Jimmy Justice

Alex Jones, love him or hate him, this is still priceless…

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  1. GO JIMMY!!!!
    Excellent stuff!

  2. That’s what I’m talking about!!!

  3. This is amazing. I mean I try to find out the truth on my blog (http://nickp1991.wordpress.com) but I only write articles, i don’t do anything like this. You’ve inspired me jimmy. Thanks!

  4. You wouldn’t believe what is happening in VA! A gang was tearing up my property, stealing-home, cars, even stripping my woods for lumber. Officers were stalking me, pulling me whenever possible and no local or state police would or could help…because you are right-the corruption is from the top down. I bougt security cameras–all stolen–my camcorder was stolen the night I was arrested out of jurisdiction just to steal the evidence I had collected. I was framed for a DUI, assaulted..and then when the police disocovered it was my 1st DUI (so wouldn’t be a felony) they charged me with assault–a felony (weighed 96 lbs.) I couldn’t even get treated fro my injuries because of their interence. About a week later, I was run off the road (guess who?)and crippled. They have ruined me and now, they will wind up putting me in jail and taking my home–what one wanted all along. So much more, but you get the idea. And right before I am to go to court on the assault on officer charges, cops sneak in my home, through my living room, down the hall, and appear in my bedroom, arrest me handcuffed in my pj’s and never even tell me why. one of the officers involved charged me with assault. I am told the cops are saying I called 911; but I didn’t. A 911 call was made on my cell phone, which they had in their possession after I had been taken from my home. There were 3 squad cars in my driveway–wouldn’t a rescue squad answer a 911 call.

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