Sneak Preview of Powerline Rally Fliers

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  1. I have those giant powerline towers 1/4 mile from my home and a large substation 5 blocks away. I have to drive to the substation to see it and the powerlines I rarely see except where they cross roads. They can be placed in areas where they are out of sight for the most part. Besides, the more power generated in WV. the more income and jobs for the state. And no, I don’t have any vested interest.

  2. “765,000 volts. That’s over 3/4th of a million volts to be running
    > through these proposed 765 kV power lines. The electromagnetic field that
    > is generated, feels like a field of negative life-force energy.
    …..the Governor is wondering if there is anything at all in
    > these proposed lines for West Virginia and it’s people.
    > Well there’s plenty. There are the decreased property values all the
    > way across our state. When they pay a landowner just for the strip of land
    > they cross, they do not compensate anyone for the loss in value of their
    > entire property and for nearby properties. There’s the destruction of the
    > scenic beauty everywhere they go. That could affect tourism, and people
    > who live here could lose loving where they live. No one chooses to live
    > under these lines, they get stuck there.
    > Let’s not forget the health or economic benefits. We know that cancer
    > and leukemia rates triple in children that live under high current power
    > lines with less current than these. And naturally, our electric rates
    > would go up for the costs involved in making more electricity that we
    > don’t even need, since it’s all for the east coast grid. .
    > There’s the loss of respect for the turn our form of government has
    > taken lately, where most people believe that corporations now rule our
    > country, and that is fascism.
    > We’d also end up undermining efforts to produce clean renewable energy
    > with projects like these. This project includes building 4 more coal fired
    > electric plants. That would lead to an amazing contribution to global
    > warming.
    > . However, if we choose to, within 10 years, we could produce most of
    > our homes energy needs with solar and hydrogen technologies, and we
    > wouldn’t need half the power we use now from coal. No one doubts that
    > power companies would hate to see that. Clean, renewable energy? Are you
    > kidding? They have made it a crime in some places. Whose country is this
    > anyway?
    > Thank you, sincerely, Steve Gormezano
    > Steve Gormezano”


    Lets also not forget that Calhoun County has not much of anything to offer EXCEPT it’s relatively unscathed natural beauty. And we are not a very big county. Something like that ends up being in EVERYBODY’S back yard.

    Sometimes the notion of “money and jobs” comes at such a great cost that it is really not worth it. This is not just about a handful of people not wanting power lines thru the county. This is about a large number of people along the entire length of the proposed line from WV to Maryland,organizing and saying NO to big corporations and an out of control government that DOES NOT GIVE A RATS ASS if we eat or starve. This is about not supporting having the mountains beheaded, the air polluted, giving up land and money to the power giants, so that states like Maryland and New Jersey can keep their high “green” ranking while we just continue to get dumped on as one of the most polluted states in the US.

    After all, this IS West Virginia! WE should be considered one of the most “green” states, not one of the least! What happened to investing money in alternatives? WV is OWNED by the energy companies. We have coal, we have oil and gas. Look what happens to other places with all those natural resources. Think middle-east. Maybe we should consider ourselves lucky we don’t just get bombed and run off our land so they can have it all…

    George Bush gave eminent domain to the power companies right thru the heart of WV for the power lines. That means he gave away a big hunk of our state! He made it so you have no say-so over your own land! Guess what? It’s not really yours. You just pay taxes on it. What a GREAT scam.

    And then the power company spokespeople come along and tell us it’s just a little thing and we will barely notice it at all, and there will be JOBS!!!, (hail Mary) so they can steamroller the plan thru and git-er-done before anyone actually realizes there might be a reason why it’s not such a great thing.
    Have we not learned anything yet?

    27000 more acres of mountains have been approved for beheading to power these lines. And last I checked they wanted to build 4 more plants just like the blue haze belching John Amos. This does not look like anyone is interested in promoting renewable energy, just lining their pockets.
    Jobs? We lost THOUSANDS of jobs when they converted from regular mining to mountaintop removal. Yea, jobs, so that MAYBE someone can pay their bills and eat, if they are lucky, while the REAL profits go out of state into corporate bank accounts. I think that’s pretty closely related to slavery, actually.

  3. My brother-in-law bought a house with these line 200 yards beyond his rear property line. His mortgage payment is higher than mine. So much for loss of value. We have pool parties and barbeques in his back yard all the time and can’t even see the towers through the trees. He has a very nice, private yard. These lines originate about 20 miles away at a nuclear power plant and I don’t glow in the dark. In fact, I am very healthy. I don’t know of anyone who lives near these lines that have any electro-magnetic field induced illnesses. And if anyone were going to get these kind of illnesses it would be me. I have worked in electronics and around RF all my life. You would think I should be completely fried by the amount of microwaves I have been exposed to. The biggest effect these type of lines have had on me was to be startled once when lightning struck one of these towers.
    I would suggest that you not worry about the powerlines and direct your energies at banning strip mining.

  4. Mountaintop removal is part of the whole picture. Strange that you would be so pro power lines and anti “strip mine”… They go hand in hand. Calhoun County already has the worst unemployment, horrible schools, bad state cops, lots of poor folks, bad roads, expensive groceries, no jobs….. And a population that is decreasing. So, we NEED a big old monster power line running thru the only one thing we DO have in abundance. And strangely enough, SOME folks actually CARE what happens to their counties, and their state, and the people who live there.

    Dunno. Seems obvious to me. I fear someone’s been exposed to a few too many electromagnetic fields.

  5. I’m not pro power line. Just not against them either. The towers are no different than the power pole that run along side every street. They are just bigger. Don’t believe the nonsense the “Medical Profession” -term used loosely – tries to feed us. They don’t know what the hell they are talking about. Example: One day they tell us alchol is bad for us and a few years later they tell us a glass of wine in good for us. They said second hand smoke causes cancer but recently it had been descovered that 80 percent of cancer victims get it because of genetics. I believe the medical profession spreads their bull$#!t in the interest of making the most money. I believe they just invent their crap. Have you ever heard of a caveman dying from aids?

  6. The power poles along your street are not 175 ft. tall, don’t take up almost 300 feet of right of way, don’t carry 765 kV of electricity, are not sprayed with herbicides routinely to kill weeds and trees. They don’t hum nearly as loudly… They don’t take money and coal out of state. If you are lucky, they might keep you and your neighbors in electricity most of the time.

    The MAINSTREAM medical profession is not too keen on the idea of high electromagnetic fields causing health issues either. But after all, they are connected to the pharmaceutical companies which are connected to the politicians which are connected to the energy giants……
    No, the fact that these electromagnetic fields can cause anything from cancer to mental issues is something they would have you think was just another conspiracy theory, believed in only by tin-foil hat wearers. Unfortunately, people who have attempted to thoroughly educated themselves know better. For example it has been proven in the laboratory that certain electromagnetic fields can cause hallucinations. They are far from done researching, and not everyone agrees because this is something that is still LITTLE UNDERSTOOD, and goes against the status quo. There are far too many OTHER people out there saying they have been badly affected. Thousands. Certainly, just because you feel you haven’t, you don’t think that proves it’s not harmful? Some folks just are particularly healthy and seem to be able to fight off things better than others…

    Ah, do you even live in WV? Do you LOVE WV? Have you seen mountaintop removal? Do you like the idea of our environment being ruined so that some big corporation can make big bucks? Would you like to be a guinea pig? Do you think that people should just shut up and unquestioningly take whatever comes along, no matter what, or is it possible that sometimes people need to speak up and be heard?

  7. So you are saying that WV shouldn’t sell any electricity to the big cities? Fine. Then the big cities that make all the medicine will quit selling it to WV. Go back to using your witch doctor. We can get electricity elsewhere. Go ahead and remain in the stoneage.

  8. I don’t recall saying that. But I do recall saying something about alternative technologies in order to prevent the stripping off of mountains. And also something about WV being one of the most polluted states already, but MD and New Jersey some of the cleanest and greenest. I know I mentioned that. And we’ll be closer to the “stoneage” if we keep allowing the state to be used and abused. That’s in the short term and speaking “locally”. In the long term, speaking globally, everyone worries so much about climate change, but then promotes some of the dirtiest energy practices, at the expense of the people who live there. The changes have to come from somewhere.

  9. So quit worrying about big telephone poles and go after the strip miners. The towers are the least of your concerns. Personally, I would like to see a requirement that all new construction have solar shingles. Cover the roof of an average size house and it will produce more electricity than an average family will use. The rest can be sold back to the power companies to provide income and within a couple of years we will have eliminated any power shortages.

  10. As long as it lower the bill and don’t scare the deer away. Fine by me.

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