Community will have Informational Meeting About Proposed Power Lines

The date has officially been set for a community meeting and rally to learn about and discuss the proposed high voltage power line which is slated to cross Calhoun County. The rally will be held at the Arnoldsburg Community Building in Calhoun County, WV on Friday, October 17th beginning at 7:00pm with guest speakers, information, a petition to sign, and some great free entertainment. There will be bluegrass music from 7:00 to about 8:30 featuring local favorite John Truman, and an as yet un-named local rock band will finish the evening out from approximately 9:30 to 11:00. Donations will be taken happily to defray expenses. Mark this on your calendars. This could be our chance to help set a “green” precedent for the rest of the country.

The Future of Calhoun County?

Our new landscape?

How would you like to have THIS running thru Calhoun County?How would you like to have THIS running thru Calhoun County?

Plans are officially in progress for a public meeting/musical event which will be to entertain as well as educate the community about the proposed power lines. Tentative plans include a bluegrass band and a rock band, speakers, informational literature, and a petition to sign. Please stay tuned.

McCain on Drugs

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Jimmy Justice

Alex Jones, love him or hate him, this is still priceless…

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Another Day Another War

Feelin’ prouder-n-shit yet?

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