WVSP-Attempted Murder By Anonymous Officer – Sketchy Details Prevail

Wanted man shot in head by trooper

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — A Clendenin man whom police had been seeking for a week was shot in the head and critically wounded by a state trooper as the man drove his car toward the officer.

Troopers late Monday saw the man sitting in a vehicle in a parking lot near the intersection of Ambler Ridge Road and U.S. 119 near Walton in Roane County, according to a press release from Sgt. Ken McCord.

They said they recognized the man as a suspect for whom they had obtained arrest warrants related to an incident last week.

Troopers pulled into the lot and asked the man to exit his vehicle, McCord said.

The suspect ignored the request and began to pull his vehicle out of the parking lot, striking the cruiser and driving toward one of the troopers, according to the press release.

“The officer used his service weapon and fired at least one shot to stop the suspect from coming any closer,” McCord said. “One of the shots struck the suspect in the head.”

The man, who was not identified in the news release, was pulled from the vehicle by troopers, who began to perform first aid and called for an ambulance, the release said.

He was taken by helicopter to Charleston Area Medical Center’s General Hospital, where he was in critical condition today, police said.

No troopers were injured during the incident.

The warrants had been obtained after a man fled into the woods after being stopped by troopers last Wednesday.

Troopers had received a report of an SUV driving erratically when they spotted the vehicle and followed it to Kieffer Fork Road in Clendenin. They began following the vehicle and tried to pull it over. The driver, whom they later identified as Stephen Krein, 19, of Clendenin, refused to stop and nearly hit two troopers while trying to get away.

Troopers said Krein stopped only after a shot had been fired at the SUV’s tire and he then fled into the woods on foot. Three passengers in the SUV also tried to flee but were apprehended and arrested.

State Police said they wouldn’t release the name of the suspect who was shot until his family members had been notified.

However, Stephen Krein was listed in critical condition this morning at CAMC General.

The suspect’s vehicle was towed to the State Police lab Monday night for processing, and the scene was investigated by the crime response team.


Another shooting of a suspect by WVSP, this time in Roane County.

A thorough investigation of news stories from various mainstream sources about this shooting reveals an awful lot of cutting and pasting going on. Most news articles refer to the “spokesperson”, who is a police officer. So, all the media is reporting so far is the story as told by the State Police.

This area is already plagued with police corruption and only a year ago another man was shot and killed by officers in what can only be described as an execution cover-up in Roane County.

“The officer used his service weapon and fired at least one shot to stop the suspect from coming any closer,” McCord said. “One of the shots struck the suspect in the head.”
At least one? Gee, that’s a safe statement. Then “one of the shots…”. I see. We are obviously being lied to again. That is impossible to deny with statements like that. What about holes in the window? What about shell casings? Can anyone count? What about witnesses?
Now, why would they lie? And absolutely NO mention of the name of the actual officer who did the shooting.
Think about this. State Troopers usually travel in pairs. So, two cops walk up to a PARKED car. They “recognize” the guy and figure he might be trouble. In that case, one cop probably walked up to each window of the vehicle. The guy takes off from a dead stop. He hits the cruiser, probably because it’s parked in front of his vehicle to block it into a parking lot the size of my kitchen. What did the trooper do, jump in front of the guy’s vehicle after he hit the cruiser??? That’s a right small parking area for all that alleged manuvering to be going on. Why not shoot his tires? They say he stopped and got out and ran the last time they tried that. Not exactly a huge threat to life and limb. More likely a drunk coward. And not known to be armed and dangerous, apparently.
I think it would be appropriate for some enterprising INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALIST to check this story out. We, as citizens who feel unsafe in the presence of certain West Virginia State Troopers, want and deserve to know the shooter’s NAME, and the actual FACTS and DETAILS of this shooting. As usual, any readers with inside info are welcome to respond.
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