldn’t wait to get out of there!

What a stupid waste! Not one single thing did I see that related in any way to the reasons why everyone was there. Such an incredible disservice to these people! What if someone DID show up who actually WANTED help? There was nothing offered during the entire meeting that would help anyone! And with gas at about $4 a gallon, what a CRIME to force people to go to something like that just to satisfy “the court”! Court ordered religious propaganda. I couldn’t believe it! I felt like I had somehow stumbled into the WRONG CHURCH. Surely there must be more to it than this. Otherwise the court would simply order everyone to go to church once a week instead of this. So, I decided to reserve judgement as best I could for the time being and go again the next time to see what would happen.

During the week before the next meeting I just happened to run into several of the people I knew who were ordered to attend “NA”. I asked them if it was always like that and I was told it’s always the same kind of thing. Court ordered religious propaganda and nothing more.

Chapter 3

The worm turned in my head. I started studying everything I could find about Narcotics Anonymous. And the more I studied, the more I realized that this was NOT an NA meeting! I got online and searched the NA data bases for the United States, I searched in West Virginia. Nowhere was this particular branch of NA listed.

I formulated a plan. After all, these people had no choice. They had to be there. They were seemingly being victimized and they needed some help. And being court ordered, no one wanted to speak up.

We arrived at our second meeting. A larger crowd than before, and more friends too. Nothing anonymous about this crowd! Most of us knew each other! I attempted to get some discussion going before the “leader” arrived, and folks really WANTED to talk about how the meetings were going, but as soon as the leader showed up, everyone became silent.

We go in and sit down, nobody with anything to say. I decided before things got going I’d check out the literature in the back of the room. Guess what? I could find no NA literature, only religious pamphlets. I won’t say there was NONE, but I could not find any. (Next time I’ll ask for some if I can get a word in edgeways, just to see what happens)

Amazingly enough, we were going to watch another video. As the group leader was explaining about the movie we would watch, but before he could get it turned on, and at that perfect space in time when all talkers must eventually stop to breathe, I interrupted him by raising my hand and saying I had a comment. I REALLY hoped to get at least a few minutes of discussion going before the movie, and seeing how we were given no time to discuss LAST week’s movie, I really at least wanted him to know that his choice of video’s the previous week left something to be desired because it was insulting to those of us who were NOT Seventh Day Adventists. However, he barely would give me a minute to say anything, changed the subject, and hurriedly started the movie.

This time we learned all about the history of religious persecution. We saw a good Christian man burned at the stake due to, guess what, COURT ORDERED RELIGIOUS PROPAGANDA. It’s all about being righteous and standing up for what you believe, even if the law of the land says otherwise. Watching this film and seeing the man burned at the stake, I was reminded, and said so out loud, of what you go thru when you go to court. The result of watching the film seemed to be to make people want to revolt against oppression…

Now my mind is racing. Why are we being shown these films? Does the group leader even realize what he’s doing? Either this is just an especially stupid choice in videos or there is some hidden message here. Follow Gods laws, not man’s, we are told, more than once. People have been burned at the stake for not following the court ordered religious decree, we are told. Our group leader states that these things will begin to happen again soon.

Will we too be burned at the stake? If you are court ordered to attend NA meetings, and you don’t go, you can go straight back to jail for breaking your rules. And even tho there is nothing even remotely resembling a real NA meeting going on here, being strictly religious propaganda only, the result is the same. An entire group of people who have no choice but to sit thru an hour of COURT ORDERED RELIGION once a week, without any opportunity to talk about it or anything else for that matter. NA stands for Narcotics Anonymous, but not once does THAT subject come up. I wonder how all this is supposed to HELP anyone?

Movie over, I tried once again to discuss it, or at least talk about something REAL having to do with the actual REASON for being there, but our leader was in a hurry and did not seem to want to take the time to talk. And again, no one else even tried. They all simply dissappeared as quickly as possible.

None of this makes any sense. At one point I actually find myself wondering if the group leader is somehow trying to set this group up to REVOLT without actually saying it in so many words. Training religious revolutionaries perhaps? Or maybe he has some evil agenda instead. He says things like “this movie is along the same lines as what we have been working on” and I find myself wondering just what he thinks he is working on? He has never actually told the new folks what he IS doing, other than the obvious prostheletising… It would appear that the Spencer NA is actually someone’s own private church.

Yes, I’m probably nuts, but a little comic relief is in order here. It occured to me as I sat there in that uncomfortable room full of unhappy victims that this is what happens in the end to those unfortunate folks who have been victimized by the legal system and by “civilized society” in general. Chewed up and spit out, like so much garbage, praise God. But what happens next when you chew up and spit out something? It goes to the toilet. The NA toilet.

Chapter 4

The toilet. I am told that is the actual Arabic meaning for the term “Al Qaeda”. All these people still being victimized by the system, now being forcefed religion. And not just ANY religion, but a SPECIFIC one. Court ordered. Chewed up and spit out into the toilet. Does that make us the new Al Qaeda? Does “the court” even have a clue what they are ordering? Do they realize that these people are actually being forced to go to church? Do they realize that we are being showed REVOLUTIONARY religious films? And the burning question in my mind is, is it actually even LEGAL to court order religion?

Our “leader” has committed the first big mistake as a salesman. He thinks he is spreading the gospel to a “captive audience”. But in order to sell anyone anything, you DON’T want to TURN PEOPLE OFF. Soon as you do, they stop listening. I think I can safely say that virtually not one of these people would be showing up for this meeting every week if they had a choice in the matter. Now, how does that help anyone? Isn’t NA supposed to help? Rather than give these people something positive, they are being given something to show them just how stupid the entire legal system really is. This type of thing creates exactly the opposite result than the court intended I am sure. I don’t think anger, disrespect, and rebelliousness is exactly what the court had in mind…

I’ll be continuing on this little educational adventure, and I will keep people posted. There is something mighty foul about what is going on here. I’ll print up some NA literature myself and hand it out if necessary. The group members may have to overthrow the leader’s agenda altogether if anyone is to gain anything good from all this. But first they have to find some inner strength in order to stand up and speak their minds. I will do whatever I can to aid in this, because the NA meetings are doing just the opposite, by making these people continue to feel helpless to do anything to help themselves. And that’s just not right.

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  1. Update. I have gotten a message from an NA group member who is BEGGING for help for the group to get out from under this government dictated weekly church dogma.

    I am told that the group NEEDS NA literature desperately, as they have been given none.

    There is something mighty fishy about all this.

    I am in communication with an individual who has years of experience in these things. He can most likely help get the appropriate literature, and probably knows who we can contact with these problems.

    Stay tuned.

  2. Here is info about the REAL Narcotics Anonymous,

    NA’s earliest self-titled pamphlet, known among members as “the White Booklet,” describes Narcotics Anonymous this way:

    “NA is a nonprofit fellowship or society of men and women for whom drugs had become a major problem. We … meet regularly to help each other stay clean. … We are not interested in what or how much you used … but only in what you want to do about your problem and how we can help.”

    Membership is open to all drug addicts, regardless of the particular drug or combination of drugs used. When adapting AA’s First Step, the word “addiction” was substituted for “alcohol,” thus removing drug-specific language and reflecting the “disease concept” of addiction.

    There is no social, religious, economic, racial, ethnic, national, gender, or class-status membership restrictions. There are no dues or fees for membership; while most members regularly contribute small sums to help cover the expenses of meetings, such contributions are not mandatory.

    Narcotics Anonymous provides a recovery process and support network inextricably linked together. One of the keys to NA’s success is the therapeutic value of addicts working with other addicts. Members share their successes and challenges in overcoming active addiction and living drug-free productive lives through the application of the principles contained within the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of NA. These principles are the core of the Narcotics Anonymous recovery program. Principles incorporated within the steps include:


    admitting there is a problem;

    seeking help;

    engaging in a thorough self-examination;

    confidential self-disclosure;

    making amends for harm done; and

    helping other drug addicts who want to recover.

    Central to the Narcotics Anonymous program is its emphasis on practicing spiritual principles. Narcotics Anonymous itself is non-religious, and each member is encouraged to cultivate an individual understanding—religious or not—of this “spiritual awakening.”

    Narcotics Anonymous is not affiliated with other organizations, including other twelve step programs, treatment centers, or correctional facilities. As an organization, NA does not employ professional counselors or therapists nor does it provide residential facilities or clinics. Additionally, the fellowship does not provide vocational, legal, financial, psychiatric, or medical services. NA has only one mission: to provide an environment in which addicts can help one another stop using drugs and find a new way to live.

    In Narcotics Anonymous, members are encouraged to comply with complete abstinence from all drugs including alcohol. It has been the experience of NA members that complete and continuous abstinence provides the best foundation for recovery and personal growth. NA as a whole has no opinion on outside issues, including prescribed medications. Use of psychiatric medication and other medically indicated drugs prescribed by a physician and taken under medical supervision is not seen as compromising a person’s recovery in NA.

    Service organization
    The primary service provided by Narcotics Anonymous is the NA group meeting. Each group runs itself based on principles common to the entire organization, which is spelled out in NA’s literature.

    Most groups rent space for their weekly meetings in buildings run by public, religious, or civic organizations. Individual members lead the NA meetings while other members take part by sharing in turn about their experiences in recovering from drug addition. Group members also share the activities associated with running a meeting.

    In a country where Narcotics Anonymous is a relatively new phenomenon, the NA group is the only level of organization. In places where a number of Narcotics Anonymous groups have had the chance to develop and stabilize, groups will have elected delegates to form a local service committee. These local committees usually offer a number of services. Included among them are:


    distribution of NA literature;

    telephone information services;

    presentations for treatment staff, civic organizations, government agencies, and schools;

    presentations to acquaint treatment or correctional facility residents with the NA program; and

    meeting directories for individual information and use in scheduling visits by client groups.

    In some countries, especially the larger countries or those where Narcotics Anonymous is well established, a number of local/area committees have come together to create regional committees. These regional committees handle services within their larger geographical boundaries while the local/area committees handle local services.

    An international delegate assembly known as the World Service Conference provides guidance on issues affecting the entire organization. Primary among the priorities of NA’s world services are activities that support young national movements and the translation of Narcotics Anonymous literature. For additional information, contact the World Service Office headquarters in Los Angeles, California. The mailing address, telephone number, fax number, and website address appear at the end of this pamphlet.

    Positions on related issues or institutions
    In order to maintain its focus, Narcotics Anonymous has established a tradition of non-endorsement and does not take positions on anything outside its own specific sphere of activity. Narcotics Anonymous does not express opinions—either pro or con—on civil, social, medical, legal, or religious issues. Additionally, it does not take stands on addiction-related issues such as criminality, law enforcement, drug legalization or penalties, prostitution, HIV/HCV infection, or syringe programs.

    Narcotics Anonymous is entirely self-supporting and does not accept financial contributions from non-members. Based on the same principle, groups and service committees are run by NA members, for members.

    Narcotics Anonymous neither endorses nor opposes any other organization’s philosophy or methodology. Its primary competence is in providing a platform upon which drug addicts can share their recovery and experiences with one another. This is not to say that Narcotics Anonymous believes there are not any other “good” or “worthy” organizations. To remain free of the distraction of controversy, NA focuses all of its energy on its particular area of purpose, leaving other organizations to fulfill their own goals.

    Cooperating with Narcotics Anonymous
    Although certain traditions guide its relations with other organizations, Narcotics Anonymous welcomes the cooperation of those in government, the clergy, the helping professions, and private voluntary organizations. NA’s nonaddict friends have been instrumental in getting Narcotics Anonymous started in many countries and helping NA grow.

    NA strives to cooperate with others interested in Narcotics Anonymous by providing contact information, literature, and information about recovery through the NA Fellowship. Additionally, NA members are often available to make panel presentations in treatment centers and correctional facilities, sharing the NA program with addicts otherwise unable to attend community-based meetings.

    Membership demographics
    To offer some general informal observations about the nature of the membership and the effectiveness of the program the following observations are believed to be reasonably accurate.

    The socioeconomic strata represented by the NA membership vary from country to country. Members of one particular social or economic class start most national NA movements, but as their outreach activities become more effective, the membership becomes more broadly representative of all socioeconomic backgrounds.

    All ethnic and religious backgrounds are represented among NA members. Once a national movement reaches a certain level of maturity, its membership generally reflects the diversity or homogeneity of the background culture.

    Membership in Narcotics Anonymous is voluntary; no attendance records are kept either for NA’s own purposes or for others. Because of this, it is sometimes difficult to provide interested parties with comprehensive information about NA membership. There are, however, some objective measures that can be shared based on data obtained from members attending one of our world conventions; the diversity of our membership, especially ethnic background, seems to be representative of the geographic location of the survey. The following demographic information was revealed in a survey returned by almost half of the 13,000 attendees at the 2003 NA World Convention held in San Diego, California:


    Gender: 55% male, 45% female.

    Age: 3% 20 years old and under, 12% 21–30 years old, 31% 31–40 years old, 40% 41–50 years old, 13% over age 51, and 1% did not answer.

    Ethnicity: 70% Caucasian, 11% African-American, 11% Hispanic, and 8% other.

    Employment status: 72% employed full-time, 9% employed part-time, 7% unemployed, 3% retired, 3% homemakers, 5% students, and 1% did not answer.

    Continuous abstinence/recovery: ranged from less than one year up to 40 years, with a mean average of 7.4 years.

    Rate of growth
    Because no attendance records are kept, it is impossible to estimate what percentages of those who come to Narcotics Anonymous remain active in NA over time. The only sure indicator of the program’s success is the rapid growth in the number of registered Narcotics Anonymous meetings in recent decades and the rapid spread of Narcotics Anonymous outside North America.


    In 1978, there were fewer than 200 registered groups in three countries.

    In 1983, more than a dozen countries had 2,966 meetings.

    In 1993, 60 countries had over 13,000 groups holding over 19,000 meetings.

    In 2002, 108 countries had 20,000 groups holding over 30,000 meetings.

    In 2005, 116 countries had over 21,500 groups holding over 33,500 weekly meetings.

    In 2007, there are over 25,065 groups holding over 43,900 weekly meetings in 127 countries.

    Return to top

    NA World Services, Inc.

    PO Box 9999
    Van Nuys, CA 91409 USA

    Tel: +1.818.773.9999 Fax: +1.818.700.0700

  3. Important Update! 9:50pm May 10. Here is an email just received from a spokesperson for NA World Services. I believe it speaks for itself.

    Thank you for writing NA World Services. We are happy to offer some thoughts on this topic.

    To begin with, there are no registered NA groups in Spencer, West Virginia. The closest registered NA meeting takes place in Ripley, West Virginia, about twenty miles west of Spencer. There are also NA meetings held in Charleston. To find out more about NA in that region, you can visit the Mountaineer Region’s website at

    We appreciate your concern for the well-being of those who are sent to those meetings under the impression that they are attending Narcotics Anonymous; unfortunately, we are not able to provide any information about these meetings. If you feel that NA is being misrepresented or the NA name is being misused to promote religion, you might consider contacting the PI/PR subcommittee of the nearest Area Service Committee, so that they can look into the matter further. The subcommittee may ultimately decide to approach local court/probation officials to clarify whether or not these meetings are, in fact, NA meetings.

    Again, thanks for your concern. I hope you find this information helpful; please feel free to contact me if you need further assistance.

    Warm regards,
    Chris Corning
    NA World Services
    phone: (818) 773-9999 x 162
    fax: (818) 773-8718

  4. If anyone can help make positive change… it is definitely you CalhounUnderground!!!

  5. Thanks for putting this information out there so people know what my sister and all the others that are “ordered” to go to these meetings are forced to go through.

  6. Update 6:27pm May 12 – Media is now involved behind the scenes. The court has been contacted. Now we wait and see.(?)

    According to NA, the MEMBERS hold the responsibility for how NA meetings go. If there is a problem, the members “group conscience” is supposed to allow them to do the “right” things.

    Theoretically, not one of the “court ordered” members is actually living up to their agreements with the court. They agreed to attend a weekly NA meeting in Spencer. But there IS no weekly NA meeting in Spencer! How about that! Another “how about that” is that NA generally only consists of VOLUNTEERS. In other words, according to NA “tradition” it’s really not appropriate for people to be FORCED to attend meetings…

    I’ve spoken at length with someone with nearly 30 years of experience in NA and AA. The goal is not to shut the meetings down, but to get a REAL NA group going. It’s not that hard considering that all it takes is some folks with a bit of knowledge and willingness to do it to get the ball rolling. NA COULD be a lot of court ordered fun. There is nothing to stop it but being afraid to stand up for what is right. But there is nothing to fear if people are only trying to do what the court ordered and what NA says is the right thing to do, which is to have PROPER meetings. NA does NOT, I repeat, does NOT affiliate with any particular religion, nor does it push religion down anyone’s throats. NA is ALL ABOUT MEMBERS TALKING TO OTHER MEMBERS and helping each other. Period. The only “higher power” that enters into it is whatever you PERSONALLY perceive that to be. NA is NOT about a leader and a bunch of “captive audience”. NA is about every single person there, like a brotherhood and sisterhood.

    See ya all at the next, whatever you want to call it. Let’s have a REAL meeting, shall we?

  7. Taken from the “Constitution of West Virginia”

    3-15. Religious freedom guaranteed.

    No man shall be compelled to frequent or support any religious worship, place or ministry whatsoever; nor shall any man be enforced, restrained, molested or burdened, in his body or goods, or otherwise suffer, on account of his religious opinions or belief, but all men shall be free to profess and by argument, to maintain their opinions in matters of religion; and the same shall, in nowise, affect, diminish or enlarge their civil capacities; and the Legislature shall not prescribe any religious test whatever, or confer any peculiar privileges or advantages on any sect or denomination, or pass any law requiring or authorizing any religious society, or the people of any district within this state, to levy on themselves, or others, any tax for the erection or repair of any house for public worship, or for the support of any church or ministry, but it shall be left free for every person to select his religious instructor, and to make for his support, such private contracts as he shall please.

  8. Court ordered AA Unconstitutional

    Appeals court says requirement to attend AA unconstitutional
    Bob Egelko, Chronicle Staff Writer

    Saturday, September 8, 2007

    Alcoholics Anonymous, the renowned 12-step program that directs problem drinkers to seek help from a higher power, says it’s not a religion and is open to nonbelievers. But it has enough religious overtones that a parolee can’t be ordered to attend its meetings as a condition of staying out of prison, a federal appeals court ruled Friday.

    In fact, said the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco, the constitutional dividing line between church and state in such cases is so clear that a parole officer can be sued for damages for ordering a parolee to go through rehabilitation at Alcoholics Anonymous or an affiliated program for drug addicts.

    Rulings from across the nation since 1996 have established that “requiring a parolee to attend religion-based treatment programs violates the First Amendment,” the court said. “While we in no way denigrate the fine work of (Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous), attendance in their programs may not be coerced by the state.”

    The 12 steps required for participants in both programs include an acknowledgment that “a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity” and a promise to “turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood Him.” They also call for prayer and meditation.

    Friday’s 3-0 ruling allows a Honolulu man to go to trial in a suit on behalf of his late father, Ricky Inouye, who was paroled from a drug sentence in November 2000.

    A Buddhist, he objected to religiously oriented drug treatment in prison, sued state officials over the issue and told Hawaii parole authorities just before his release that he would object to any condition that included a treatment program with religious content.

    When Inouye was arrested for trespassing in March 2001 and tested positive for drugs, his parole officer, Mark Nanamori, ordered him to attend a Salvation Army treatment program that included participation in Narcotics Anonymous meetings, the court said.

    Inouye showed up but refused to participate, dropped out after two months, and, for that and other reasons, was sent back to prison in November 2001 for violating his parole.

    After his release in 2003, he sued Nanamori and others for violating his constitutional rights. Inouye died while the suit was pending, and his son took over the case.

    A federal judge dismissed the suit, saying officers are required to pay damages for violating constitutional rights only when those rights are already clearly established.

    But the appeals court said Nanamori should have known in 2001 that coerced participation in a religion-based program was unconstitutional because eight state and federal courts had ruled on the issue by then and all had agreed that a parolee has a right to be assigned to a secular treatment program.

    E-mail Bob Egelko at

    This article appeared on page B – 3 of the San Francisco Chronicle


  9. Meeting #3.

    Someone must have said something to the group “leader”. He made a speech about how if someone didn’t like the BIBLE STUDY they could sign up for the 8:00 meeting instead. He told us how there was something in these videos for everyone. And then he told the group how much we were all ENJOYING the meetings! I think that MAY have been disproved later, as the group became mighty noisy during what had to be one of the most boring, insulting, and dis-informing videos yet.
    I’m not sure how many more of these HELPFUL and ENTERTAINING meetings I can enjoy…

    I think that everyone who is NOT into this meeting should try to get their meeting time changed to the 8:00 one, so that if there IS someone who actually LIKES what is going on there, they don’t get disturbed.
    BUT, bottom line, these are NOT NA meetings! They were invented by the court. The court is committing FRAUD by calling these meetings NA…
    It does not take much to START a real NA. Just a couple of folks who WANT to, and a location. Once an NA meeting is up and running according to NA principals, all it takes is a letter to request recognition. It doesn’t get any easier than that. But the court can’t seem to pull it off. Maybe whoever invented this fake NA down at the courthouse just isn’t enough of an addict…

  10. Update 5-18-08

    Judge Nibert has responded to this problem by parroting the probation officer. He claims to have “investigated” the matter, but obviously he simply asked the probation officer and she is now misleading him as well. He still has no clue what is really going on. He is assuming he is being told the truth.

    Apparently, the exodus has begun. Probation officer is now quietly and selectively sending people to attend NA meetings in GRANTSVILLE instead of Spencer. Even tho she is stating to the Judge that there is an NA meeting (non religious) at 8:00pm in Spencer.

    A couple folks have hung around to check out the 8:00 meeting and word has it that no one shows up.

    On a positive note, one of our court ordered friends, who states he is now REFUSING to attend the bible study group in Spencer, has been doing some investigating of his own and is toying with the idea of starting a REAL, honest-to-god NA in Spencer! I wonder if the court will RECOGNIZE a real NA if it sees one?

  11. Wow,I just finished reading your post on the court ordered NA.Completly unbelievable!I am a recovering addict myself and had been approached with attending NA meetings while in Rehab.I’m glad I decided not to.
    It sounds like your concerns and intentions are in right place but you are gearing up to take on people who cannot and will not listen to anything you have to say.This whole country is run by this self-rightous relgious reich.They have obviously approached the courts with their great intintions to help these poor souls.They know no one is going to even question a group that is motivated by the word of God. Organized relgion has always been used for control of the masses.The group leaders of your “NA” group are nothing more than sheep.They are doing what they have been told is right.When you start questioning things they will ignore you.They woulnt answer because they havent been told what to say or believe.They have one set way of thinking.If you rock their boat in anyway then you are obviously a nonbeliever.That meens they have to just preach harder to reach you.These are the people that are running our country!In a time of war,natural disaters,and economic recession we’re debating whether or not gays should get married!That should tell you something.You have to relize you are not a Sheep!You are free thinking people in a nest of worker bees.If you say anything you will just be looked at as a tool of the Devil and they will find a way to get you out of the nest.You are fighting a force that has ran this world for years.People like us are supposed to stay underground.You should maybe concider forming a more openminded group at home.You will be able to relate more with people that really need help and will be able to recruit and help even more people than they ever will.The key to a success ful Revolt is to reconize a groups strengths and weaknesses.Infiltrate and recruit.Use their own tactics against them.This fight is just a model of the actual problem that has takin control of the country.A war is won not by one large battle but by many small victories.
    Peace and Axel Grease,

  12. Both probation officer’s in Calhoun and Roane are liars… and it is crazy somethings they choose to lie about.

  13. That is the craziest shit I ever heard. I talked to a girl about a week ago that mentioned her court appointed church service, and was floored. I’d assume that most of the people that attend are just jumping through the hoops laid before them so they can get back to whatever life they had before getting caught. They don’t have a chance in the world of recieving help at Spencer NA though, and thats pretty sad. I am clean as a whistle, but if I had to sit through an hour of religious propaganda every week I’d have to smoke crack to cope.

    I tried attending church several times, and several different churches over the course of my life. They usually welcome me with open arms, and I start getting comfortable. I start to think, finally a church that accepts me. Then out of the blue the preacher directs a sermon directly towards me that has nothing to do with what the bible says. He puts his spin on the words, or phrases to put me down for having long hair, or tattoos, or whatever else I have blocked from recalling in my subcontious. Then I quit attending, and wonder what made me think this one would be any different.

    The reason I mention that is because they do not get it, and don’t want to get it, and don’t care about it in the first place. Religious folk don’t care if you are a child molestor, a liar, a murderer, a nazi (they seem to like them alot), or whatever. As long as you dress nice, have a clean hair cut, drop your cash in the plate, have sex in the missionary position, vote republican, and kiss the preachers ass like he is Jesus Christ resurrected you’ll do just fine. They apparently think that by watching an infomercial you’ll suddenly be struck by God (you damned dirty pagan) and start going down the check list of how to be an upstanding christian. Don’t worry, kicking the narcs is way down the line just ask Rush Limpdick or whatever his name is.

    Is it the same judge that orders the NA meetings? Is he aware of what they consist of? Is he aware of the constitution and sepperation of church and state? Or, are we to late? Did the Neocons turn us into a religious based society during their fear mongoring campaign to destroy every right we though we had? Are the pagans and liberals and whatever else they hate going to start filling those guantanamo style prisons they built in Texas while the Nazi’s try to rule the world? I dunno, but the NA members in Spencer aren’t going to get any help from the 8th day abolishinist that’s for sure.


  14. I’m surprised the court-ordered people show up. From what I hear, if you are court-ordered, you just need a signature that verifies you attended a meeting – which can easily be forged and voila! no need to attend meetings. That tactic should work for people who have already learned their lesson from their arrest, but since law enforcement genericizes everyone, they are stuck in NA hell… hell being especially if they are an atheist. But it doesn’t work out for people who do need help and are stuck in NA hell. Either way, NA should not be court-ordered bc it defeats the purpose of NA.

  15. i have seen several of those films and i would have to say your take on them is quite biased, possibly because you did not realize there was a non- religious meeting one hour later. just go to it. no caps, sorry

  16. Actually, the films were biased. Against “Pagans”.
    Easy going, Unfortunately, the “pagan” philosophy is nearly identical to the NA philosophy. So in effect these were the exact OPPOSITE of NA meetings. A somewhat ignorant person could easily get all stirred up (I saw some of this while I was there)in an anti-pagan attitude.

    The meetings were sold to the “”criminals”” as NA meetings. They were NOT. The chairperson for WV NA in Morgantown told me that if they did not fix the problem, they might have to get a lawyer involved. Did you even read the original story?

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