WV LOVES Hillary

Check out


Comedy Central video about the West Virginia Democratic Primaries.

I laughed until I cried…

Published in: on May 15, 2008 at 3:29 pm  Comments (5)  

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  1. I was really hoping that West Virginians could find their way clearer by observing the reality of the situation when it comes to U.S. Politics…I guess thatw as a pipe dream.
    In a recent democratic debate Hillary offers her solution to the mortgage crisis, to paraphrase: ” I’ll stop all foreclosures and freeze interest rates… !” Did you hear her say, “I’ll violate my oath of office and commit treason and sedition by abrogating the rights of all private contracts and seizing control of the free markets” ???
    That’s exactly what she said if you were listening or have a clue !
    Can you see her and Chavez sipping rum together in Cuba ? And if that weren’t enough, to make matters worse….the people applauded her!?
    Somehow, Mrs. Democrat or Mr. Republican, using the word ‘ignoramus’ just doesn’t seem to do it at times like these.

    WV Copwatch

  2. Welp were fucked, that damn nigger is going to get it.

  3. yuh. And if the “damn nigger” doesn’t get it, the crazy menopausal bitch might. And if she doesn’t get it either then maybe we’ll be stuck with old nuts-in-the-cheeks, hundred year war, “songbird” McCain. And I’m SURE he’ll never “get it”. Because none of them really “get it”. Or maybe they do. They do have eyes… How dumb do you think the American people look?

  4. i think the clintons will eventually end up in the big house again anyway you look at it, if she don’t get voted in then she will just slide in as vp. and then the kkk as unforgiving as they are, will take care of our Muslim fearless leader, or old hubby will just have to call in some more favors, either way the clintons or is that spelled clantons will get back in the big white hotel…..not to worry about a black terrorist muslim getting in there and surviving long,if you know what i mean…..

  5. I had never seen this. It makes me regret that I don’t watch tv!! Funny shit. Too bad it’s all too true.

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